What are the different types of massage in 2022- (Best for healing body)


What are the different types of massage in 2022

We all know the benefits of massage therapy to our body, it is one of the most effective techniques to give our body healing time as it helps to boost blood circulation which results in a stress-free and healthy life.

There are many kinds of different massage techniques available which makes it a little difficult to choose, as every massage has a different aspect to it, so selecting the right massager is key to get a relaxing time.

You have to consider what your body requires and accordingly, you have to go with massage, if you are confused about which massage to choose then do not worry at all as I am going to cover some of the most important massages that can benefit you a lot.

What are the different types of massage in 2022

So let us start discussing different types of massage therapy as it is one of the most frequently asked questions What are the different types of massage.

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Swedish massage:

First, on our list of what are the different types of massage, it is one of the most basic massage techniques used for a person who is not very used to massage, or someone who is taking body massage for the first time.

It has a very softer feeling to your body and the massager applies techniques such as tapping and kneading that help to release stress from your body and also help to energize your mood.

The strokes help a person to get relaxing time, therapist usually starts by massaging your upper body first from the neck, back, etc, and then also can be involved leg massage and head massage as well.


Shiatsu massage:

What are the different types of massage

This is one of the ancient massage techniques from Japan it is first performed in Japan and is now popular all over the world, it is a very effective massage technique that is widely used nowadays due to its amazing benefits, therefore it is standing at 2nd position on our list of What are the different types of massage.

The therapist uses fingers, thumbs & palms to put pressure on your muscles and joints that bring a certain amount of energy into your body which leads to releasing pain, and stress.

As it is performed with fingers and thumbs or palms so it is also widely known as finger pressure massage, it is one of the most searched topics many people search what is shiatsu massage? who wants to get a good healing session.

Overall pressure of the finger is very gentle and soft, also very safe as well but if you feel that therapist using harder pressure you can always request them to minimize the pressure if you are not comfortable.

There are many body massager machine available that offers you shiatsu massage you can easily use them at home, and they are quite safe as well as you can adjust the intensity of massage and there will be an option such as auto turn off where you can set time as per your requirement.


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Deep Tissue massage:

This is another best commonly used technique in massage therapy, slightly similar to Swedish massage with little difference, Swedish massage puts little gentle pressure on your muscles whereas deep tissue has a little more pressure applied to your muscles.

Very effective massage for those who have a sports injury, strains and also considered to be good for chronic pain, if you are on to another physical activity such as running then deep tissue massage is good to go with.

It helps to release stress, stiffness, and pain from your muscles, therefore it is listed on our list of What are different types of massage.           


Aromatherapy massage:

If you want some relaxing sessions where the therapist applies essential oils to your body where they put very softer pressure on your muscle points, then you can go with this massage therapy.

If you are not allergic to any oils then you must consider this as it can also enhance your body’s skin texture and relieves pain in your body, this is also a little similar to the Swedish massage technique but the only difference will be oil.

It is considered to be good to reduce depression, stress, and anxiety, along with body massage you will also get a good healing head massage during sessions, if the therapist not providing it you can always ask for a head massage.


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Sports massage:

It is quite evident with the name itself that it is specially designed for the person who is involved in sports activities, as we all know that sports playing person are the most active people where it puts a lot of stress on your joints and muscles as well.

They need a very effective massage technique that can give a healing process after a tiring day, as the main aim is of this therapy to promote flexibility in the body and at the same time avoid any chances of injury.

The stroke applied by the therapist will be a little faster, so the athlete can recover from intensifying gaming or practice sessions.

More about what are the different types of massage 


Hot stone massage:

Heating therapy is one of the oldest and most traditional techniques to release pain from the body and it’s still the most effective way as it is easily done at home also, but here we are talking about Hot stone massage which is slightly different.

The inspiration of massage is kind of Swedish only but here a small warm stone is used by the therapist to provide you very effective massage, it is very helpful for those who are looking to get rid of pain, relieve muscle tension, and also improve blood circulation.


Trigger point massage:

Next on our list of what are the different types of massage, this massage technique is one of the most perfect blends of soft, deep tissue massage as the therapist targets your specific muscle points very solidly that it helps to reduce the chronic pains or it is also very good for injury.

There is a certain kind of knot that is very sensitive, trigger point massage helps to release any kind of pressure or pain in those muscles which result in pain relief.



What are the different types of massage

Reflexology is also the very oldest form of massage which applies techniques such as kneading and rubbing which gives healing to your muscles as the therapist uses the pressure of the finger to give you relaxing hours.

It is a very good massage for your body parts such as legs, hands, and overall, the entire body, it is a very good massage after a hectic and tiring day from your work as it energizes you and makes you more active.

Reflexology is also one of the most widely used therapy therefore it is listed on our list of what are the different types of massage.


Thai massage:

This massage is a little similar to shiatsu massage where the therapist puts pressure on your muscles with help of fingers and palms, which makes this massage an effective way to reduce pain in the body by increasing blood circulation.

The only difference between shiatsu and Thai massage is, that it has the involvement of yoga stretching and pressings which also help to energize your mood.


Pregnancy massage:

The most challenging period for any woman when she is pregnant, as she goes through a lot of pain, aches, and swelling, it is also popularly known as Prenatal massage where the therapist puts very gentle pressure on muscles that lead to stress relief and pain relief, pretty similar to Swedish massage.

Note: If you are planning to get a massage during pregnancy it is always better to consult with your doctors they can better guide you and also they may help you to find a professional massage therapist who is specialized in Prenatal massage.



What is massage?

Now I have covered what are the different types of massage, but it is equally important to understand what is a massage and some of the options you have if you want a solution at home for a longer time.

  • Massage is a technique that involves soft finger pressure, rubbing, kneading, and tapping that helps to heal your body as result improves blood circulation into the body, and very helpful for any kind of pain.
  • It gives a very gentle and soft push to your body muscles, there is a misconception that only sports playing or gym going people only take massage but that is not true at all we all should get regular spa sessions for our better health.
  • There are many experts you will get who have done some kind of course or trained therapists, if you think that you cannot afford to go with the therapist as we all know it costs a lot of money, you can also get a product that is made for body massage.
  • There are multiple types of body massages available from handle body massagers, to back massagers, neck massagers, knee massagers, and leg massagers which you can get at home and use for a long time.
  • There are many full-body massagers also available if you do not want to target specific body parts you can go for it their full body massage chair available if you have a high budget you can go with it, as it is a one-time investment and it is proven that it is very helpful for body massage.

So now we have discussed exactly what is massage and what are the alternatives for you if you do not want to continually pay money to a therapist or do not afford to pay money, you have options of massage machines.



So here it is we have discussed what are the different types of massage, hope this article helps you to understand in detail about massage, the cost of the massage is depending on which country you are living in and which type of massage therapy you are going to get.

Here I am going to give you an approximate idea about the cost full-body massage may charge you about $60 to $ 90 and if you go for a specific body part then charges may vary depending on the therapist as well.

The massages like shiatsu and deep tissue massage may cost you a little more or even similar to what I have mentioned above, kindly share the article with your friends and family if you find this informative.

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