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Topic: Under desk treadmill reviews 2023

The under desk treadmill is a different form of cardio equipment though it’s one type of treadmill yet is not like those commercial machines meant for heavy running and cardio.

However it does not mean desk treadmills are not worth it, they are therefore they are in high demand due to their ease of use, no headache of installation just use them and store them under your bed to save space.

Yet this is not for very heavy running makes it the best choice for beginners or the elderly in this post we have compiled some of the best under desk treadmill for heavy person with buying tips so let’s not waste time and start reviewing

Moreover, if you have limited time then below are some of the top picks for under desk treadmills for heavy people.

Value for Money 

LifeSpan fitness TR5000

Motor Capacity is 3HP.
The belt size is 20 x 50"
Intensity adjustable up to 4mph.
Weight Capacity 400 lb.
Excellent quality belt.

Good for walking 

Exerpeutic ExerWork desk treadmill

Weight Capacity is 325 lb.
Motor Capacity is 1.5HP.
LCD display track workout.
The belt size is 20 x 46"
Speed adjustable up to 4Mph.
5 preset programs.

Best Choice 

UREVO folding treadmill

Motor Capacity is 3.0HP at peak.
The belt size is 17.3” x 45.7”.
12 preset programs.
Speed adjustable up to 8.7Mph.
Weight Capacity 265 lbs.

Best in Budget

NordicTrack Under desk treadmill

Weight Capacity 300 lb.
Surface area 40 x 18"
Speed adjustable 6Mph.
Maximum Motor capacity is 2.5Hp.
Heart rate sensor, USB charging port.

Top Rated

ProForm Carbon T10 Treadmill

Weight 350 lb capacity.
Motor Capacity is 2.25
The surface size is 20 x 50"
Intensity is adjustable up to 4Mph.
Good quality thick 2 ply deck.

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Now let us begin…

Best Under desk treadmill for heavy person 2023


1. LifeSpan fitness TR5000





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The lifespan is one of the leading brands in the market when it comes to walk-in pads or under desk treadmills, they have several models in the category.

This lifespan under desk treadmill machine comes with probably the largest treadmill belt area for exercise machines on contrast also having better motor horsepower makes your workout session smooth.

The motor is fairly silent and quite durable made with top-quality aluminum steel material and 3.0 horsepower is something you can rely on for walking to jogging workouts.

The under desk treadmill for heavy person holds a weight capacity of up to 400 pounds which are quite an optimized treadmill for user up to 160kgs and has speed adjustability up to 4mph letting you shed some calories by walking and jogging.

Additionally the surface area of 20 x 50″ makes it one of the top choices for workout mostly the desk type machines comes with a lower belt area but this one has a longer belt size also It provides a very safe workout session thanks to 6 absorption compression shock system that puts less pressure on joints.

The lifespan gives a warranty on this treadmill lifetime on the frame with 3 years on motor and 2 years on part overall deck is infused with superb quality that reduces regular requirements of Maintainance.

Key Features: 

  • Motor Capacity is 3HP.
  • The belt size is 20 x 50″
  • Intensity adjustable up to 4mph.
  • Under desk treadmill 400 lb capacity.
  • Excellent quality belt.
  • Quietest under desk treadmill.
  • Good for tall users.


  • Little pricey.


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2. Exerpeutic ExerWork Under desk treadmill


under desk treadmill for heavy person



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If you are looking for the best walking pad 300 lb capacity then this machine is a strong contender coming with precious design and strong weight holding capacity is slightly lower budget than a lifespan treadmill.

Though the motor capacity is not as high as the above lifespan product yet is enough to manage your daily walking workout in the comfort of your home.

 It has a 1.5Hp motor capacity so it’s just for those who are a beginner and looking for the best under desk treadmill for heavy people as it holds the weight up to 325 lb so it’s perfect who are not willing to do only walking exercise.

The highlight of the treadmill is the large deck area which you can utilize for watching videos or working while exercising also this one has an LCD display that monitors your workout which is great for tracking your daily progress.

Its speed adjustability is up to 4mph which is enough to begin your weight loss journey additionally there is 5 preset program that you can use for making your workout a little interesting.

The belt areas are 20 x 46″ which is good for taller users up to 5.8 feet, the overall surface has properly cushioned to give you a safe ride, moreover, the desk size you can adjust as per your comfort to keep your accessories during workout and side handles provide complete safety.

An overall treadmill provides quick speed adjustability with the one-touch interface and you can set your workout goals to achieve the fitness that you desire.

Key features.

  • Under desk treadmill 325 lb capacity.
  • Motor Capacity is 1.5HP.
  • Large desk size and LCD display track workout.
  • The belt size is 20 x 46″
  • Speed adjustable up to 4Mph.
  • 5 preset programs.
  • Warranty 3 years on the frame with 5 years on motor.


  • Limited warranty on frame.
  • Only suitable for walking.


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3. UREVO folding treadmill


under desk treadmill for heavy person



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This is not a typical under desk treadmill for heavy person as looks more like a proper cardio machine yet the folding system is really nicely given by the brand making it the best choice for home workouts.

It saves a heck lot of space you can store anywhere due to its flat fold technique; the installation is very easy and the handles are sturdy you just have to pull it down after exercise, additionally, the handles have heart rate sensors that track your pulses.

The UREVO treadmill has the capacity to give you a more intense workout you can also do running on this machine suitable for beginner to moderate users as it has intensity adjustability up to 8.7mph which is definitely worth your weight loss journey.

For instance, 3.0 horsepower ensures a good smooth workout perfect option for those who use cardio equipment regularly as per the brand treadmill withstands 265-pound capacity overall its best treadmill for 100kg user.

The treadmill belt is infused with proper layering that ensures a safe ride and also it ensures longevity due to the multi-layer system, moreover surface area is 45.7 x 17.3″ wide giving a good comfortable ride.

Such the lowest budget treadmill offers you an interesting pre-workout system having 12 different programs that help users not to get bored with similar workouts and you can burn more calories with these preset programs.

Key Features:

  • Motor Capacity is 3.0HP at peak.
  • The belt size is 17.3” x 45.7”.
  • 12 preset programs.
  • LCD display tracks workouts.
  • Speed adjustable up to 8.7Mph.
  • Heart rate sensors on handles.
  • Folding treadmill 265-pound capacity.


  • Not for tall runners 


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4. NordicTrack Under desk treadmill


under desk treadmill for heavy person



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The NordicTrack under desk treadmill is next on our list, the brand does not need any introduction if you are aware of the fitness products industry it’s one of the leading brands in the USA.

The desk treadmill has a very compact build and the design looks good, especially the large desk area that ensures you to use it at the office or workplace easily.

The horsepower is 2.5 hp and the speed intensity is adjustable up to 6mph which is definitely worth burning a few extra calories on this best budget treadmill 300 lbs.

As you can do walking to light jog on this machine, overall the treadmill withstands up to 300 lb weight which is suitable for users up to 120kg weight.

The belt deck is very well made and gives a low impact workout on this machine, the belt size is 40 x 18″ suitable for users up to 5.5 height and it also has a few pretty cool features such as a heart rate sensor and USB charging port you can enjoy a bit of music.

Key features

  • Under Desk treadmill 300 lb capacity.
  • Surface area 40 x 18″
  • Speed adjustable 6Mph.
  • Maximum Motor capacity is 2.5Hp.
  • Heart rate sensor.
  • USB charging port.


  • Creates noise sometimes.
  • Very bulky treadmill.


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5. Lifespan TR1200-DT3 Under Desk treadmill





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This is another option from lifespan that comes with super thick cushioning and the large deck size makes it best under desk treadmill for heavy people.

The treadmill withstands a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds and has very compact stability to handle the heaviest weight while using, overall the walking pad can be utilized by a 140kg user easily.

The belt size is 20 x 50″ and has 6 impact-absorbing shocks ensuring very smooth yet safe walking exercise and maximum speed adjustability up to 4mph suitable for beginners to elders provides good calorie-burning sessions.

This lifespan treadmill has a good motor capacity of 2.25 continuous horsepower provides the workout session an excellent option for those who like to do day-to-day workouts, however, the tracking system in the treadmill is very poor which is a slight drawback of this machine.

Key Features:

  • Under Desk treadmill 350 lb capacity.
  • Motor Capacity is 2.25
  • The surface size is 20 x 50″
  • Intensity is adjustable up to 4Mph.
  • Good quality thick 2 ply deck.
  • Smallest under desk treadmill.


  • Expensive machine.
  • Not for running.


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6. FYC 2 in 1 folding treadmill



under desk treadmill for heavy person.



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The FYC under desk treadmill is suitable for walking, jogging, and running as well therefore it makes it on our list of under desk treadmill for heavy person.

Though the weight capacity is not as high as some of the other options yet it has a capacity of up to 220lb which is still a good option for users with a weight of about 80-90kgs.

Additionally, it is built-in with a special feature in walking and running mode, you can enjoy the high level of the cardio session with speed adjustability in walking mode up to 4mph and furthermore, intensity enlarges up to 7.5mph.

The horsepower of 2.5hp is always a better option for the user who has to work on their fitness goal and the 15.8 x 41.3″ belt area gives a good workout experience yet it’s not optimal for taller users.

The overall surface has been designed with quite thick material having Shock absorbing and compression layer puts less pressure on joints, the motor does not create cranky noise thanks to Sound insulation layer and water Resistance system keeps surface durable.

This treadmill comes with a tracking system with an LCD screen it monitors your workout and 12 pre-set programs make your workout versatile and challenging, it also comes with a safety key for ensuring your safe workout sessions.

Key Features:

  • The belt size is 15.8 x 41.3″
  • Motor capacity is 2.5HP.
  • Speed adjustable up to 7.5Mph.
  • LCD display monitors workouts.
  • 12 pre-set programs.
  • Creates less noise.
  • The maximum weight capacity is 220lb.


  • Not for heavy tall runners.


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7. Goplus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill





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The Goplus brand is another popular brand for making under desk treadmill for home and office use, this 2-in-1 treadmill is the lowest budget ensures you use it for both walking to mild running workouts, and also you can store them anywhere in your space.

The motor capacity of the machine is 2.25HP which is decent enough to do your workout on regular basis and it has an excellent speed arrangement you can use 1 to 12km for walking, jogging, or running making it a good option for the long term use.

This Goplus cardio machine has a 40 x 16” belt area with proper cushion with 7 layers that make your ride on this safe and also ensure durability, however, the belt size is not ideal for teller users if you are around 5.6 feet its fine for your needs.

The weight capacity of the treadmill is 120kgs which is suitable for use up to 100kgs, it is also equipped with a large LCD display that tracks your workout sessions so you can enhance your performance by monitoring your progress.

This treadmill is completely safe and comes with a safety key usable during an emergency situation, there are inbuilt Bluetooth speakers to enjoy motivational music to lift your mood during cardio sessions, overall it has a pretty strong motor that does not create much noise makes it best quietest under desk treadmill.

Key Features:

  • The belt size is 40 x 16”
  • Motor Capacity is 2.25Hp.
  • Speed adjustable 1 to 12km/hr
  • Inbuilt Bluetooth speakers and phone holder.
  • Weight holding capacity is up to 265lb.
  • Ensures low impact workout.


  • Not for taller users.


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Buying guide for best under desk treadmill for heavy person 

If you are not yet sure which one to get at home or office for your daily workout then suggest you read the below-buying guide to get more idea about the best under desk treadmill for heavy people.


Build quality and stability 


The build quality of the desk treadmill determines not only durability but also its importance for your safety especially if you are overweight then you must get a top-quality machine.

Brands like lifespan, sunny health, and fitness, Nordick, Goplus, etc are top brands on whom you can rely but always better to check

Overall material should be aluminum or steel with proper gripping handles are must and always try to choose under desk treadmill for overweight that has longest warranty on frame some of the brands even provides lifetime warranty.

Never compromise on build quality as stability also depends on machines material.


Motor capacity 


The power of the motor is essential for your workout as it also determines your workout intensity now ideal on a treadmill 3hp is highly recommended for making your workout session intense.

Yet since you are looking for the best under desk treadmill for heavy person then 2HP or 2.5HP capacity treadmills are largely available.

The 2.5hp is the best choice as it suites for exercises such as walking to jogging so as a beginner you can use it for walking and once your strength grows you can use it for jogging as well.

However 2hp is fine for those who are just willing to use it for walking, another thing is if you are going to use for daily and your weight is above 100kgs then 2.5hp is best under desk treadmill for your daily needs.


Weight capacity 


There is no rocket science in choosing weight capacity in treadmills yet many users make a big mistake that harms the workout performance and longevity of the machine.

When choosing under desk treadmill for heavy users Always consider keeping the gap between the actual weight capacity of the device and your current weight, minimum of 15-20kgs is a must rest depending on you as well however for overweight suggest you keep a slight more gap than the usual requirement.


Belt area and quality


The surface area is another factor that is essential that needs special attention as a heavy-duty under desk treadmill for heavy person is useless if your machine does not give you comfort while walking or running, this is largely dependent on your height as well.

The smallest under desk treadmill is not suitable for tall users however the safest option is 20 x 50” these are suitable for users up to 6.2 feet, however in treadmills for home use do come with the longest belt area but under desk treadmills, for overweight, this is the last limitation on surface size.

Moreover, if your height is below 6 feet about 5.8 feet then you do not need such a large area 18 x 48” belt for running and for a walking pad 16” x 46” is totally ok which is again a beginner or elderly you may not do high-intensity workout so it’s totally fine for you to go with 46” by 16” belt.

Lastly, the quality of the belt is also a crucial thing in the treadmill, just to save a few bugs do not choose cardio equipment that has single layer support it should at least come with dual or above layers as it will enhance your performance it will not put much pressure on your knees which is safe and gives low impact workout, additionally, it also enhances the life of the treadmill.


Speed adjustability


The under-desk treadmill does not have a very high capacity of speed adjustability most probably it comes with 4MPH to 6MPH speed adjustability.

Well, we have listed an 8mph supportive foldable treadmill in this post as well they are quite similar to desk treadmills which save space and also give you a good cardio workout to strengthen your stamina.

Moreover, if you are going to do only walking exercise then 4mph is enough, whereas for walking to jogging 6mph is pretty much ok to ensure you decent workout session at your apartment on the treadmill.




The under desk treadmill is known for its saving ability as it stays flat on the floor so you can store it at your home or office under your desk or sofa so definitely, you have to be assured about the size of the machine.

The best practice is to check the place and measure the area where you are going to keep the machine so at the last minute you should not face any problem with storage, additionally, there are many smallest under desk treadmills available in the market but always better to measure the space.


Frequently asked question


What is under the desk treadmill?


Over the years trend of home, workouts emerge a lot and many of us started exercising at home, also in the last few years, we have realized that you can not rely on outdoor workouts for various reasons however the under desk treadmill was invented way before the pandemic.

The whole idea is to provide a space-saving option for users who has not much space to save on big commercial treadmills there are also the best folding treadmills for home yet under desk treadmill is flat comes with mostly handrails that you can store flat on the floor so you can keep them under your sofa or bed.

Moreover, most of them are not meant for those intensifying sessions yet quite useful equipment for home exercise and to lose weight at home, the results are a little slow but definitely worth it for beginners and elders or for those who have no time exercising at the gym so it’s worth going with walking pad to shed some gain calories.


What is the best under desk treadmill for heavy person?


There are tons of options nowadays in the market for under desk treadmills however if you are overweight then things get a little difficult as there is a limited option available which comes with a high-weight capacity treadmill, among them Lifespan is quite popular due to its strong build and weight hold capacity.

Additionally, there are other brands that have good desk treadmill for heavy person such as NordicTrack, Goplus, UREVO, etc


are under desk treadmill worth it?


There are many studies done on this either under desk treadmill is of any use or good for health and fitness, however, the results are definitely suggested it helps to lose weight but not as fast as some of the other treadmill options so yes it worth going with walking pad treadmill, especially as a beginner, elder or having any injury issues and also if you have less time then it’s definitely worth it.


What is the quietest under desk treadmill?


This is a big concern for many as most of the users workout at home or office as well, so you must need best quietest under desk treadmill so others won’t get disturbed with those irritating noise however above listed devices do not create noise but highly suggested is Lifespan treadmills, also UREVO is another great choice.


Final words: 


So here it is we have discussed everything in detail about the best under desk treadmill for heavy person with buying tips, I am sure by now you have selected your ideal workout machine, let us summarize that you should concentrate on Motor capacity, belt size, and speed adjustability largely.

Additionally weight capacity is depending on your current weight but always try to keep the gap between your current weight and treadmills’ weight holding capacity of about 20 kgs and the belt should be designed with multi-layer support for low impact and safe exercise.

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