Treadmill vs outdoor running which is the better in 2023


There are many studies done on this topic which is better Treadmill vs outdoor running, It is one of those discussions that do not have ended as it is a long-lasting debate, but many people do not understand that everything in this world has some pros and cons as well.

The same goes for the treadmill vs road running, both have some advantages and disadvantages, I have done exercise and tried both so I am putting all my experience in this article to guide you about both the option.

Treadmill exercise and outdoor running both are very effective ways to pump your heart rate and at the same time to burn calories, it is also depending on person to person what they like to do and workout.

The treadmill does offer a variety of workouts than running, but at the same time running can also be exciting, so let us start discussing Treadmill vs outdoor running which is better.

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Treadmill vs outdoor running which is the better

Treadmill vs outdoor running which is the better

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Advantages of Treadmill:


Multiple exercises:

Treadmill exercise is depending on you as you can make adjustments to speed, you can use it for running walking, and jogging depending on you, even if you are just a beginner, you can set as per your strength and do the workout.

It does not at all mean that an advanced level exerciser cannot use the treadmill for a workout, moreover, you can challenge yourself by setting up the treadmill at an incline position if you need, which may help you not only to burn calories but also helps to increase your endurance.

One of the best parts of treadmill exercise is unlike running it does not make your speed slows down until and unless you change the speed, so the pace remains the same which helps your body to burn more calories.


Pre-set workouts:

Most of the Treadmill nowadays comes with LCD or digital display which will have an option such as pre-setting workout you can make an adjustment before starting workout and treadmill will be set up for you to do the workout.

Presetting also makes sure you can set up the time of your sessions so you can work out as per your required duration and once it reaches the time treadmill will automatically shut down.


Ease of use:

As I discussed above due to settings and LCD display, exercising on a treadmill makes your workout easier, even if you consider getting one treadmill for your home there are several sleek designs available that do not require much space, also foldable treadmill option you have.

These kinds of the treadmill are made especially for indoor or home workout that does not occupy much space and you do not have to scratch your head while installing them, as they are mostly 80 to 90% pre-assembled so it does not take much time.

Just set up in few minutes and start working out and after finishing your exercise just fold it.


Progress tracking:

With help of a monitor or Lcd display, you can track your complete progress such as heart rate, calories burned during the session so you can improve your performance according to the progress and you can also check if your heart rate is going higher so you can adjust the workout for safety.


Fewer Injury chances:

Treadmills are quite safe for your knees, ankle, and joints due to better shock absorption, so it is overall safe when compared to road running as you may not know the quality of roads outside.


Workout anytime:

This is one of the most important points while making this article on Treadmill vs road running which is the best?

Due to lack of time, many of us often face the issue of consistency and this is the most common problem that people left workouts, but a treadmill workout is something that can be performed any time especially if you have it at home.


No worry about the weather:

If you consider outdoor running you may have to cancel your session due to bad weather and then you run out of options, though you can perform cardio exercises at home if you are preparing for a marathon then training in running is important and something that makes your everyday running essential.

With Treadmill you do not have to worry about rain or cold, hotness you can easily perform without worrying about the weather conditions.


How many calories can be burned on the treadmill?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions, a calorie-burning lot depends on your age, current weight, and sex, this is also depending on your speed and intensity but approximately 10-15 minutes of jogging and sprinting can burn about 100 calories.




Disadvantages of treadmill:


Can be boring at times:

Working out can get boring at times though you can listen to music & watch television etc still longer duration may make you bore, especially if you are working out at home as if you go to the gym, you may have gym partner but at home you are alone.


Requires space:

There are folding treadmills available but if you take a non-foldable treadmill, it will require permanent space at home, and as they are heavy-duty products little difficult to move.



If you are considering buying a treadmill at home, it means you have to spend some money on it and if you are planning to join a gym you have to pay a membership, a treadmill may cost you anything between $150 to above $2000.



 More about Treadmill vs outdoor running 

We have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the treadmill, for Road running, you have to step out to run some of the advantages and disadvantages of road running as below.

Treadmill vs outdoor running which is the better


Advantages of outdoor running:


Good for race training:

 If you are a marathon runner or going to take part in any running competition road running can be the best way to prepare and train yourself before the big day, also as per studies, it is found that running is best to burn calories.


No need to spend Money:

Road running you do not need to spend literally anything as you do not need any equipment, you may need one pair of shoes and that is more than enough so you save money if you run outdoors.


Not boring at all:

It is more exciting as you can explore many places every day nearby your home, even if you travel there won’t be any hinder for your exercise, outdoor workout you can make friends so you will have a partner for a workout.


Natural air:

When you go for outdoor running especially early morning you can breathe natural and healthy air which is very good for human health and exercise becomes far more interesting and enjoyable.



Once you start enjoying running it gives a lot of motivation to you which is beneficial for you to enhance your performance, moreover when you have others around you and you see them transforming and getting fit automatically it motivates you as well.


How many calories can be burned outdoor running?

The biggest advantage about outdoor running is it helps you to burn more calories, you can burn about 100-150 calories after running for 15 minutes, but again a lot depends on your weight, sex, and intensity of the running.



Disadvantages of Outdoor running:


Risk of Injury:

Running on the road is a little risky as you never know the roads it may have uneven terrain and early morning mostly will have dark so you have to be careful, few studies conducted on-road running it is proven that it may have the risk of knee and joints injury.



Your workout will be largely depending on the weather condition if it is rainy or cold you may find it difficult to go out sometimes, in humid and summer days you will find it very tough to run which may lead to dehydration.


Inconsistency of intensity:

On treadmills, you can set up speed of intensity which helps to maintain the speed of the session equal only if you change the speed, it will decrease or increase your session, but with road running your intensity won’t be the same it will fluctuate so you never know how effective your workout was.


Conclusion about Treadmill vs outdoor running:


So here it is guys we have discussed in detail Treadmill vs outdoor running, both have pros and cons it is you who can decide what is better for you, if you are training for a marathon it is better to run outdoors but if you are looking for weight loss then you can consider treadmill.

Though outdoor running has limitations you can plan your workout and should keep the treadmill at home so if in case you can not go outdoor you can work out on the treadmill.

Hope this article helps you to understand treadmill vs outdoor running, but if you have any queries please comment on the topic we will be happy to guide you if you like the article share it with your friends and family.

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