Top Best shower chair for elderly USA 2023


Mobility is the issue when we get older and this is a period of life where our elders found difficult to move freely and it can be dangerous for them at times especially when they take bath, it is very important to have support as the vulnerable place such as the bathroom.

The shower chair is the best option to have as it is not only helpful for adults but also good for a disabled person so if someone due to an injury cannot move freely, they can also utilize this chair as they can clean themselves properly as hygiene is the key.

In this article I am going to discuss some of the best shower chair for elderly which can be used for many other things, also suitable for disabilities with the best shower chair for seniors I am also going to discuss buying tips so request you to read the article to know more in detail.

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 Top 5 best picks for shower chair elderly


Best shower chair

Weight capacity 

Available on

Essential Medical Supply Shower Bench 

Weight capacity up to 136Kg.

Drive Medical Preservetech Bench

Weight capacity up to 180Kgs.

Drive Medical RTL12505 Shower Chair 

Weight capacity up to 158Kgs

Dr Maya Bath and Shower Chair 

Weight capacity up to 136kgs.

Rolling Shower and Commode Chair 

Weight capacity up to 200kgs.

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About: Top Best shower chair for elderly 


1. Essential Medical Supply Shower Bench 


 Best shower chair for elderly



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First, our list of top best shower chair for elderly, this is a best-selling product from Essential medical supply, Shower chair with an arm and backrest provides excellent support to the user as weight capacity up to 136Kg.

It is designed not only for a bath but also for long time sitting and quite safe to get out and sit as arms are detachable if not needed, the height of the chair is adjustable for comfortable sit you can adjust it 16″ to 20″

The bottom holds the proper weight and sturdy sitting as it has equipped with good support it is non-skiddy, the sitting area is large enough for comfortable sitting, the installation is quick and easy does not require much time.

If you are looking for a shower chair at a budget price yet durable then this is a good choice for your home as it is made with high-quality aluminum material and there are thinner holes to pass water while bathing.

Key features:

  • Best shower chair with arm and backrest.
  • Made with quality aluminum material.
  • Affordable and durable product.
  • Weight capacity up to 136Kg.
  • Large shower bench 13″ x 16″ seat with 17 3/4″ between arms.
  • Height adjustable seat from 16″ to 20″
  • Height adjustable in 1-inch increments.
  • The bottom legs are compact and non-skiddy.
  • Padded removable arms for long use and comfort.
  • Easy to assemble, warranty on frames.


  • None


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2. Drive Medical Preservetech Bench


 Best shower chair for elderly


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This excellent chair is made with high-quality material and it has a wide sitting area with a strong handle at one side for proper gripping, the legs are designed by keeping in mind for complete safety it does not slip on a damp surface.

The quality of the product is excellently made with aluminum material which has rust-resistant that keeps the chair looks like new for the longest time, the weight capacity of the product is up to 180kgs which makes sure even heavy users can also use it comfortably.

The sitting area is adjustable between 17.5” to 22.5″ and quite easy to adjust, the armrest is removable while not required, overall perfect shower chair to use in the bathroom.

Key Features:

  • Best shower chair for seniors.
  • Made with a Rust-resistant aluminum frame.
  • The bottom legs are made of metal.
  • Non-skiddy legs make sure of safety.
  • Weight capacity up to 180Kgs.
  • The sitting area is wide and adjustable 17.55” to 22.5″
  • Armrest removable.


  • No warranty details.
  • Only usable for shower not for a longer time.


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3. Drive Medical RTL12505 Shower Chair 


 Best shower chair for elderly



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Next on our list of best shower chair for elderly from Drive medical, it is one of the sleekest and lightweight design chairs suitable for easy storage does not occupy much space, the installation is so easy that you can attach all the parts in no time thanks to tool-free removable option.

Thus, it is very portable and easy to carry anywhere, height is adjustable in 1/2″ increments, legs are strong enough and anti-skid can stay firm on a wet floor, weight capacity of the chair is excellent up to 158kgs.

The making of the product is decent it is made with quality material plastic, overall good chair for senior citizens this product is best shower chair for knee replacement.

Key features:

  • Good quality chair made with plastic.
  • Easy to assemble tool-free removal of back, legs, and arms.
  • Height is adjustable in 1/2″ increments.
  • Weight capacity up to 158Kgs.
  • Best shower chair for seniors.
  • Best shower chair for knee replacement.
  • Seat size: Width 21.75” X 16.5″
  • Seat height adjustable 16 inches – 20.5 inches.
  • Shower chair with handles.


  • Quality is decent.


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4. Dr. Maya Bath and Shower Chair 




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If you are looking for cheaper price options then this bath stool is a good choice to go with, quality is made with excellent material aluminum and seat is of high-quality plastic, the legs are quite long and it is equipped with strong gripping of rubber.

Legs have the adjustable option so you can set up as per the user’s height for comfortable use, it does not take time to install as it is tool-free parts you just have to attach, a very lightweight shower chair comes with a weight holding capacity of up to 136kgs.

Though it does not have longer handles there are bigger hole handles to grip while sitting, the height-adjustable 12” to 19.5”, and seating area is also wider 10.62 X 17.32 inches and the warranty brand provides up to 10 years.

Key Features:

  • Material is of aluminum and seat made with plastic.
  • Shower chair weight capacity up to 136kgs.
  • Height is adjustable 12” to 19.5”
  • Seat wide enough 10.62 X 17.32.
  • Tool-free easy to assemble.
  • Drainage holes for preventing water build-up.
  • Legs are sturdily equipped with rubbers.
  • Non-skiddy bottom legs.
  • Best Bath chair comes with 10 years Warranty.


  • No longer handles and without back support.


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5. Rolling Shower and Commode Chair 




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This is one of the best shower chairs with wheels, as it is a multiple-use product you can use for shower and commode, it is very easily movable and the user may not need help to move from one place to another.

Movement of the chair is very easy and the smooth user does not have to put much effort thanks 4 rotatable castor that is waterproof to keep the durability of the chair, wheels oversize is diameter 4 inches, and rear brakes to stop the movement.

It is made with a good combination of heavy-duty aluminum and some parts are made with plastic material, armrest attached for users comfort even this chair is usable for other works such as professional and office work.

The weight of the commode wheelchair is only about 8kgs and the holding weight capacity is up to 200kgs, seat dimension is 16” x 16” and the seat height with a backrest of 21 inches, overall, is very versatile product to use.

Key features:

  • Comfortable commode chair.
  • Best Shower chair with wheels.
  • Padded cushion seat and backrest.
  • Seat height with backrest 21 inches.
  • Weight capacity is maximum up to 200kgs.
  • Made with heavy-duty aluminum material.
  • Seat dimension is 16” x 16”
  • 4 rotatable castors are waterproof.
  • It comes with a rear brake for smooth movement.
  • Lightweight shower chair only 8 kgs.
  • Wheels Diameter is 4inches.
  • Padded Full Armrests are detachable and anti-slip.


  • It is a little pricey.


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Buying Guide for the best shower chair for elderly:


While buying a chair you must keep some things on your checklist in order to get the best shower chair for seniors as it is about the safety of your family member, so let us understand the important factor to consider while buying a shower chair.



The very first thing is the purpose of buying a shower chair, if your budget is low you can go with a basic shower chair that has only a sitting arrangement like a bath stool and with handle holes to hold for safety.

But ideally, you should not compromise with budget as I said it is about safety, the best will be to go for best shower chair with arm and back support these are considered to be safe as the user can keep their hands on armrest for comfort and can lean back due to back support.

These things are also very useful to get in and get up, and a person can sit for a longer duration so elders can use them for regular sitting.

If you are looking for a shower chair with wheels then it is the best possible way to use as a user can use them to move from one place to another, it will be added advantage for the user if it is a commode option so it will become multiple uses such as regular work, shower, and a commode chair.



Once you know what you are looking for things become a lot easier, next point is another crucial one and that is the quality of the chair, it is definitely not a good idea to compromise with quality.

Many shower chairs are made with aluminum material, and some parts are made of plastic, but it does not all, you should also check the quality of legs, it should be anti-slip rubber, and if you are going for a shower chair with wheels then it has to be rotatable and should come with a brake.

Note: Though most of the products are made with high duty sturdy aluminum, it also depends on product to product some may have material quality such as plastic.


Adjustable Height:

If you get a good quality product but the height is not adjustable then the user not going to feel comfortable on the chair, though all the chair is adjustable but check the maximum height adjustability of the shower chair.

Note: You will get a shower chair with a minimum height adjustable from 12” to 23” depending on product to product you can choose as per your requirement as it really depends on the user’s height.


Seating Dimension:

In shower chairs, most of the products will be of plastic quality when it comes to the seating area, always see the seating position is proper in shape and the user is comfortable as overall comfort depending on the seating area.


Weight capacity:

I have discussed all the points above but this is an equally important point your selected shower chair should hold the weight of the user; it is always better to keep a 10 to 20 kgs buffer between your current weight and chair weight capacity.

The weight capacity depends on each product but you will get the best shower chair for the elderly a minimum weight capacity from 120kgs to above 200kgs.

Note: Let me explain in detail about the keeping buffer between weights, so let us say your current weight is 100kgs then you should go with the weight capacity of the chair that has up to 120kg.



Not all brands provide a warranty some may have a warranty or some may not, warranty can be vary depending on brand to brand you will get a warranty from 6 months to above 3 years as well.



There are a huge range of the best shower chair in the USA, the price is varying from product to product if you go for the best bath seat stool then it will come as a minimum as $20 to $40, best Shower chair with back support and armrest comes with price range from $ 30 to above $50 as well.

If you go for a shower chair with wheels then they are a little pricey the price ranges between above $100 to $300 or even above $300, you can choose as per your budget.



Frequently asked questions:


What is a shower chair?

A shower chair is also known as a “Bath chairor “Bath chair for shower”, this is basically a chair designed with 4 legs that help seniors, disabled, or person who has an injury and can not move freely who has mobility issues.

This chair gives support during the bath so users can clean them properly with less help from others, it is also used by elders to prevent any risk of falling down during the shower so it is overall usable to avoid any slips and falling down.


Why you should have a shower chair?

Many studies suggest that most of the elders fall down or slip during bath due to lack of mobility and we all know that our bathroom is slippery due to wet surface the shower chair makes the user comfortable and avoid any accident in the bathroom.

It is also an important tool for those who are suffering from injury, or have done any surgery and finding it difficult to move.


What is the best shower chair for the elderly?

As I discussed above a lot depending on your budget it is always good to go with the best Shower chair with arm and back as it can help users to sit comfortably.

If you have the budget you can go with a shower chair with wheels that has the option of commode and shower and the good thing about this type of product is that they can be useful for many other works.

But read the details carefully before choosing the chair above listed wheelchair is usable for many other works.


What is the safest shower chair?

This is the most frequently asked question and rightly so with comfort safety is the most important aspect, if you are looking for the safest chair then you should go for a shower chair with an arm and backrest.

Other things are also important such as quality, weight capacity I have written detail buying tips for shower chair above request you to read in detail.





So here I have discussed the best shower chair for elderly and also, I have covered things to consider while buying them, comfort safety, and durability are also very essential and do not compromise with the weight capacity.

Hope this article helps you to know about bath chair for elders, but if you have any query please post your comments and if you like our article do not forget to share.




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