Best exercise bike 500 lb capacity USA 2023-300 lb to 500 lb

Exercising is essential for healthy and fit life especially if you are overweight then workout in your daily life is a must.

One of the best ways to lose and burn calories fast is definitely a cardio workout if you hit the gym is great but in the last few years, home workouts gained a lot of popularity.

As this never lets you stop your workout routine in any situation but the biggest challenge is to find the best exercise bike for a heavy person, specifically if you are looking for a 500-pound capacity very limited option you have in the market.

However, we have to do long research before listing out the best exercise bike 500 lb capacity, in this post we have compiled exercise cycles from 300lb to 500lb so let’s start without wasting your time.

If you are limited with time then below is a quick list of the best exercise bikes 500 pound capacity, we are also going to cover buying guides on exercise bikes for the obese so first, let’s start with a review of each cardio bike.

Best exercise bike 500 lb capacity 2023 (300 lb to 500 lb)

Value for Money 

Pooboo indoor Exercise cycle

Flywheel 44lb weight.
Weight capacity 500 pounds.
High resistance for a good workout.
Inseam height 35.4 to 37.4"
Belt drive system.
LCD display with heart rate sensors.

Best Choice for elders and beginners

HCI Fitness recumbent bike

Recumbent bike with the largest seat.
Magnetic resistance system.
Weight capacity 500 lb.
Upper arm adjustable.
Large display tracks workout.

Budget Freindly 

FISUP exercise bike 

Flywheel weight is 28lb.
Weight holding capacity is 440lb.
Friction resistance system.
Belt drive system.
Inseam height 30.9 to 38.1.
LCD display to monitor workout.

Best Choice for 400lb capacity

L Now Indoor Exercise bike

Flywheel 40 pounds.
Weight Capacity is 440lbs

Belt Drive system.
Friction resistance system.
LCD display tracks workouts.

Good for beginners 


Weight Capacity is 330lbs

Flywheel weight 20lbs.
Height adjustable 37.8 to 44.1" 
Inseam adjustable 33.5 to 38.6" 
Friction resistance system.
Belt drive system.

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1. Pooboo Indoor Exercise Bike


exercise bike 500 lb capacity


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This Pooboo indoor exercise bike is perfect for heavy riders very well designed with compact construction looks stylish and has premium components making it the best cardio equipment in the market on a budget.

The overall setup of this bike is a very basic yet very effective machine for burning lower body fat, positioning of the body on this bike gives ultra-smooth comfort.

More than its weight holding capacity, the flywheel of this sturdy machine makes it valuable for each bug you spend on it, as a 44lb weight flywheel gives a very high-quality cardio session at home.

The belt drive system on this stationery cycle ensures a good workout session and minimizes the sound as much as possible, the friction Resistance helps you to enhance your cardio workout to lose calories faster.

This machine allows you to adjust the height as per users’ preferences suitable for taller users as well, though the weight of the machine is a little bulky yet inbuilt wheels ensure you can move cycle easily.

This Pooboo stationery cycle has good tracking systems to monitor your entire workout there are heart rate sensors at handles that give a complete overview of your entire workout.

As per the brand, it holds the maximum weight up to 500 pounds which is a nice pick for those who have a limitation on budget, also it has a built-in iPad holder to enjoy motivational music during your session.

The seating area has very soft cushioning and pedals are designed like cages which you can adjust as per your comfort, you can adjust the handles and seat according to your comfort in multiple ways.

Key Features:

  • Exercise bike max user weight 200kg.
  • Flywheel 44lb weight.
  • Weight capacity 500 pounds.
  • High resistance for a good workout.
  • Inseam height 35.4 to 37.4″.
  • Belt drive system.
  • LCD display with heart tracking.


  • Decent LCD display size.


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2. HCI Fitness recumbent bike


exercise bike 500 lb capacity


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This HCI recumbent exercise bike is the best solution if you are a beginner, elder, or have any issues where you need to be cautious during your exercise, it is a very safe machine to workout.

As it has a very compact and nicely designed large seating area sized around 20″ gives you ultra comfort during 20-30 minutes session also it helps you to make your way to seating areas smoothly by moving the seating parts.

There are small handles in this machine that let you enjoy little upper body exercise as well, also pedals are built for complete safety the velcro straps help you to keep your feet in a still position so you do not have to worry about falling.

The biggest advantage of this machine you can completely eliminate the seating area makes it the best recumbent exercise bike 500 lb capacity as it is usable for anyone who is suffering from any injury.

The Resistance level is Adjustable up to 16 levels giving a good workout session also it has a large 9″ LCD display that tracks your session Such as speed, distance covered, time, pulse and calorie burn, etc.

Overall it’s the impressive best recumbent bike for the obese yet it does have a little heavy and occupies space at home so you need to create space to store it, warranty on the frame is lifetime provided by the brand.

Key Features:

  • Recumbent bike with the largest seat.
  • Good for beginners, and elders.
  • Magnetic resistance system.
  • Weight capacity 500 lb.
  • Upper arm adjustable.
  • Large display tracks workout.
  • Lifetime warranty on frame and 3 years on parts.


  • Not for heavy cardio.


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3. FISUP exercise bike 



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This exercise cycle is another best for heavy people comes with a sleek design that is very well built and has a strong base that holds the maximum weight of the person.

The material used for making this machine is overall very high-quality steel ensuring the durability of this cardio equipment and the height of the machine is Adjustable between 30.9″ to 38.1″ makes it best for a tall person.

The weight holding capacity of this is 440 pounds capacity which still holds the weight of the user up to 180kgs which is pretty much suitable for any kind of rider.

This is having 28lb flywheel slightly lower as above 30 pounds flywheel is required for better workout session yet its decent option in the cheapest exercise bike, as beginner, you can manage with this stationary bike.

It has a friction resistance system that comes with an easy-to-adjust knob in front of you and the belt drive system keeps the machine less noisy during cardio also the safety key is provided by the brand in case of an emergency situation can use it.

There is a small LCD screen to track your workout so you can plan your weight loss journey better, however it does not have heart rate tracking which is pretty much ok yet the brand should have provided it which is the latest option available in a few exercises cycles.

The pedals are very professionally made and ensure ultra-comfort that keeps you feel intact during high-intensity exercise, the pedal cage is Overall made with aluminum finishing, and the installation is quick easy, and does not take much time.

Key Features:

  • Flywheel weight is 28lb.
  • Weight holding capacity is 440lb.
  • Friction resistance system.
  • Belt drive system.
  • Inseam height 30.9 to 38.1.
  • Good for heavy users.
  • LCD display to monitor workout.


  • 28lb flywheel is not ideal for advanced users.
  • No heart rate monitoring.


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4. L Now Indoor Exercise bike



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This indoor exercise bike is another best 440 lb capacity exercise bike built with very strong material and the overall design ensures a good commercial bike experience while riding on this machine.

As this heavy-duty exercise bike has strong support from 40 pounds flywheel, it is an ideal pick for heavy users as a 40-lb flywheel is always recommended for a smooth and effective ride on the cycle.

It is built-in with friction resistance that involves your body in the workout and gives very high intensifying cardio that burns your calories fast, also it helps to tone your lower body to come in shape.

The belt drive system always gives smooth and less noisy exercise sessions, it also has a decent braking system and resistance knob rightly placed so you can adjust the intensity and adjustability of handles and seat making it usable for the entire family.

Overall peddling on this cardio equipment is safe, also it is equipped with an LCD display that tracks your complete workout and there are heart rate sensors at the handles that monitors your pulse, and the seating area is made with good quality PU material keep you comfortable.

Key Features:

  • Flywheel 40 pounds.
  • 440 lb capacity exercise bike.
  • Belt Drive system.
  • Friction resistance system.
  • The seat is adjustable in 4 ways 
  • Handles are adjustable in 2 ways.
  • LCD display tracks workouts.


  • Small LCD display.


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If you have the very lowest budget and looking for the best exercise bike for obese then this stationary cycle is best suited for you as it holds the maximum weight up to 330 pounds making it the best in cheapest cardio equipment.

The overall shape of the machine is unique and keeps your body in a good position during cardio sessions, and the making of the product is carbon steel with sturdy handlebars ensuring a safe ride, also the weight is not that heavy and comes with wheels for easy transportation.

The highlight of this indoor exercise bike is its premium adjustability of seat you can adjust it up to 8 levels, giving you a minimum height of 37.8” and max you can adjust up to 44.1”, good for tall users who want to train their lower body.

It is equipped with friction resistance and a belt drive system that ensures silent workout sessions, the seat adjustability is quick and easy to get ready for cardio instantly and the pedals fit into your feet comfortably.

Moreover, the flywheel weight is 20lbs which is not the most heavy-duty flywheel for those who want to do a very intense workout, yet it’s pretty much ok for beginners who are looking for the best Exercise bike for 330lbs.

Key Features:

  • Stationary bike for over 300 lbs.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Flywheel weight 20lbs.
  • Height adjustable 37.8 to 44.1″ 
  • Inseam adjustable 33.5 to 38.6″ 
  • Friction resistance system.
  • Belt drive system.
  • Lightweight machine.


  • Flywheel weight is not suitable for heavy cardio.
  • No heart rate sensors.


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6. Fitness Reality Upright exercise bike



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This sleek-looking exercise cycle is next on our list and comes with a very flexible resistance system so if you are looking for magnetic resistance then this is the best choice for your home workout needs.

The weight of the machine is only 23.7kgs with a weight holding capacity is up to 400 pounds handle the heavyweight easily and most importantly its foldable design saves a lot of space in your home.

It is equipped with 8 levels of magnetic resistance that is enough for a good intensity workout to lose lower body fat, and an upright design gives good positioning of the body while peddling, another great thing is its adjustability features make it best for users up to 6.5”

There is no need to worry about noise as it gives a blissful ride due to magnetic resistance, also pedals are designed with straps to ensure your safe workout session, however, it also has an LCD display with heart rate sensors to monitor your progress.

Key features:

  • Easy to install.
  • Foldable design saves space.
  • Magnetic resistance up to 8 levels.
  • Less noisy and easy to store.
  • Suitable for users 5.1″ to 6.5″
  • Heart rate monitoring system.
  • 400 lb capacity exercise bike.


  • Average quality LCD display.


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Buying guide- Best heavy duty exercise bike 500 lb capacity 



Types of Exercise bikes:

We have written a depth post on different types of exercise bikes if you like to know about each one of them in detail you can read them, as here I am going to quickly cover the types of bikes that you get on the market for 500 pounds.


Upright exercise bike:

This exercise bike is similar to the design of street bikes and comes with handles and a flywheel ensures you a good cardio session, it does not have any back support so your body shape while sitting on it is an upright position, therefore, it is known as “upright exercise cycles”

These bikes are very effective and highly recommended for cardio sessions as it burns massive calories, excellent for lower body workout, it has a resistance system to challenge your endurance overall it is the best exercise bike for 500 lb capacity.


Recumbent Exercise bike:

This type of bike is designed for safety, therefore, these bikes are popular with elders and person who has injury issues; however, it does give you a decent workout session but it is not ideal for burning massive calories yet it’s a decent option, to begin with for heavy people.

It is mostly equipped with back support and a magnetic resistance system do not create any noise, just sit and pedal, there are quite a few brands that make a recumbent exercise bike 500 lb capacity which is a decent pick if you want a safe ride.

Moreover, recumbent bikes do require proper space as most of them are not foldable so you have to keep one place at home to store them permanently, the movement is not a big issue as it comes with built-in wheels for transportation.


Elliptical trainers:

The ellipticals are quite popular in the last few years its different from exercise bikes it comes with large pedals and moving handles that ensure a full-body cardio workout, so you can train your entire body its very effective and 20 minutes of the session can burn maximum calories however there are very few options available in elliptical trainer for 500 lb capacity.


What purpose of buying the best exercise bike 500 lb capacity?

Do you really need an exercise bike 500 lb capacity? As if your weight is around 130kgs you should be fine with an exercise bike with 150kgs or maximum let us say 170kgs if you really want this high weight capacity machine then only you should buy it.

Even though 500lb capacity exercise bikes are available on a low budget but if you do not need such a kind of cardio equipment then it’s better to go with 300lb to 400lb capacity equipment and can consider other important features rather than focusing on weight.

As weight capacity definitely matters but other factors also make your machine durable and your workout smoothness depending on things such as a flywheel, resistance, etc so keep your purpose clear on what you want now let us start with other key functions.


Build quality:

Without strong build quality, you can not workout on the machine as few cheap exercise bikes come with very poor build quality that is harming the durability of the machine, and it’s quite risky as well so always check the build quality.

The reputed brands do make excellent sturdy machines with materials like steel, and aluminum also handles must be equipped with good quality PU material that enhances your performance also gives a strong grip during exercising.



This is the most essential factor for smooth workout sessions so you should focus on the flywheel, especially while buying upright or stationary bikes, usually 40lb or above is best for cycles yet if you are a beginner 35lb is recommended and 30lb is ok only have a very low budget and you just begin your weight loss journey.



There are many types of resistance available in the market but for an exercise bike 500 lb capacity you will have majorly 2 types of resistance friction and magnetic.

The friction resistance is mostly found in the cheap budget it gives very effective workout sessions but can create noise sometimes and requires more care with regular maintenance, whereas magnetic resistance gives smooth and creates less noise giving blissful workout sessions also requires less maintenance.


Pedals and handles:

The pedals also need your special attention as all the pressure while workout will be on the pedals trying to choose a bike that has straps or modern types of bikes comes with a cage shape which is the safest option, also remember with cage pedals sometimes your shoe won’t fit so keep this in your mind.

The handles should have strong gripping mostly top brands use PU material which is a form of leather but it’s manmade material this will give you very sturdy gripping also now days exercise bikes do come with heart rate sensors on handles which is excellent to track your pulse.


Weight Capacity:

Almost every user makes the mistake when choosing any kind of exercise bike including a 500 lb capacity exercise bike, the common mistake is they choose a product with the exact weight of their body.

This is not the right decision as always best practice is to keep a buffer between your current weight and the machine’s actual weight capacity, keeping around a 40-60 pound gap for any cardio machines for safety is recommended.



There are foldable options available in the market but very few of them are available when it comes to exercise bike 500 lb capacity, additionally, if you are going with recumbent bikes then you must have space to store.

As recumbent bikes are not foldable, so basically you should Always measure the machine size and then check the space at your home this will keep your last-minute hassel easy.



There is a huge range of exercise bikes available in the online and offline market, with the growing competition you have as cheap as 150 dollars to over 1000 dollars exercise bikes in the market.

When it comes to exercise bikes for the obese, you can get exercise bikes from above 200 to 2000 dollars, it’s all about your budget.

The lower range machines are too capable of giving you an excellent workout but few features you have to compromise like you will get friction Resistance and an expensive bike will have a better facility but honestly, there will not be any compromise in a workout in both.



Every brand does provide a warranty on an exercise bike, the standard is 1 year, yet there are few machines that come with a long-lasting warranty on the frame especially.

The frame material does come with 3 years to even lifetime warranty which is excellent so always check before making your decision on an exercise bike 500 lb capacity.


Frequently asked questions:


Is a stationary bike good for the obese?

Yes, the stationary bike is good for a heavy person as it helps to lose overall body fat, and tone your body also it builds muscle, for the home cardio stationary cycle is a nice option as some of them come with a foldable set that saves a lot of space at home, however, you have to be consistent with exercising and a good diet is necessary for good results.


What is a good weight for an exercise bike?

This is depending on your current body weight more than the capacity of the exercise bike, also make sure to check your family members’ weight if they are also going to use it, the best practice is to keep at least 15-20kgs buffer in your current weight and exercise bikes total body weight.


Is a recumbent bike good for heavy users?

Though recumbent bikes are not meant for intensifying workout yet its good for beginners who have gained a lot of weight as they are quite secure comes with a back seat with easy to use pedals especially highly recommended for a person with injury issues or elderly who are just want to keep the body fit and looking for low impact workout.

Moreover, it has a few drawbacks even though recumbent bikes for heavy users help to burn some calories still since it is not very ideal for high-intensity workouts I will suggest going with a stationary or spin bike.

Another thing is recumbent bike mostly does not comes with a fold-up feature so you need proper permanent space to store them.


What is the best exercise bike 500 lb capacity?

The exercise bike 500 lb capacity is very limited in the market makes it very challenging to find the best one for you however we have listed above 2 best possible options in the market right now the Pooboo indoor exercise bike is a nice option for a good cardio workout at home.


Can I use a bike every day for my workout?

This is depending on you, if you do weight lifting workout then you do not need to ride on the bike every day, 2-3 times a week for 15-20 minutes more than enough for cardio as weight lifting does require a lot of effort and it takes 40-60 minutes daily gives you good muscle workout.


Final words

In this post, we have discussed some of the best exercise bike 500 lb capacity with buying tips, while choosing bikes make sure to get a heavy flywheel machine for longer and smooth workout sessions, ideally, 40lb is the best choice it will give you good exercising at the comfort of your home.

Also, check the warranty of the product all the brands give the warranty yet some of the products do come with a lifetime warranty on the frame which is excellent on parts you may get a warranty of anything between 1 to 3 years depending on the product to product.

I am sure this article helps you to choose the best exercise bike for obese yet if you have any queries post your comments we will be happy to guide you, also share your experience on a cardio workout on indoor bikes if you have ever done cardio session.



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