Best exercise bike 350 lb capacity USA 2023

The exercise bike is in trend for the past few years as its the best cardio equipment for high-intensity cardio exercise in the comfort of your home.

It definitely has many health benefits additionally if you are overweight then it’s a top alternative to work out on the machine without fearing injuries as it’s a safer option than outdoor jogging or cycling.

Now choosing the best exercise bike 350 lb capacity seems very simple and easy but it’s very complicated especially due to the many options in the market that make you super confused.

However, we have done very long research before discussing some of the best exercise bikes for over 300 lbs, we are also going to discuss a detailed buying guide for exercise bikes yet let us see first some of the top machines.

If you have no time to read the full post then below is a quick list of the best exercise bike for heavy people with the maximum weight capacity.

Best Exercise bike 350 lb capacity 2023

Value for Money 

YOSUDA PRO Stationary bike 

Magnetic resistance.
Inseam height adjustable 27" to 35"
Flywheel weight 40lbs.
Weight capacity 350 pounds.

Best Choice

Afully Exercise bike

Speed adjustable up to 14 levels.
Flywheel weight 50lbs.
Weight 550lb capacity.
Adjustable seat and handles.

Best Dual action Bike

 Schwinn Fitness air Exercise bike

Height adjustable up to 53" 
Full Body workout machine.
Weight Capacity 350 lbs

Air resistance system.

2nd Best choice

NordicTrack Indoor Exercise Bike

Intensity adjustable up to 24 levels.
Good quality heavy-duty machine.
Height adjustable up to 49.60" 
Weight capacity 350 pounds.

Best for beginners and elders

Exerpeutic Gold Recumbent exercise bike

Foldable recumbent exercise bike.
Resistance adjustable up to 8 levels.
Good for tall users.
Weight Capacity 400 pounds.

1. YOSUDA PRO Indoor Stationary bike 


Exercise bike 350 lb capacity


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Yosuda brand is emerging as a top-notch brand especially when it comes to indoor exercise bikes for cardio, the thing that stands out about this brand is the limited budget it offers maximum features that helps ineffective workout.

This Yosuda exercise bike is fully customized for your weight loss journey and very smartly built that does not create much noise so you do not have to worry about irritating noise during cardio.

The magnetic resistance and belt drive system ensure a smooth ride, additionally as per the brand, it has 100 micro-adjustable levels ensures to giving you a very good level of the weight-loss session.

To complement the speed adjustability it does not let you down with the momentum you get during pedaling as this bike has a pretty strong 40lb flywheel that is quite optimal for a commercial-like experience on this bike.

This Exercise bike 350 lb capacity holds the maximum weight up to 300 pounds easily and the device is made with good quality material that enhances the durability especially the handles are pretty good giving good gripping as it is made with PVC material.

Overall Yasuda exercise cycle is best for home workouts comes with a fully adjustable seat and handlebars too manageable, and the inseam height is adjustable between 27″ to 35″

There is a phone holder to enjoy the videos during a workout, it also has a tracking system that monitors your workout session, and cage pedals grip your feet properly during fast pedaling.

However, there is no heart tracking system in this machine which is a slight drawback of the machine as few modern bikes come with a pulse monitoring system otherwise it’s the best exercise bike for weight loss at home.

Key features

  • Magnetic resistance.
  • Inseam height adjustable 27″ to 35″
  • Flywheel weight 40lbs.
  • Stationary bike for over 300 lbs.


  • No heart tracking system
  • The LCD display is small.


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2. Afully Exercise bike



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The Afully Exercise bike provides a full commercial bike experience as it is a stationary commercial cycle backed with extremely heavy-duty material and holds the heaviest person weight easily.

So basically if you want no compromise on weight holding capacity and strong flywheel then this is the ultimate choice to begin your weight loss journey.

However, it has a friction resistance system that gives a very good cardio-burning session as you have to put your efforts while pedaling and the belt drive system ensures a smooth ride and also reduces noise while in use.

The bike has an ultra level of adjustability that makes it the best exercise bike for heavy users as you can adjust the seat level up to 14 and handles in 7 ways providing maximum comfort thus it’s also a good option for multiple users.

This indoor exercise cycle has a maximum weight capacity of up to 550 lbs that is able to hold user weight up to 500 pounds quite easily and the brand has also built a very strong 50lbs flywheel for a smoother and blissful ride on this amazing piece of cardio equipment.

The intensity is adjustable up to 14 levels with easy to use knob and the braking system in this machine is amazing to keep you safe as it provides a quick stop system in case of emergency.

Moreover, this stationary cycle is the best option for all kinds of riders yet you need to do proper maintenance, and it’s a very bulky machine due to its heavy build.

Additionally, the tracking system let you know your progress also it has a heart rate monitoring system, and cage pedals are made with good quality that enhances durability.

Key features

  • Speed adjustable up to 14 levels.
  • Excellent flywheel 50lbs.
  • Heavy-duty exercise bike 500lb capacity.
  • Good adjustable seat and handles.
  • Commercial exercise bike.


  • Weight is pretty heavy.
  • No magnetic resistance.


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3. Schwinn Fitness air Exercise bike


exercise bike 350 lb capacity



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The Schwinn brand is the major and popular brand in the fitness industry their products are reliable and result-oriented for workouts however they make only premium fitness products which are slightly expensive at times.

Yet it completely adds value to your weight loss program, now we have multiple collections from Schwinn yet we chose this Exercise bike 350 lb capacity due to its feature that involves your full body in the workout.

This bike had two handles that are movable that give a full-body workout, this air bike is smartly built looks very sturdy and compact at the same time very sleek in shape, and saves space at home.

Overall air bike looks very attractive and the maximum height adjustability is up to 53″ making it the best dual-action Exercise bike for weight loss in the comfort of your home.

It has belt drive technology for smooth workout sessions and air bike resistance let you take charge of your intensity as it depends on you how fast you want to pedal to burn calories.

There is no hinder to a workout session as it is available for you all 24 hours and it has an LCD display that tracks workouts such as time, calories burned, distance covered, speed, and most importantly it also has a heart rate monitoring system.

Key features

  • Height adjustable up to 53″ 
  • Full Body workout machine.
  • 350lb Exercise bike.
  • Air resistance system.
  • Very sleek design.


  • Expensive.
  • Create noise sometimes.


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4. Exerpeutic Upright Exercise bike



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The Exerpeutic upright cardio machine is next in our list of best folding Exercise bike 350 lb capacity, due to its foldable design it’s a pretty strong contender for home workouts.

Additionally, magnetic resistance with 16 levels of intensity adjustability ensures a good cardio-burning workout without creating cranky noise and it also requires very less maintenance saving a lot of costs and more productive exercise.

The total weight holding capacity of this machine is 400 pounds that makes it the best upright exercise bike 350 lb capacity and usable for the entire family as you can adjust the height max up to 57.5″ suitable for a tall person up to 6.5″

The Exerpeutic exercise bike has some exciting options such as Bluetooth connectivity and having 21 pre-set programs that let you enjoy versatile workout sessions and you can give your body a challenge to burn more calories.

There is also a phone holder so you can enjoy music during the workout and the LCD display tracks the entire workout including heart rate sensors, overall, a pretty comfortable bike, and a great option for beginner to mid-level riders.

Key features

  • Upright exercise bike 350 lb capacity.
  • Magnetic resistance.
  • Resistance up to 16 levels.
  • Foldable design saves space.
  • Height adjustable up to 57.5″
  • Suitable for tall users up to 6.5″
  • Pre-set programs 21.


  • Average display quality.


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5. NordicTrack Indoor Exercise Bike


exercise bike 350 lb capacity



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The Nordic Exercise bike is one of the most advanced cardio machines on our list in terms of its intensity level you can adjust it up to 24 levels which is highly optimized for intensifying cardio burning sessions.

It has magnetic resistance support to ensure your smooth and noiseless workout, the unique feature that makes this exercise bike stand out from the rest is its incline and decline functionality which is the latest function that enhances your overall workout performance.

It is featuring with maximum height adjustability up to 49.60” and build quality is always the best in NordicTrack devices, this exercise bike built-in with heavy-duty aluminum material and pedals keeps you safe during high-intensity workouts.

This exercise bike 350 lb capacity is one of the top machines with exciting features such as Bluetooth connectivity, overall brand provides 10 years warranty on the frame with 3 years on part and 1 year on labor.

Key Features:

  • Intensity adjustable up to 24 levels.
  • Excellent for cardio.
  • Good quality heavy-duty machine.
  • Height adjustable up to 49.60″ 
  • Weight capacity 350 pounds.


  • Pricey bike.
  • No heart rate monitoring system.


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6. Exerpeutic Gold Recumbent exercise bike



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If you are looking for a recumbent bike for home use but have space issues then this Exerpeutic bike is the Best recumbent exercise bike 400 lb capacity that is ideally made to hold weight capacity up to 350 lb user.

The highlight feature of this machine is it gives super comfortable back support that does not put much stress on the back muscles also it is featured with a folding option which is quite a rare option in a recumbent exercise bike.

It is a very affordable machine comes with 8 levels of resistance system to give your body a good lower body workout and the maximum height is adjustable up to 48” that makes it a suitable indoor bike for tall users up to 6.5”

The seating area is fully customized for comfortable positioning and a small digital display tracks your workout progress the machine is suitable for home workouts as it does not create noise also brand provides a 1-year warranty on this model.

Key Features:

  • Foldable recumbent exercise bike.
  • Resistance adjustable up to 8 levels.
  • Good for tall users.
  • Recumbent exercise bike 400 pounds.
  • Less noisy.


  • Limited period of warranty.
  • Not for the heavy-level workout.


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7. ADVENOR Indoor Exercise bike


exercise bike 350 lb capacity


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The Adevenor Exercise bike is the next on our list that is in the affordable range featuring some of the good functioning that is not only capable of giving you an excellent workout session but also ensures durability due to good quality inbuilt material.

This Stationary bike 350 lb capacity built-in with magnetic resistance and a belt drive system that ensures a smooth workout session at the comfort of your home gym set up and does not create noise.

The 350-pound capacity maximum weight holding capacity suitable for users up to 140kgs and the inseam height is adjustable from 25” to 35”, the seating arrangement you can customize up to 7 levels, and handles are adjustable in 5 various positions.

The overall machine is equipped with nice adjustability that helps users to enjoy a workout with a lot of comforts without compromising on intensity, additionally, this stationary bike comes with a 35lb flywheel weight that is quite suitable for longer use everyone can use it at home easily.

It is featured with an LCD display to track your workout yet it does not have pulse rate tracking and cage pedals are super comfortable and ensures the safest ride while high-intensity speed.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable seat and handles.
  • Magnetic resistance.
  • Flywheel weight 35lbs.
  • Inseam adjustable 25″ to 35″
  • Belt drive system.
  • Stationary bike for over 300 lbs


  • No heart rate sensors.
  • Average quality LCD display.


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8. Sunny Health and Fitness Recumbent bike



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The fitness products come in various forms nowadays, this is a very unique machine that is made for the user who has any physical issue and wants to have a safe ride with a full-body workout, as most the recumbents do not come with moving handles but this device provides both.

This 2-in-1 recumbent exercise bike 350 lb capacity comes with a magnetic resistance system and 8 levels of intensity adjustable features that let you do a decent level of workout, overall, it is designed for a full-body workout experience.

The machine is very sleek do not take much space at home yet requires a permanent place to store, however, the weight of the bike is around 43kgs which is fairly light and there are inbuilt wheels that ensure easy transportation.

It features a belt drive system for a noiseless and smooth workout session, additionally, it has an LCD display with a heart rate monitoring system that tracks your workout, and pedals have straps for safety during exercising.

Key Features:

  • Recumbent bike with handles.
  • Belt drive system.
  • Safe and good for the elderly.
  • LCD display with heart rate tracking.
  • Sleek and compact exercise bike.
  • Recumbent exercise bike 350 pounds.


  • Not for high-intensity workouts.


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Buying Guide for the best exercise bike 350 lb capacity



The exercise bike nice piece of option to get rid of those extra fats in your body and a good choice to keep your body in shape without hitting the gym.

Yet choosing an exercise bike 350 lb capacity is not as easy as seems as evolving technologies brands also come with different types of bikes in the market which makes whole confusion.

With a few steps you can get a good exercise bike to lose belly fat, nowhere the purpose of your workout routine is a key factor as to how often you going to use it and your goals determine a lot.

Now features are always needed to look at but many think that weight capacity and speed are the two factor that is enough in a bike to sustain but that is not entirely true as there is more to this so let’s discuss them.

For basic use, you can choose low budget options in case you are limited to budget yet have to compromise on many things in the budget, however for regular and high-intensity workouts right choice is to go with an exercise bike that has maximum features with a high level of resistance, sturdy flywheel, and different programs.


Types of exercise bike

Here we are going to quickly discuss what are the types of indoor bikes available in the market if you want to know more in-depth then you can read our detailed post here.

Stationary bikes are in various form in the market as it assures you a good indoor workout to shed weight and it’s definitely a good choice to enjoy an outdoor cycling experience, however, they are available on a different budget from economical to expensive.

These bikes do give good workout performance by keeping your body in an upright position, it’s a good choice for beginner to mid-level users, the Stationary bike for over 300 lbs users pretty safe option to begin with.

The spin exercise bike is more advance in terms of intensity or effectiveness it provides in your fat loss journey it burns more calories than Upright or stationary bikes, making them a great choice for every kind of user, while riding on this you get more like road cycling experience.

The air exercise bike is gaining a lot of popularity due to their outstanding feature that let you train your full body, as the handles of these bikes you can use as per your requirement, also gives upper body workout and it uses fan resistance basically the intensity depending on how fast you pedal.

The recumbent exercise bike is the safest option for heavy people and those who are having physical issues including the elderly as it comes with comfortable positioning with back support, though it is not recommended for heavy cardio yet is a decent option to train your lower body.



When choosing an exercise bike 350 lb capacity is the most essential factor after weight holding capacity.

For instance, the thumb rule is higher the weight is better the workout ideally 30lb minimum or above is needed for a smooth workout session yet since you are looking exercise bike for heavy users then suggest you to at least 35-40lb flywheel.



There is no way you can take away the importance of resistance in your cardio machine however 8 levels of resistance for beginner to casual users is enough to get a good workout session.

Moreover, if you are looking for long-term use and want to challenge your body with intensifying workout then try to go with higher resistance yet 8 levels are fine for high-weight capacity users.

Lastly, types of resistance also need your attention in a low budget you have to settle with friction resistance, though friction gives more intensity to your workout yet it needs a little more maintenance and sometimes it creates noise.

Another option is magnetic which is ideal for smooth and also easier to use if budget allows you must consider magnetic over friction resistance.



The adjustability in your bike ensures others at your home can also utilize the cardio device the things such as seat adjustability and handlebars ensure more comfort.

However, most of the bikes do come with adjustability but always better to check carefully and always use the machine by adjusting in different ways to ensure later hassle.


Weight capacity 

If you are looking for an exercise bike 350 lb capacity exactly then I would suggest going with a little higher weight around 400 lb exercise bike is ideal.

Otherwise, for 300 pounds, you can choose a 350 lb exercise bike as always better to keep a buffer between your current weight and the bike’s actual weight holding capacity.


Build quality 

The stability and safety both depend on the quality of material used for making, the most brands use steel for making sturdy indoor bikes for a workout.

Moreover, cheap options will have lower quality material and the higher-priced machines will have solid and sturdy material making them durable for longer use.

Additionally, also consider the seating area larger as it will provide more comfort during exercise sessions there is no compromise on the seat and material quality when choosing a heavy-duty exercise bike.


Weight of the machine

This is actually connected to build quality as many users make huge mistakes by choosing lightweight machines so they can move from one place to another but honestly, this turns out biggest blunder.

As the higher, the weight of the machine better and sturdier the quality and you can manage the movement with in-built wheels making sure the machine has wheels to move from one place to another.


Frequently asked questions


Are stationary bikes good for the obese?

The stationary bikes are actually good for heavy person, as it does provide a good cardio session at the comfort of your home and definitely burns your calories, also it is a bit safer, as an obese user not going to start immediately high-intensity workout so this is the best possible option for a longer period.


Is a recumbent bike good for obese people?

A recumbent bike is a decent option for you if you are overweight but do not expect to get a heavy cardio workout on it, this is the safest form of cardio machine for those who have any past injury as it comes with pretty comfortable positioning with back support.


Which is better a recumbent bike or an upright?

The upright bikes are better to burn calories faster than recumbent bikes, another best possible indoor bike for a more effective workout is the spin bike as they also give you an outdoor workout experience while riding on it.


Final words:

So, we have discussed the best exercise bike 350 lb capacity with buying guide, we have covered almost all the points that you must consider while choosing a machine for a home workout, however, the weight is not the only concern two factors that must be on your checklist that is flywheel and resistance level.

Also, make sure to check the warranty of the exercise bike as few brands do provide the longest warranty on the frame and the cycles seating area should give you a comfortable position, hope this post helps you to know about exercise bikes for over 300 lbs if you have any query post your comments our team will promptly guide you.


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