Best elliptical 350 lb weight capacity USA 2021


Best elliptical 350 lb weight capacity 


Best elliptical 350 lb weight capacity 


Losing weight is not a cakewalk journey it requires a lot of effort physically and you also have to change your eating habits, work out many kinds of equipment are available from exercise bikes to treadmills but to losing weight as heavy person elliptical trainer machine can be a good choice to go with.

As the best elliptical trainer for home ensures excellent aerobic and cardio workout for your upper and lower body ensuring full-body exercise with low impact workout especially for your joints, in this article we are going to cover some of the Best elliptical 350 lb weight capacity.

We hope that by end up reading this post you will find the best elliptical for the heavy person so you can use them at the comfort of your home, so let us start discussing each one one by one.

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About: Best elliptical 350 lb weight capacity 


1. SOLE E95 Elliptical trainer machine


Best elliptical 350 lb weight capacity


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Sole is one of the reputed brands in the online market as their products promise to be heavy duty with excellent performance for home use, this E95 model is one of the ellipticals for overweight beginners as it offers a weight holding capacity of up to 400 pounds.

If you are looking for the best steeper trainer that can give you a high capacity comfort with a complete gym workout experience then this high-weight capacity ellipticals is the perfect choice as it has a magnetic resistance system that ensures intensifying workout that burns massive calories per session.

The uniqueness about this trainer device is you can adjust the stride length as per your requirement and comfort thus it is the best elliptical for apartments for full families as it is suitable for users between 5.4” to above 6.5”

The adjustability is not only for stride but it offers adjustable pedals up to 10 positions to ensure a safe ride and the incline position is adjustable between 1 to 20 levels for an excellent fat burning workout, 27lb flywheel is heavier enough for smooth exercise and ensures durability.

Key Features:

  • Best elliptical 400 lb weight capacity.
  • Magnetic resistance system.
  • The excellent flywheel weighs 27lbs.
  • Adjustable stride length 20 to 22”
  • Pedals are adjustable up to 10 positions.
  • Incline levels adjustable 1to 20 positions.
  • Cooling fans, inbuilt speakers.
  • 10 pre-set programs with pulse rate tracking.
  • Bluetooth connectivity, USB port & tablet holder.
  • Smooth and less noisy machine.
  • LCD display tracks workout sessions.


  • None but the pricey product.


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2. Nautilus E618 Elliptical trainer


Best elliptical 350 lb weight capacity


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This Nautilus elliptical is one of the most amazing machines for home use for heavy people weights up to 350lb and suitable for the tallest person up to 6.5” due to its wider stride length of 22” makes this gym equipment suitable for 5.4” to 6.5” or even above.

The device is made for the high-calorie burning sessions as it comes with 25 levels of resistance to give you all the feel of a gym workout, also it has developed 29 different workout programs that help in making your cardio session more effective, flywheel weight is 15lb which is decent for home workout.

This elliptical has motorized incline function that helps in targeting different body muscle groups of the lower body at the same time keeps your heart health good as it pumps your heart during sessions, and as it has a motorized system it is easy to manage,

Key Features:

  • Best elliptical machine 350 lb weight limit.
  • Strong built padded moving handlebars.
  • Suitable for taller users up to 6.5”
  • Stride length is 22” and flywheel weight is 15lb.
  • The resistance level is up to 25.
  • Motorized incline 0 to 10 degrees.
  • 29 pre-set programs for heart, interval, and weight loss.
  • LCD display tracks exercise sessions.
  • Tablet and bottle holder, Bluetooth connectivity.


  • Flywheel weight is 15lb.


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3. ProForm Hybrid Trainer Machine


Best elliptical 350 lb weight capacity


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Proform is known for making unique and different fitness equipment for home, and this sleek design trainer machine does offer the same as it has a feature of recumbent and elliptical trainer both in one thus it is great cardio equipment for elders or person who has joint issues.

As if you want to target only the lower body you can use it while giving comfort for the back and joints, and at the same time can be used as an elliptical when you are looking to target the full body thanks to inbuilt moving handles.

It has magnetic resistance system up to 16 levels that offer you good cardio and aerobic workout so it is useful for heavy user wants to lose weight, the pedals are adjustable as per need and it has 15” stride length thus it is not suitable for taller users, overall good cardio elliptical 350 lb weight capacity.

Key Features:

  • 2 in 1 elliptical and recumbent machine.
  • Magnetic resistance system.
  • Intensity is adjustable up to 16 levels.
  • Stride length is 15”
  • Adjustable pedals with good quality flywheel.
  • Maximum weight capacity up to 350 pounds.
  • EKG grip Pulse, wheels for ease of transportation.
  • Best elliptical for the elderly.
  • LCD display for tracking workout details.
  • Inbuilt dual speakers, Sleek design saves space.


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4. XTERRA Fitness Elliptical trainer machine



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The XTERRA Fitness elliptical stands at 4th position on our list of best elliptical 350 lb weight capacity the build quality of the product is very durable and the design looks very trendy comes with good 2Q factor pedals that ensure the perfect gap between stride during exercise.

This elliptical trainer is an excellent product to use even at the gym due to its functions such as 20” stride length suitable for taller users, 25lb weight flywheel ensures durability, and very quiet smooth workout sessions which are good for you and home members.

If you are looking for high burning calorie workout then you can use the incline option that allows you to adjust the incline up to 20 levels, the machine has a belt drive system that is known for very user-friendly smooth exercise and it has 20 levels of magnetic resistance adjustability for increasing intensity of your workout.

The elliptical cross trainer offers multiple workout programs to give your workout some versatility as it built-in with manual programs including 7 auto programs with 2 customized & 2 heart programs, inbuilt fans keep your machine cool even after long use.

Key Features:

  • Elliptical 400 lb weight capacity.
  • Stride length is 20” Suitable for tall and heavy users.
  • The excellent quality flywheel weighs 25lbs.
  • 20 level magnetic resistance.
  • Belt drive system for a smooth ride.
  • Large 7.5″ bright blue backlit LCD.
  • 20 levels of incline for intensity workout.
  • 7 auto programs with 2 customized & 2 heart programs.
  • Inbuilt fans keep the machine cool, 2-degree inward pedal 
  • Heart rate chest straps audio jack and speakers.
  • Lifetime warranty on frame & brake.
  • 7 years warranty on parts, & 1 year for Labour.


  • Expensive product.


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Buying tips for elliptical with 350 lb weight capacity


Build quality:

The heavy-duty elliptical is a must for stability, durability, and for having a good workout experience each time thus material quality cannot be overlooked while selecting the best at-home elliptical trainers many do not think about material quality.

Best elliptical trainers brands such as Schwinn, XTERRA, SOLE, ProForm makes some of the top quality product that you can trust on, the material used for making the frame, pedals, flywheel mostly steel, iron or metal considers to be good for long use.

Handlebars of the best home elliptical trainer should equip with a good quality foam material that helps in proper gripping during workout which is important for safety and good exercise sessions.


Weight capacity:

The best at-home elliptical trainer available in various weight holding capacities from 200lb to over 500lb capacity as well, as best elliptical for a heavy person made with heavy-duty material and it will have features for what we get in commercial ellipticals, therefore, it is quite expensive.

So, buying a heavy-duty elliptical trainer you must consider if your weight is heavy, and always keep a 15 to kgs gap between your weight and ellipticals weight capacity.



Without resistance any cardio fitness equipment is of no use as calorie burn is depending on the intensity of the workout and not only efficiency is also important for a smooth workout, a magnetic resistance system is quite popular and the good thing is you will get mostly in the Best elliptical 350 lb weight capacity.

The resistance system in cheap elliptical trainers you will get between 8 to 12 levels, but in elliptical trainers for heavy users, you can get anything between 16 to 25 levels.


Stride length:

Selection on stride length is very important in high weight capacity elliptical, though almost all the products will have stride length between 20” to 22”, which can prove quite brilliant for any height users.

As 20” stride length is suitable for users from 5.4” to 6.5” person, and the good thing is Best elliptical 350 lb weight capacity available in 22” which is very good for the entire family if your height is below 5.4” you should go with a stride length between 15” to 18”



After resistance, if any element that plays the role in burning massive calories in your workout on ellipticals are an incline option, though as a beginner you may not use this function more often later you will require this function to use, in Best elliptical 350 lb weight capacity you will get adjustability between 1 to 20 levels you can select as per your convenience.



Flywheel is another important element in ellipticals as the weight of the flywheel ensures a good pedaling experience, higher the flywheel is better for your peddling, in budget elliptical trainers you will get flywheel weight below 15lb.

In the best elliptical 350 lb weight capacity, you will get a flywheel between 15 to 30lb, though 15lb can give you decent workout experience at home, but anything up to 20lb or above 20lb can give an excellent gym like feel at home and ensures durability.



Heavy-duty elliptical weight capacity 350 lb are made for heavy users it’s quite evident that they must be a little heavy in weight, but not to worry as brands ensures to make the machine with wheels so you can move it properly at home, just ensure to read this detail while selecting high weight capacity elliptical.


Budget and price:

Elliptical for overweight users comes in different budgets but it’s worth each penny you spent on it first it is best for the whole family and its investment for long years as durability in these ellipticals lasts more than 15 years of course lot depend on how you maintain it.

The elliptical machines available from 1000 to above 3000 dollars spending depends on your budget.



Every brand does give a warranty on ellipticals but the warranty period may vary from product to product, some brands may give you a 1-year warranty on the entire product, and some may offer up to 3 years warranty.

On the frame, brands may give 1 year to lifetime warranty and on parts, it will be anything between 1 to 3 years.



Frequently asked questions:


What is the best elliptical for a heavy person?

This is depending on your weight though above we have listed some of the best elliptical 350 lb weight capacity that is bestselling with a lot of positive feedbacks among them our pick is the SOLE E95 Elliptical Trainer machine as it has a weight capacity of up to 400lb with excellent flywheel weight and stride length offers great cardio and aerobic workout sessions.


Is elliptical good for overweight people?

Though treadmill for heavy users also ensures a safe ride for joints, ellipticals also not far behind as it also ensures low impact workout which is safe for a heavy and overweight person as joint issues are quite common in overweight’s, therefore elliptical is considered to be an excellent source for a full-body workout.


Are ellipticals heavy?

 As I discussed heavy-duty elliptical for overweight users is heavy as it is meant for heavy people the elliptical weight can be between 100 to 200 pounds, but to ensure portability ellipticals will have inbuilt wheels that makes it easier in moving the machine.


Can you lose weight using an elliptical?

The elliptical machine offers great upper body and lower body workout as it has pedals and moving arms so it actually helps in a full-body workout which burns massive calories and fats from the complete body thus it is considered to be best for losing weight.

It does not mean that exercise bikes or treadmills cannot effective for weight loss they are too quite efficient enough for losing weight, but exercise bikes are not quite suitable for overweight’s and the treadmill is as good as ellipticals.


Is it OK to do elliptical every day?

Any kind of workout be it cardio or weight training you must have a minimum of 1-2 day’s rest between the workout days, for better results, you can elliptical 5 to 6 days a week with 15 to 30 minutes sessions for better results.

Though ideal timing and I really like to keep 15-20 minutes workout per session on elliptical, also make sure to keep a good healthy diet for better and fast results.


How long do ellipticals last?

This is a lot depending on many factors such as how you use it and how you maintain it, If you take care of the machine properly by giving regular maintenance then the elliptical can last for many years from anything between 15 to 20 years.





In this article, we have discussed the Best elliptical 350 lb weight capacity with buying tips and frequently asked questions, our final thoughts on ellipticals it is definitely worth exercising for full-body, especially for an overweight person.

While selecting a machine do not compromise with features such as a flywheel, stride length, and resistance of the product, hope this article helps you to know about elliptical with 350 lb weight capacity, If you have any query post your comments our team will be happy to guide you and if you have chosen elliptical the share your views.



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