Best Different types of treadmills in 2023


If you are looking for the best treadmill for exercise but are not sure about different types of treadmills, then this article is going to explain to you about each type of cardio equipment in detail as getting the right treadmill according to your need is very essential.

As it is a one-time investment for a long time, according to your need here I meant is a type of exercise you want to perform, your body weight, and also needs to consider where you going to install them in the gym or at home.

Home workout is a new trend and understanding the treadmill is very important if you are going to get one for you at home, so let us start discussing different types of treadmills.

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About: Different types of treadmills


Manual Treadmill:


This is also known as a “Non-Motorized Treadmill” or “Non-electric treadmill”

It is designed for those who are looking for a treadmill that is not working with a help of a motor, the belt of the treadmill is not attached to any motor so all the pressure and movement is depending on you, so the faster you walk belt will move accordingly.

Now that I have discussed the functionality of manual treadmill, now let us discuss some other facts, these treadmills are most suitable for walking and jogging for running I won’t recommend them, since you cannot set up speed it requires strength so it is actually in a way good for improving endurance level.

The adjustable incline is depending on the product some may have an inclination or some may not, if you are looking for a non-motorized treadmill, you must consider taking the product that has an adjustable incline that helps to enhance your workout sessions.

You can challenge yourself but the inclination you have to do it manually, these types of manual treadmills are used by athletes, professionals, and advanced levels but if you are a beginner and considering workout on a manual treadmill make sure to start with walking as studies suggest that it makes you tired quickly and it is little tough on joints.

So, this is not suitable for those who have joints issues or have any past injuries, senior citizens should avoid using a non-electric treadmill, quality-wise it might not be as good as some of the other treadmills it is made with decent quality but can expect higher quality due to price range.

This type of equipment does not require regular maintenance and also it does not create much noise while performing a workout so no irritation for you or others, the design of the treadmill will be foldable and if not, foldable it will be sleek so will not occupy much space.


  • Good for walking and jogging.
  • Strengthen your legs and things.
  • No noise requires less maintenance.
  • Affordable in price.
  • Burn calories depending on the intensity of exercise.
  • Acquires less space.
  • LCD display tracks your workout.


  • Not ideal for knee and joint issues.
  • Not suitable for senior citizens.
  • Low-quality material.
  • The running surface will not be wider.
  • Weight capacity maximum up to 120kgs.

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Motorized treadmill:


The motorized treadmill is also called an “Electronic Treadmill” or “Electric Treadmill”

The difference between a manual and motorized treadmill is quite evident in its name, this treadmill depends on electric supply as it is built with a motor that helps the belt to move, you have to do certain settings such as speed and time.

Then you can press the start button and the treadmill will start moving accordingly you have to move, it also burns massive calories as you expect from your cardio sessions and it will not put hard pressure on your knee and joints.

Due to inbuilt motors, it is quite heavier in weight than manual treadmills so it will make efforts to move from one place to another, and it may create noise while running, you can use this cardio equipment for walking, jogging, and running as well, depending on its Horsepower.

The adjustable incline will be there and you do not have to do a manual setting you just have to press the incline setting and it will automatically incline for you so you do not have to stop your exercise as most of the buttons will be at front of you.

The running surface will be wider than manual treadmills so a taller person can also use the machine but depending on the size of the running deck, the weight capacity of this type of treadmill will be anything between 90kgs to 135kgs you can select as per your requirement.

The speed settings will be suitable for beginner to advance level users you can get adjustable speeds between 1 to 14 miles per hour, the LCD facility will have better functionality in a motorized treadmill and to make your exercise fun it will have inbuilt speakers and Bluetooth ports depending on the product to product.


  • Does not require much space.
  • Great for all the exercises walking, jogging and running.
  • Weight capacity 90kgs to 140kgs.
  • Easy to set up speed.
  • It Burns massive calories.
  • Incline adjustable level helps to challenge workout.
  • A lot easier on your joints and knees.
  • Wider running surface.
  • Better functionality and features in LCD display.


  •  Little pricey than a manual & foldable treadmill.
  • May create little noise and requires maintenance.
  • Heavier in weight.

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Foldable Treadmill:


This treadmill is highly usable for home as it is specially designed for home, this requires less space as after a workout you can fold them and keep it in a safe place, it is quite similar to the manual treadmill but some of the treadmills are made with the motor as well so user can use at home.

There are multiple best treadmill brands in the USA that make the best foldable treadmill which is also known as the Folding treadmill”  

As I discussed it is made for home, so the installation will be very easier as most of the brands make the device 80% to 90% parts pre-assembled so it saves your time and some of the brands do have a video that helps you to install easily.

These treadmills can be used for walking, running, and jogging but if you go for a foldable manual treadmill then it may not be suitable for running it is better to go with inbuilt motors if you are looking for a treadmill with running options.

The running surface will be fairly long and it will have a digital display that tracks your workout sessions such as time, distance, burned calories, and pulse rate sensors.


  • Requires less space.
  • Easy to install.
  • Weight capacity 90kgs to 135kgs.
  • Wider running deck.
  • LCD display tracks exercise.
  • A good option for home use.
  • You can walk, run and jog.
  • Mid-budget, cheaper treadmills are also available.
  • Good quality sturdy material ensures durability.
  • Helps in burning a good number of calories.
  • Put less pressure on joints and knees.


  • Expensive manual treadmill.
  • Not suitable for a long stride.

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Semi Commercial Treadmill & Commercial Treadmills:


Different types of treadmills


These are quite similar to a motorized treadmill, but I have mentioned this separately, semi-commercial treadmill is for those who are looking for a treadmill at home but heavier in weight as these are quite similar to commercial treadmills features and functions will be more than above listed different types of treadmills.

It will have maximum facility for inclination adjustability and weight capacity will be from above 130kgs to above 200kgs as well, the weight of the product is higher than some of the other treadmills making these the best treadmill for heavy users.

You will get maximum speed adjustability between 1 to 16 miles per hour depending on product to product, which will make your overall cardio sessions challenging,

As I discussed above it will work on motors so it may create noise and it is heavier in weight and size so it will require one dedicated space.

Commercial Treadmills are quite similar to semi-commercial but these types of treadmills find in gyms and fitness studios, both treadmills are more expensive than above listed different types of treadmills.

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So here it is we have discussed different types of treadmills, selecting treadmill depending on you and budget as well, but if you are a heavy user go for semi-commercial treadmills, and if you are not then motorized treadmills are a good option to go with as there are foldable motorized treadmills also available.

If you are looking for a more challenging workout you can go with Manual treadmills but they have a lot of limitations and puts pressure on your joints, so for safety motorized treadmills are the best options.

I hope this article about types of treadmills helps you to understand and know about the treadmills but if you have any questions please post your comments we will be happy to guide you and also share the post if you found it helpful.

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