Top 5 Best Treadmill under 1500 dollars USA (July 2023)

The treadmill is one of the most effective cardio equipment that every beginner to advanced level exerciser likes to have in their workout program.

It’s the best way to provide your body with much-needed exercise in your daily routine, as having a treadmill at home means there is no chance of missing out on your schedule due to any circumstances or weather.

We understand that getting a treadmill is tough for users who do not know the technical aspects of the treadmill, therefore in this article after long hours of research we have listed the best treadmill under 1500 dollars which is suitable for walking to running.

For instance, we are going to discuss buying tips for the best treadmill under 1500, yet before that let us review some of the top-rated machines, if you have no time to read the full post then below are the best treadmills for you, for your workout needs.

Note: Some of the treadmills may vary in price a little but are worth each penny you spend on them.

Best Treadmill under 1500 in USA 2023

I suggest you read the full post as I am going to discuss different types of treadmills and review each treadmill, yet if you have no time to read the full post then below are some of the top 5 best treadmills for workouts.

Value for Money 

Nautilus T618 Treadmill 

Motor capacity 3.75chp and 2.75” rollers.
20” x 60” belt length.
Speed adjustable up to 12Mph.
Auto incline 15% 
Weight Capacity is 350 pounds.
3 ply and 2.5mm thick ply.

Top Rated 

OMA 6134EAI treadmill 

Belt length 22" x 60"
Auto incline 15%
Speed adjustable up to 12.4mph.
Motor capacity 3.5hp.
weight capacity 350-pound 
Belt quality is 6 ply.
Different 43 programs.

Best Choice 

XTERRA Fitness TR150 Treadmill

Motor Capacity 3.0Hp.
Weight capacity is 350 pounds.
Speed adjustable up to 12mph.
Incline option up to 12 levels.
Surface area 20 x 60"
30 different auto programs.

Best for Apartment 

Horizon Fitness Treadmill

Surface area 20 x 60" 
Weight capacity is 325lbs.
Auto incline up to 15%
Motor capacity 3.0 Chp.
Speed adjustable up 12Mph.

Best in Budget for home use

ProForm Carbon T10 Treadmill

Motor capacity is 2.0 Horsepower.
Weight capacity is 300 pounds.
Speed adjustable up to 10Mph.
Incline position up to 12%
Running area 20 x 55" 

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Types of treadmills:


Manual treadmill

The first is the manual Treadmill these machines are great for high quality and intensity workouts as you have to manually put your efforts to get going, this is good for athletes or marathon runners to increase their stamina.

Yet I do not prefer this type of Treadmill as it puts a lot of stress on your knees which does not give you a safe ride and low impact workout.


Motorized treadmill

This is also known as an electric Treadmill because it runs on electricity so you need a connection to work out, there are foldable Treadmills available in motorized machines from budget to cheap therefore it’s quite popular.

As you get a safe ride on the machine low impact workout, the motor runs the deck and the full control is at your fingertips you can adjust the speed also you can set time and the different kinds of tracking systems you get that put a lot of positive impact on your workout sessions.


Under desk treadmill

This is best for users who have very less space as after workouts you can store them under your bed.

These are similar to a motorized treadmill so it does not put stress on the knees giving you a low-impact and hassle-free workout session.

However desk treadmills mostly do not give you a powerful intensity workout experience, as most of them are good for walkers to joggers depending on their features, there are very few options in this type of treadmill that are suitable for runners.


Commercial Treadmill

This type of Treadmill you found in big gyms, is again similar to an electric treadmill but it is equipped with a spacious belt area and excellent horsepower, and these treadmills come with a strong weight-holding capacity.

With a commercial treadmill, you can do high-intensity running which is excellent for marathon running athletes however these are very expensive and the good thing is best treadmill under 1500 is decent spending to get good cardio equipment.

If you are looking for a heavy-weight capacity treadmill then you can read our article on the best heavy-duty treadmill with 400 lb capacity or treadmill with 500 lb capacity.


1. Nautilus T618 Treadmill


Treadmill 350 lb Weight Capacity


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The Nautilus T618 Treadmill is one of the most popular and powerful cardio machines on our list it has been designed with a lot of conviction by the brand as you get a machine that is capable of walking to sprinting in the comfort of your home.

This treadmill lets you set your goals and track your progress with high standards large displays you can read all your data easily.

With 26 unique yet different workout programs on this treadmill, you can enjoy your workout without getting bored and it helps you to challenge your body to achieve new fitness goals.

Additionally, this best treadmill under 1500 even tracks your endurance capacity which adds value to your daily workout program.

Overall nautilus T618 Treadmill keeps your comfort and convenience intact with its amazing invented rebound deck cushioning system which minimizes the impact on your knees to enjoy your workout, especially while doing the intensifying workout.

The intensity of the exercise and incline is quite user-friendly as all the switches control integrated near your hands, the speed is adjustable up to 12mph and the auto incline is 15% which is good for walking to running.

The maximum motor capacity is 3.75chp and 2.75” rollers making it a great choice in the budget for long strides runners as the 20” x 60” belt length keeps you comfortable while working out.

Additionally, I have to say that highlight of this machine is its belt quality made with 3 ply and 2.5mm thick which keeps your Treadmill durable, the treadmill comes with 350 pounds weight capacity.

You can listen to your favorite music and videos throughout your workout session as USB connectivity helps you keep your battery life full, the nautilus Treadmill comes with a warranty of 15 years on frame and motors with 2 years on labor.

Key Features:

  • Motor capacity 3.75chp and 2.75” rollers.
  • 20” x 60” belt length.
  • Speed adjustable up to 12Mph.
  • rebound deck cushioning
  • Auto incline 15% 
  • Weight Capacity is 350 pounds.
  • 26 types of different programs.
  • 3 ply and 2.5mm thick ply.


  • None.


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2. OMA 6134EAI treadmill 



Best treadmill under 1500


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OMA treadmill built-in with premium build belt area that gives you a gym-like long-lasting exercise experience in the comfort of you’re home.

The sprinting workout will be as comfortable as ever before with easy-to-use control buttons, you can take your cardio sessions to an extreme level with speed adjustability of up to 12.4mph.

Additionally, you can increase the intensity of your workout easily up to 15% auto incline option without slowing down your exercise, moreover, the belt is infused with 6 ply ensuring comfort with a shock absorption deck.

This treadmill is integrated with various 43 pre-assemble programs that are an outstanding option to have on your running deck, it has the arrangement to track your heart rate and pulse including speed, distance, calories, and time.

There are in-built Bluetooth speakers to keep you stay connected with your device and the display size is 23″ large keeping you in the loop of your progress during the workout.

The 3.5hp motor capacity lets you boost your exercise session to train your body and the 22″ x 60″ surface area keeps you comfortable while running with full intensity.

Also, this best treadmill for home use has an impressive 350-pound weight capacity and product weight is around 230lbs yet very easy to move around thanks to 2 wheels and double hydraulic cylinders helping you in quick folding after a workout.

Key features 

  • Excellent build quality.
  • Easy to fold and unfold.
  • Belt length 22″ x 60″
  • Auto incline 15%
  • Speed adjustable up to 12.4mph.
  • Motor capacity 3.5hp.
  • weight capacity 350-pound 
  • Belt quality is excellent 6 ply.
  • Different 43 programs.


  • None but create little noise sometimes.


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3. XTERRA Fitness TR150 Treadmill


best treadmill under 1500


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If you want to upgrade your workout program in low-budget cardio equipment then this is the best treadmill under 1500 for your daily routine, this treadmill comes with an interactive 6.5″ large display that monitors your entire body workout to make you aware of your entire progress which enhances your performance.

The inbuilt motor is of top quality material with a good cushioning surface you can enjoy your exercise without much noise in your apartment, this is great for your home members as it does not disturb others.

The XTERRA treadmill lets you start your cardio instantly just press the buttons and start the session, with 12 levels of incline position you can increase your challenge to burn more calories.

This treadmill comes with 3.0 horsepower which nice option for walking to running also 20 x 60″ belt gives enough space for peaceful yet effective cardio, to make your session interesting it has built-in 30 auto programs and the weight capacity is up to 350 pounds which is excellent on a low budget.

There are multiple comfortable options in this treadmill such as holders, handles for a safe ride, Bluetooth connectivity with space to watch videos that keep you entertained while working out, weight capacity of the treadmill is a maximum of 350 pounds.

Additionally, the foldable Treadmill comes with wheels for easy transportation and the speed of exercise is adjustable up to 12mph making it best for sprinting and running.

Also brand had ensured extra safety facilities in case of emergency you can use the clip to stop your workout immediately.

Overall the making is good made with alloy steel material and it has a lifetime warranty on frame and motors whereas 2 years on deck and treadmills part with 1 year on labor.

Key Features:

  • Motor Capacity 3.0Hp.
  • Weight capacity is 350 pounds.
  • Speed adjustable up to 12mph.
  • Incline option up to 12 levels.
  • Surface area 20 x 60″
  • 30 different auto programs.
  • Lifetime warranty on frame and motor.
  • Inbuilt wheels for easy transportation.


  • Little bulky machine.


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4. Horizon Fitness Treadmill


best treadmill under 1500


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The horizon fitness Treadmill brings a powerful and interactive workout for you with lots of exciting features, this is another great Treadmill for apartments.

There is an ultra-fast Bluetooth connection that allows you to have fun while sprinting you can enjoy videos and motivating music additionally you can even watch videos on how to make your workout versatile.

Everything is at your fingertips you can adjust the incline up to 15% to enhance the intensity and intensity of the speed you can set between 0.5mph to 12mph.

It is integrated with a unique quick sync motor and a drive system that instantly starts your workout without much delay, also the motor horsepower of 3.0 CHP allows you to do walking to running cardio for faster weight loss

The deck cushioning is nicely designed and built to keep your workout low impact and not stress your knees and a 20″ x 60″ running belt is ideal for long stride users, also it has a maximum weight capacity of 325lbs good for weight around 300lbs person.

There are USB charging ports that never let you down your battery to continue the entertaining session and this foldable Treadmill comes with a 7″ long LCD display that tracks your workout and progress.

The horizon fitness treadmill provides a lifetime warranty on the motor and frame with 3 years on parts and 1 year on labor which is an excellent facility given by the brand.

Key Features:

  • Excellent belt quality for low-impact workouts.
  • Surface area 20 x 60″ 
  • Weight capacity is 325 lbs.
  • Auto incline up to 15%
  • Motor capacity 3.0 Chp.
  • Speed adjustable up 12Mph.
  • Quite motor good for home use.


  • No details about auto program facilities.


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5. ProForm Carbon T10 Treadmill



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The proforma Carbon T10 treadmill brings a powerful yet interactive workout in the comfort of your apartment with its largest touchscreen 10” display you can read all the details while working out to track your exercise performance.

With its easy folding system, you can fold the machine after a workout to save space at your home, inbuilt fans do not let you feel tired the good cooling system overall takes care of your comfort and the handrails provide safety during intense running.

The motor capacity is up to 2 Horsepower decent for walking to jogging on regular basis also for heavy running you can use it casually, with a wide high-quality belt size of 20 x 55” makes it comfortable for users up to 6 feet to run makes it best treadmill under $1500.

This treadmill belt developed with unique iso flex deck cushioning ensures not to put stress on your joints and also makes sure durability, this is the best folding treadmill 300 lb capacity and comes with auto adjustable speed up to 10mph and incline position 12% overall great for your day-to-day exercise.

The build quality is sturdy and compact, the material overall used for making this treadmill is carbon steel, you get a warranty on the frame for 10 years with 1 year on labor and parts.

Key Features:

  • The motor capacity is 2.0 Horsepower.
  • Weight capacity is 300 pounds.
  • Speed adjustable up to 10Mph.
  • Incline position up to 12%
  • Running area 20 x 55″ 
  • Large touchscreen display.


  • Not for above 6.2″ height users.
  • Motor capacity 2HP is decent for running.


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Buying guide for the best treadmill under 1500$


To achieve desired fitness and endurance level you need a good cardio machine that is durable yet not compromising on High-end features as the specification of the treadmill decides how effective your workout will be on the machine.

Now if you want to get commercial treadmills then you have to spend 3000 to 4000 dollars something which not everyone can spend therefore we have created this comprehensive list of best treadmills under 1500.

As with the latest trends and demand for treadmills at home, brands started making good running treadmill machines for those who do not have a budget to spend now without much delay let us start buying guides for treadmills under 1500.


First of all, you need to decide before start searching for the best treadmill under 1500, what is your purpose, and what you are going to do with the cardio device.

Well, I know you want to exercise yet few people look only to walking on Treadmill, while few others want to do intense workouts such as jogging to running.

If you only want to do walking then you can even do it with a treadmill under 500 easily but it should have a good weight holding capacity.

Whereas for running you need to get a treadmill that has a solid motor capacity, speed range, belt area according to your height, and of course weight capacity is essential.

Now you must have decided on your purpose so let us find out things to consider while choosing the best treadmill under 1500.


Motor capacity 

The motor capacity is always first priority for the treadmill as your workout performance depends on the horsepower of the motor.

For instance, if you are looking for a walking pad or desk treadmill then you can consider a 1.5hp motor but I highly suggest at least 2hp.

If you want to walk and jog on the machine then 2.5hp is needed however you also have to note that if you want to do a regular workout on the Treadmill deck and your weight is above 100 to 120kgs then you should always pick 2.5 horsepower even if you only want walking pad.

Well, another thing is for running 2.5 motor capacity is a minimum option I recommend you to go with 3hp power which will be safer for your weight loss goals.


Motor quality

Though brands do provide a long warranty on the motor in fact some of the brands provide a lifetime warranty yet you need a good quality motor as it ensures less noise.

However, in the best treadmill under 1500, you will get good quality of motor but if you choose lower budget than 900 dollars then I suggest you read detail about motor quality and buy the best treadmill from reputed brands.

Now copper is the best material for treadmills motor as it keeps your machine less noisy, does not require much maintenance which eventually saves your money, and is durable as well, most of the brands use the copper in the cardio equipment.


Belt area and quality

The surface area determines the ease and comfort of your exercise session, there are multiple sizes of the surfaces you will get in Treadmill but choosing the right one largely depends on your stride length or let’s say the height of the user.

Since you are looking for the best treadmill under 1500 you should look for a longer belt area as there are good machines available with a long length such as 20 by 60″

However in lower budget machines, you will see shorter space, also if you want to understand in detail read below on how to choose a belt area according to your height.

Note: Below is suggestions for walking to running as most of the users like to do every kind of workout in order to achieve fitness goals.

  • For users around 5.5 ft height for running 16″ x 46″ belt length is ideal, for 5.6 ft up to 5.8 ft users 18″ X 48″ belt area is enough for walking to running.
  • From 5.9 ft to 6.1 ft ideal belt length for running is 20 x 50 inches and for 6.2 ft user must have a surface area of 22 x 52″ 

The belt’s thickness is very very crucial for longevity there are a few cheap Treadmills that come with a 1ply belt.

Which is not at all a good choice even for your knees, always go for a maximum layer support Treadmill as it gives smooth workout sessions, and in a budget treadmill under 1500  you deserve a thicker surface for your runway.


Weight capacity 

The holding capacity is crucial while choosing the best treadmill under 1500, you should consider your current weight and if others at your home going to use then you should also check the weight of your family members.

Always keep a 15-20kgs buffer between your current weight and the treadmill’s weight capacity, if your weight is 250 pounds then you will be fine with a treadmill with a weight capacity of 270 to 280 pounds.


Speed adjustability

For fitness runners or athletes, you need at least 10mph to 12mph anything above this is great for your training.

For walking, you can choose a treadmill with 6mph to 8mph as you do not need a very powerful running deck.

Nowadays desk treadmill is in high demand but most of them are suitable for walking as it does not come with high motor capacity and speed adjustability, in this case, foldable Treadmills are a better option for those who want to train their body with full intensity.


Incline facility 

The incline helps you to challenge your body and also burns a few extra calories, the brands provide between 10% to 15% incline facility in treadmills.

In the best treadmill under 1500, you should get an auto incline option instead of the manual because the manual option breaks your rhythm.

Auto incline does not let you stop your exercise as you just have to press a button and it automatically goes into the incline position.



The treadmills are heavy duty so weight is on the higher side which is understandably so, but for home use, there are high chances you have to move around so, in this case, choosing a Treadmill with wheels helps to move your Treadmill easily.


Different auto programs and tracking 

This helps you not to get bored with a similar workout as the auto programs give a bit of versatility in your workout program.

Also for treadmills under 1500, you need to have a tracking system such as heart rate, speed, time spent, and burn calories per session this is a must to track your progress to keep a better plan.



Frequently asked questions 


What is the best treadmill under 1500?

There are plenty of options for the best treadmill under 1500 dollars, choosing one is depending on your preference for detailing I suggest you read our above buying guide on Treadmills as we have covered everything in detail.

However try to choose cardio equipment in this budget with 3.0 horsepower, a 10-12mph speed range, and a 60-inch belt. if you want comfort in your workout sessions in more detail we have listed some of the best Treadmills under 1500 above with a depth review.


Which type of Treadmill is best? 

The motorized treadmill is a good option as it gives you low impact workout and puts less pressure on your knees ensuring safe exercise, therefore, motorized machines are better than manual treadmills.


Is a Treadmill or bike better?

It depends on your preference but Treadmill overall gives you a good cardio workout, bikes train your lower body and also burn calories, but a treadmill overall is a good option as it burns calories certainly more than a bike.


How long do treadmills last?

This largely depends on your use as well and how you maintain your machine is also a big factor, if you keep it as per the brand’s suggestion your treadmill can last up to 10 to 15 years easily.


Final words on Treadmill under 1500

Hope our this detailed article help you to choose the best treadmill under 1500 if you have any query post your question in a comment we will be happy to guide you.

While conclusion in this budget you will get a treadmill that is capable of walking to running exercise yet reading full detail is essential in order to choose the perfect machine for your exercise needs.

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