Best treadmill for marathon training USA (July 2023)- Buying Guide

Marathon runners need a lot of preparation before the big day arrives, training is a daunting task and you can not skip your routine of running as each and every day you have to challenge your body to achieve body stamina.

However, many runners do prefer outdoor running which is not a bad idea yet many studies also suggest that training on a treadmill for the marathon also helps you to prepare in good shape.

Besides the indoor training never going to create any hindrance to your daily workout sessions as outdoor training a lot depending on condition and climate, additionally, the home workout is considered a more safe option, in this post, we have listed the best treadmill for marathon training in 2023.

However, before moving forward with the best home treadmill for marathon training if you are limited with time then below is a quick list of the top best treadmill runners.

The best treadmill for marathon training 2023

Value for Money 

NordicTrack 2950 Treadmill

Weight holding 300 lb capacity.
Motor capacity 4HP 
Belt size 22” x 60”
Speed adjustable up to 12mph.
Auto incline up to 15%
Warranty 10 years on frame and 2 years on parts.

Top Rated 

Sole Fitness F80 Treadmill

Motor capacity 3.5CHP.
Maximum Weight capacity 170kgs.
2 Ply belts and a 22” x 60” size belt area.
Speed adjustable up to 12mph.
Incline up to 15%
Warranty lifetime of the frame, motor, and deck.

Best Choice 

Nautilus T618 Treadmill

Motor capacity 3CHP treadmill.
Belt size 20” x 60”
Speed adjustable up to 12MPH.
Weight capacity 300 pounds.
Good deck with 2ply and 2mm thick.
Warranty 10 years on frame and motor.

2nd Best Choice 

Horizon Fitness Treadmill

Motor Capacity 3.5HP.
Speed adjustability 0.5 to 12mph.
Max weight 350-pound capacity.
Belt running area 22 x 60”
Incline position 15%
Bluetooth heart rate monitoring system.

2nd Value for Money 

SOLE TT8 commercial treadmill

Motor Capacity 4CHP.
Treadmill with 400 lb weight capacity.
The belt size is 22 x 60”
Incline 15 levels and Decline 6 levels.
Speed adjustable up to 12mph.

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1. NordicTrack Commercial 2950 Treadmill


Best treadmill for marathon training


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The NordicTrack treadmill is hands down one of the best treadmills for long-distance running with a good design and a long deck area that makes you comfortable while doing high-intensity cardio sessions.

It is featured with great incline adjustability to enhance your workout performance to train your body with full enthusiasm, the incline position is adjustable between -3 to 15% and auto incline does not bring any disturbance as you can adjust while using it.

The NordicTrack cardio machine does not occupy much space after finishing your workout as it is having an easy folding system you can store at home, the exciting part is as per the brand they offer you ifit membership for free up to 30 days, it helps the user to use the treadmill in a more effective way.

The highlighted feature of this machine is, that it is infused with 4Hp strong motor capacity support that is going to give you a high level of body training you can walk, jog and run on this deck smoothly.

The surface area is designed for tall users above 6.2 feet as it has a wide 22” x 60” belt area that gives enough space to enjoy your daily workout, however, the deck is thick and it is designed with a flex cushioning system that goes easy on your knees during heavy running.

To enhance your fitness level, you get maximum intensity adjustability up to 12mph and the weight holding capacity of the treadmill is 300 pounds so a few heavy users can also utilize this at-home workout.

Overall it’s definitely worth a marathon training treadmill designed with the largest 22” touch screen to let you enjoy the videos and handrails are included for safety purposes.

Key features:

  • Foldable design.
  • Treadmill 300 lb capacity.
  • 4HP treadmill motor capacity.
  • Large touch screen 22”
  • Belt size 22” x 60”
  • Good treadmill for runners.
  • Speed adjustable up to 12mph.
  • Auto incline up to 15%
  • Warranty 10 years on frame and 2 years on parts.


  • Expensive treadmill.


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2. Sole Fitness F80 Treadmill



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This treadmill from Sole fitness is next on our list of best treadmills for marathon runners, the brand is top of the ladder when it comes to fitness equipment, they make very compact machines with no compromise on features.

This one is furnished with 6 unique programs to make your treadmill workout interesting to keep you away from one routine cardio that also improves the efficiency of your daily routine.

The build quality is pretty strong made with heavy material to keep durability intact for the longest use, also the belt has 2 ply support which makes it a super comfortable option for marathon trainers besides the Cushion Flex system assures you low impact workout.

The Sole Fitness F80 comes with high horsepower support 3.5 continuous horsepower is recommended for running and the intensity of the exercise you can adjust between 0.5 to 12mph is optimal for running.

Additionally, it is featured with 15% incline support and the sole fitness F80 quite smoothly withstands the maximum weight capacity up to 170kgs that making this an ideal treadmill for a 150kgs user weight person.

The running surface area is suitable for any kind of user, you get a 60” x 22” long deck, also this is another folding treadmill for marathon training do not give many headaches of storage at your home.

This running treadmill has a large 7.5 LCD display to track your entire session also the handles are built-in with a heart rate monitoring system that let your track your complete progress so you can prepare yourself before the big day.

For making your workout session enjoyable it has an MP3 sound system and the weight of the equipment is 265 pounds which seems heavy yet it’s acceptable looking at the build and it provides tons of stability.

Key Features:

  • Motor capacity 3.5CHP.
  • Maximum Weight capacity 170kgs.
  • 2 Ply belts and a 22” x 60” size belt area.
  • Speed adjustable up to 12mph.
  • Heart rate Monitoring.
  • Foldable design, Incline option up to 15%
  • Suitable for tall users and heavy people.
  • Warranty lifetime of the frame, motor, and deck.


  • Pricey treadmill.
  • Little heavy yet it’s acceptable due to the heavy build.


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3. Nautilus T618 Treadmill


best treadmill for marathon training


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The Nautilus T616 is the 3rd option for marathon trainer on this list that is coming with good motor capacity and multiple pre-set programs that makes this device quite an interesting treadmill for running.

This treadmill’s 300 lb capacity can easily withstand the maximum user weight of up to 115kgs, which is a decent option for a heavy person to work out in the comfort of your home and the overall weight of the machine is 215 pounds.

To use this Nautilus treadmill at the home brand has designed this with SoftDrop folding technology to ensure quick adjustment and also do not occupy much space, it is also featured with USB ports and Bluetooth connectivity to enjoy music during a workout.

The Nautilus has put a lot of effort into making the belt area as premium as possible, it is infused with 2 ply system and the deck is 2MM thick helps in low-impact workouts, besides a large 20” x 60” surface suitable for any kind of runner.

Overall cushioning provides maximum support, also it is enabled with good 3CHP motor power which is pretty much fine for marathon training, also speed adjustability up to 12mph and 15% auto incline facility ensure good high-quality training session.

This cardio equipment will never let you bored with its 26 pre-installed programs you can do a lot of variations on your cardio and the highlight of the treadmill is its dual LCD display that tracks your workout.

Key Features:

  • Motor capacity 3CHP treadmill.
  • Belt size 20” x 60”
  • SoftDrop folding technology.
  • Speed adjustable up to 12MPH.
  • Weight capacity 300 pounds.
  • Dual LED-backlit display.
  • The best treadmill for half marathon training.
  • Good deck quality with 2ply and 2mm thick.
  • Warranty 10 years on frame and motor.


  • Creates a little Noise.


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4. Horizon Fitness Treadmill


best treadmill for marathon training


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 The Horizon fitness is 4th standing on our list for the best treadmill for marathon training, it is equipped with strong stability features with good motor support and is quite sleek in design and fits into the apartment easily however it also offers folding to store at your place.

The build quality is compact overall made with aluminum and good quality plastic ensures long use, besides it has been designed with unique feature rapid sync technology that helps in incline faster than its other counterparts and you can incline the machine up to 15% for challenging session.

It is modified with a comfortable belt size 22” x 60” letting you do heavy running efficiently, also the cushioning is very well built to provide the user a safe and effective ride without putting much pressure on joints.

This treadmill’s 350 lb capacity easily withstands the user up to 135kgs and intensity you can adjust between 0.5 to 12mph to train your body for marathon running, it is an overall suitable option for beginner to advance level user.

With excellent weight holding capacity and speed adjustability, the treadmill is furnished with a 3.5HP motor that compliments the weight as this ensures you can run on this machine quite efficiently.

It is equipped with an LCD display that tracks your workout time, burn calories, speed, distance, etc, the best part about this treadmill is, that it is enabled with advanced technology that tracks your heart rate via Bluetooth, and makes your workout interesting is featured with 10 pre-assembled programs.

Key Features:

  • Motor Capacity 3.5HP.
  • Speed adjustability 0.5 to 12mph.
  • Treadmill 350-pound capacity.
  • Belt running area 22 x 60”
  • Great functionality for incline.
  • Incline position 15%
  • Bluetooth heart rate monitoring system.
  • In-built speakers.
  • 10 preset programs.


  • Weight is heavy.


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5. SOLE TT8 commercial treadmill



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Sole TT8 is a commercial treadmill with excellent incline and decline facility making it the best marathon treadmill on our list, if you want to train yourself at the highest level and do not want to compromise on your performance you can consider it for training your body.

This Sole Fitness treadmill is built-in with a pretty strong frame since it’s a commercial treadmill there is no foldable option available on this machine yet it gives a super-efficient exercise session you can sweat it out to get ready for a marathon efferently.

The best part about the cardio machine is its 4CHP motor capacity that let you do your workout at a high intensity, additionally, the weight holding capacity of up to 400 pounds treadmill easily handles the user weight up to 160Kgs so the heaviest users can sprint on it easily.

However, the highlight of this device is definitely its incline adjustability up to 15 levels and 6 levels of decline, the running surface has a large space of 22” x 60” and a speed you can manage between 0.5mph to 12mph, overall, its complete worth of getting for your marathon training sessions.

The Sole TT8 also has 6 pre-set programs to bring versatility into your training, it is also equipped with Bluetooth and USB ports with a tablet holder, and an LCD display is inbuilt to track your workout session.

Key Features:

  • Motor Capacity 4CHP.
  • Treadmill with 400 lb weight capacity.
  • The belt size is 22 x 60”
  • Incline 15 levels and Decline 6 levels.
  • Speed adjustable up to 12mph.
  • The best treadmill for serious runners.
  • It is a commercial treadmill.


  • Not foldable design.
  • Very pricey.


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6. Echelon Stride Treadmill



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Echelon treadmill is next if you are looking for a budget treadmill for marathon training that will have good features to train then this one is a great option to enjoy cardio, besides its very sleek design and comes with good deck support give low impact workout that goes easier on your joints.

It has a belt area of 20 x 55” which is absolutely optimal for runners up to 6.2 feet, also up to 12MPH speed adjustability option gives a very good workout experience you can do exercise with a lot of intensity and 12 level incline option adds value to your daily routine of training.

The talking point of this treadmill is its motor capacity in such a competitive range Echelon built it with a 3HP maximum capacity makes it a value for money option for marathon trainers and the maximum weight capacity is 136kgs so it can easily hold weight up to 120kgs user.

This device is equipped with a safety option in case of emergency you can stop your workout, and the folding design makes it the perfect treadmill for small places, additionally, it is featured with 8 pre-set programs to make your workout interesting.

However, it has an LCD display to monitor your workout session and has a pretty average display, also to enjoy music during sprinting on this it has good quality speakers with Bluetooth support, also you can charge the other devices with a USB charger.

Key Features:

  • Budget-friendly treadmill for marathon trainers.
  • Motor Capacity 3 horsepower.
  • Maximum weight capacity 300 pounds.
  • Speed adjustable up 12MPH.
  • Running surface 20” x 55”
  • Incline up to 12 levels.


  • Sometimes Creates noise.


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Buying Guide for the best treadmill for marathon training 


Getting a treadmill for marathon training is a daunting task if you are limited with budget as you are not having many options honestly for preparation of marathon requires a lot of intensity in your workout as result you need a powerful machine to support serious cardio sessions.

However, we have discussed a few good options above all are optimal for heavy running activity yet if you are not sure which one to choose then below is buying guide we are going to discuss everything in detail so let’s begin.


Motor Capacity and Horsepower:

The horsepower is the most important factor in the treadmill for marathon training, as it determines the capacity of the in-built motor which helps you to walk or run on the machine, however, you need high-capacity motor support to increase your endurance level.

Usually, the 2.5hp capacity is good for running but here we are discussing the treadmill for serious runners who are preparing for a marathon, in this case, a minimum of 3hp you must consider, and if a running pad is higher than 3hp is always better for your cardio session.

The motor quality also needs to consider in treadmills mostly copper is the best material that brands use for making a smooth workout experience also they are durable at the same time do not create much noise.


Belt area:

The choosing belt size is depending on your stride length or your height the taller user up to 6.2 feet is recommended to get a minimum 52” long and 22” wide surface area, this will help the user to get more flexibility in a workout with a lot of space, however, if you are taller then this the consider 55” to 62” long surface area.

If you are 6.1” then 20 x 50” is the best possible option for your workout needs, whereas below 5.9 feet user can consider 48 x 18”, this is very important for you as your comfort depends on the belt size.


Speed adjustability:

There are various types of treadmills available in the market so the speed adjustability depends on product to product however for marathon preparation you should get a treadmill with 12mph, so you can use it for running and if you have the budget, you can consider higher than this as well yet 12mph will be sufficient to train your body.


An incline facility is a must:

This is as important as an above-discussed feature, as you need to challenge your body with the difficult task so you improve your endurance level, however, if you are just about to begin then you may not use this yet at some point you need to enhance the intensity of your workout.

The adjustable incline facility makes your whole workout effective, there are few cheap treadmills that may not offer you incline functionality so you have to be careful while searching treadmills for marathon training.

Overall, 10 to 15 levels of incline function are decent options, also if possible in your budget go with auto incline options so you do not have to stop your workout to adjust it.


Weight capacity:

The weight holding capacity is depending on your body weight also you need to keep the thing in mind that if any other user going to use your machine as there are chances since you are looking for a home treadmill.

Moreover, let’s come back to the weight holding capacity of the machine you should always keep the minimum 15-20kgs gap between your present weight and the treadmill’s maximum user weight, always note that you should not get a cardio machine with the exact weight of your body.


Deck cushioning:

The belt size we have discussed in detail but the deck cushioning is another factor that you must add to your checklist, though brands do make good quality belts yet always check the cushioning it should have at least 2-ply as it ensures a safer ride without much worry about stressing your knee it provides low impact workout.


Pre-set programs:

This helps you to make your workout more interesting, the programs depend on each treadmill you can get 6 to above 20 pre-assembled programs, this will not make you bored and gives more versatile workout sessions.


Space and weight of the machine:

This is not a big concern for many as there are tons of options available in the market that come with folding treadmills however if you are going with a commercial treadmill option then you have to compromise on folding, in this case, you should always measure the area where you are going to install it.

The weight of the treadmills varies from product to product and they are made with heavy-duty materials to ensure durability so you utilize them for many years, weight is something every treadmill is heavy yet not much to worry about as it will have inbuilt wheels that make transportation easier.

Frequently Asked Questions:


What treadmills do marathon runners use?

The marathon runners need a very solid and powerful treadmill to put their body in an intense workout, moreover few things that you must have on your treadmill to get high intensifying cardio sessions we have listed above the best treadmill for marathon runners you can read in detail also check the below quick guide.

  • Motor Capacity- 3HP to 4HP.
  • Incline facility and if possible, it should have decline function as well.
  • Speed adjustability 1 to 12MPH or above.
  • Belt area depending on the height you can read above buying guide for full detail and weight capacity depending on your body weight keep 15-20 kgs gap from treadmills weight capacity.


Are treadmills good for marathon training?

Yes, definitely a treadmill is a good option for marathon training very easy to use, nowadays installation to not a big headache as you get better support from brands, also you do not have to depend on anything and it is also considered safer than outdoor running as you have no patchy roads or risk of accident, etc


What is the best treadmill for marathon training?

The best treadmill for marathon training is not about one particular product or brand, as a lot depends on its feature, the treadmill should have the good specification to ensure you to prepare for marathon running, we have listed above 6 best options in the market with detail discussion you can read them.

Final words:

In this post, we have covered some of the 6 best treadmills for marathon training with buying tips, I am sure you have chosen your cardio machine for a marathon, yet if you have any queries post your comments our team will be happy to guide you.

While concluding let us summarize the things to consider even if you are with a limited budget you should not compromise on a motor capacity minimum treadmill should have 3Hp and speed adjustability up to 12mph is a must.

However, a belt size depends on height yet a 22 x 55″ surface is suitable for almost up to 6.2″ tall users, additionally incline functionality is a must for training, and the weight capacity depends on your current weight you should always keep a 15-20kgs buffer between your body weight and treadmills maximum weight.

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