Top 5 Best treadmill 60 inch belt USA (June 2023)- Reviews


Top 5 Best treadmill 60 inch belt USA 2023- Reviews

Top 5 Best treadmill 60 inch belt in USA 

If you are a taller or heavy user and looking for the best treadmill for running then the regular small deck won’t be enough for you as it is important to have a large surface area for a comfortable and effective cardio workout.

The treadmill is the best equipment to get fit at home as you can walk, jog and run on this very useful cardio machine, but choosing the right treadmill for home use is a little daunting task especially when it comes to the best treadmill 60 inch belt.

As there are many other factors you need to consider while buying other than surface area such as motor capacity, weight capacity, etc, but no worries as we have done over 72 hours of research before jumping to conclusions on which is the best treadmill for home use.

So let us start discussing some of the top 5 best treadmills 60 inch belt.

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Our top Pick for 5 best treadmill 60 inch belt

Best Treadmill 

Belt Size 

Available on

1. Sole Fitness Folding Treadmill

22 X 60 inches

2. NordicTrack C 990 Foldable Treadmill

20 x 60-inch belt.

3. LifeSpan Folding Treadmill for home

20" x 60" walking belt surface

4. Assault Fitness AirRunner Treadmill

Belt length is 62”

5. Schwinn Treadmill 60 inch deck

20 x 60-Inch

1. Sole Fitness Folding Treadmill

Best treadmill 60 inch belt

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This is one of the best folding Treadmills suitable for home use therefore it is standing at 1st position on our list of best treadmill 60 inch belt, the treadmill comes with weight capacity up to 170kgs which is excellent for the heavy person and anyone at home can also use.

It is one of the safe to use without much worry about pressure on joints thanks to Cushion Flex Whisper Deck quality that puts very little pressure so you can do your cardio easily without any discomfort.

The motor capacity of the treadmill is 3.5 CHP that makes this cardio equipment ideal for walking, jogging, and running, it is suitable for beginners to advance the level runners and the speed of the cardio workout is adjustable between 0.5 to 12 MPH.

The running belt of the treadmill is very durable and compact thanks to the two-ply belt design with a surface area of 22 X 60 inches, if you want to have an intensifying cardio session you can incline the treadmill up to 15%.

Key Features: 

  • 3.5 CHP, DC Type motor.
  • speed range adjustable 0.5 to 12 MPH.
  • Incline up to 15%.
  • two-ply belt, pulse grip, and chest strap heart rate monitoring
  • Six standard programs.
  • Two custom programs, and heart programs.
  • Cooling fans and MP3-compatible sound system.
  • 5-inch LCD workout display.
  • running surface area 22 X 60 inches.
  • Weight capacity 170kgs; 2.75-inch rollers.
  • Warranty: Lifetime on frame, motor, and deck.
  • Five years warranty on electronics; and two years on labor.
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2. NordicTrack C 990 Foldable Treadmill

Best treadmill 60 inch belt

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This treadmill is standing at 2nd place on our list as NordicTrack is one of the top brands for fitness equipment especially for treadmills, the belt deck surface comes with a width of 20” and length of 60” the motor of the treadmill creates less noise thus this product is highly recommended for home use.

Horsepower of the motor is up to 3.0 CHP best for walking, jogging and decent for running as well, this treadmill has an inclination facility up to 12% that is good if you want to challenge your workout session.

The treadmill has a weight capacity of up to 136kgs so it is good for users for weight up to 120kgs, the intensity of the exercise can be adjustable between 1 to 12 MPH that is more than enough to have an excellent workout session.

Key Features:

  • 7-Inch web-enabled touchscreen, easy-to-read display.
  • Tracks your speed, time, distance, calories burned, heart rate,
  • incline, and decline on the large,
  • 3. 0 CHP Horsepower of the motor.
  • Train safer, longer and quieter.
  • Dual cooling fans for less heat
  • 0 to 12% incline with the touch of a button.
  • 32 preloaded workouts programs.
  • Speed adjustable 0 to 12 MPH.
  • 20 x 60-inch belt.
  • 9-inch Precision-machined and Balanced Non-flex Rollers.
  • Dimensions: 79.5″ L x 35.5″ W x 60.3″ H
  • Folded Dimensions: 42.6″ L x 70.9″ H
  • Warranty lifetime frame and motor warranty.
  • 3-year parts warranty, and a 1-year labor warranty.
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3. LifeSpan Folding Treadmill for home

Best treadmill 60 inch belt

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Up next best treadmill 60 inch belt from Lifespan brand this is another best folding treadmill that saves a lot of space comes with a good weight holding capacity up to 158kgs, the deck quality is excellent that keeps your workout very smooth thanks to 8 Independent Compression Shocks.

The incline level is adjustable from 1 to 15 levels with motor maximum picks up capacity 3.25 HP Continuous Duty DC that keeps your cardio sessions at the highest level as it is a best-motorized treadmill for sprinting.

There are 21 different programs that help you to keep your exercise comfortable, and more informative as it has a large screen size 60” that tracks your workout, the belt area of the product 20″ x 60″ therefore it is the best treadmill for tall runners.

Key Features:

  • Best treadmill 60 inch deck.
  • foldable and portable design.
  • Heavy-duty and high capacity 3.25 HP motor.
  • 20″ x 60″ walking belt surface.
  • 15 levels of adjustable incline.
  • Weight capacity up to 158kgs.
  • LCD display tracks time, calories, distance, speed.
  • 21 trainer programs targeting weight loss, healthy living, sports training, and heart rate programs.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Warranty on lifetime on frame and motor.
  • 5 years warranty on parts & 1 year on labor.
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4. Assault Fitness AirRunner Treadmill

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If you are looking for something unique and different design treadmill with compact build quality then this 62” belt size treadmill from Assault is the right to pick for you as it also comes with decent horsepower 3HP.

This treadmill is designed with functions that match the quality of the commercial treadmill, build quality as I discussed above is very durable and strong as it is made with metal and the frame is of alloy steel.

Weight capacity for the user the treadmill offers up to 158kgs so heavy user up to 140kg person can utilize easily at the comfort of the home, it also comes with incline support up to 30% and a maximum speed of the treadmill is 20MPH which is excellent for a cardio workout.

Key Features:

  • Made with high-quality material alloy steel.
  • Max User Weight capacity up to 158kgs.
  • Belt length is 62”
  • Easy on the environment runs on your energy.
  • Zero electrical consumption.
  • Optimal for all types of training.
  • Commercial durability 150,000-mile belt life.
  • Maximum incline 30%
  • 20MPH maximum speed.
  • Motor Horsepower 3HP.
  • Natural running feel promotes efficient running stride
  • Size: 69.9″ L x 32.8″ W x 64″ H.
  • The weight of the product is 280 lb.
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5. Schwinn Treadmill 60 inch deck

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Next on our list of best treadmill 60 inch belt, this product from the Schwinn brand, this is another one of the well known best treadmill brands in the USA they have multiple products for exercise such as treadmill, exercise bike, an elliptical trainer.

With a 20 x 60-Inch belt size this treadmill is one of the top-recommended products for tall users and also it is suitable for walking to running as the maximum horsepower capacity is 3.0 CHP which is suitable for all kinds of cardio sessions.

The intensity of the cardio session is adjustable between 1 to 12MPH with the inclination facility up to 15% makes this cardio equipment decent for a weight loss program, as there are 26 different pre-set programs that make your workout efficient.

This folding treadmill has a soft drop folding system that makes this cardio machine very unique at the same time also saves space at home while not in use, weight capacity of the treadmill is 136kgs but it is suitable for people with weight up to 120kgs.  

Key Features:

  • Speed adjustable 0 to 12 MPH.
  • Incline for intensifying workout 0 to 15%
  • Motor capacity 3.0 CHP.
  • Belt size 20 x 60-Inch.
  • 26 programs, 4 user profiles, and more.
  • Acoustic chambered speakers for big sound
  • 5-Inch crowned rollers.
  • Soft Drop folding system.
  • Maximum user weight 136kgs.
  • Blue backlit Dual Track LCD display.
  • Two LCD windows display the status of up to 13 works out details.
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Things to consider while buying the Best treadmill 60 inch belt

I understand that you are looking for the best treadmill 60 inch belt, but many users make the most common mistake that they only concentrate on belt size and overlook other important functions of the treadmill which is equally important.

So below are some of the essential things must have on your list while choosing the best treadmill 60” belt.

Motor Capacity:

This feature is very essential while selecting the best treadmill 60 inch belt as all your exercise efficiency depends on the capacity of the motor since you are looking for 60 inch belt treadmill you will get good motor capacity.

But always better to read the features carefully for walking, jogging, and running best horsepower capacity will be at least 3.0 continuous horsepower, if it is above 3.0 will be ideal you can go with 3.25 CHP or 3.50 CHP or even above.


Weight Capacity:

After motor capacity weight capacity of the treadmill is essential as if your selected treadmill can not hold your weight then it may break or won’t be durable so it is important to have a proper treadmill that can hold your weight capacity.

Best treadmill 60 inch deck available in different weight holding capacity you can get the product from weight capacity between 135 kgs to above 200 kgs as well, but while choosing the product make sure to keep 15 to 20kgs buffer between your current body weight and treadmill weight capacity.


If your best treadmill with long running deck will have an incline facility then you can challenge yourself to burn more calories as a beginner you may not require this function often but once your strength starts increasing you will need to have a challenging workout.

So make sure your treadmill will have incline adjustability the standard inclination you will get 15% or 15 levels but some of the few treadmills also come with 30% incline functions you can choose as per your need but up to 15 is more than sufficient.

Adjustable speed:

The intensity adjustability should be the next priority while choosing the best treadmill for home use, standard most of the treadmill brands offers speed adjustability between 0.5 to 12MPH which is efficient and considered to be enough for a workout but some of the treadmills also offer up to 16MPH and 20MPH.



So here it is we have just discussed some of the best treadmill 60 inch belt with some important buying tips, 60 inches deck length size definitely a good choice for those who have long stride while walking and running.

Another best thing is this type of treadmill ensures have a strong build and commercial treadmill experience, you can also use it for home as there are multiple foldable treadmills available in best treadmill 60 inch deck.

Hope this article helps you to know about the treadmill with 60 inch belt, but if you have any query post your comments our team will be happy to guide you and also share your experience if you have found the best cardio machine for you.

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