Top Best sl track massage chair USA 2022- Reviews


Topic: Top Best SL track massage chair USA 2022- Reviews


After doing research for hours on the web by going into detail about each product we have listed some of the massage chair reviews.

We have listed some of the best-selling massage chairs in SL track massage chair request you to read an article in detail before making your decision.

A massage chair is in trend but choosing one is the most challenging part of all there are many full-body massage chairs available.

Which even makes it difficult to pick one for you, I am going to cover many other things.

Such as some of the buying tips for the top best SL track massage chair, each product has different characteristics comes with different techniques to give your body relaxing time to get rid of pain, stiffness, and tiredness.

So let us start discussing full body zero gravity massage chairs with SL track designs, but before all below are some of our top picks that are easy to use at the same time ensure top quality massage to your body.

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Top Best SL track massage chair 2022

If you are in hurry below are our top 3 picks for the massage chair SL track. 

Best sl track massage chair

Our Verdict 

Available on

1. Kahuna LM-6800 Massage Chair

Editors Choice and Our Pick

2. VONOYA 12 Shiatsu Recliner massage chair

Top quality and budget freindly 

3. VONOYA Zero Gravity Recliner Massage Chair 

Budget Freindly

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1. Kahuna LM-6800 Massage Chair



Best sl track massage chair


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First, on our list of massage chairs this amazing looking zero gravity massage chair also known as the best massage recliner chair, the overall making of the product is good as it is made with cotton material.

Massager chair comes with a scanning technique that helps to fit according to the user’s body size and weight accordingly, and padding around the foot can be added if you are feeling discomfort or pain during the session.

It has multiple airbags added to give you a soothing massage to your body it also comes with excellent shoulder air massage thus it is one of the best massage chairs for shoulders also comes along with arm and calf air massage.

There are rollers at the foot area that ensures to move smoothly around your foot to give relaxing time to your feet by reaching deep into muscles points, for the calf it has 2 massage air and heating therapy to get rid of the pain.

The thermal heating therapy also gives pain relief to your lower back pain issues, it has the perfect combination of massages such as shiatsu, rolling, kneading, tapping, and tapping kneading all this best for your full body also improves the shape of your spine and back.

There are 6 different program techniques set as auto programs for ease of use, you can set the time of session up to 30 minutes, and you can adjust the speed of the massage and air massage up to 3 levels.

Key Features:

  • Best massage chair under $2000.
  • 6 different program techniques.
  • Massage: shiatsu, rolling, kneading, tapping, and tapping kneading.
  • Stretching programs full-body stretch and yoga stretch.
  • Scan technology detects the user’s body.
  • Best sl track massage chair.
  • Adjustable 3 levels for intensity and air massage.
  • Zero gravity massage chair saves space.
  • Shiatsu massage chair with heat.
  • Extra foot padding.
  • Dual foot rollers and detachable & washable.
  • Heating therapy lower back calf.
  • Air massage to shoulders, arms, and calf.
  • best massage chair warranty limited 3 years.


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2. VONOYA 12 Shiatsu Recliner massage chair



Best sl track massage chair



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Next on our list of massage chair sl track this best heat massage recliner chair that allows you to set up at zero gravity position the making of the chair is of high-quality leather that ensures durability.

If you are looking for the cheapest massage chair this is going to be a good choice for you, there are heating therapy pads around your spine area that gives instant pain relief, heating is at the calf and also for the neck, it has unique magnetic therapy that ensures pain relief from a stiff neck.

Users’ feet soles get the kneading massage that squeezes and presses the sole points that energize your mood and also ensure reflexology massage to your foot thanks to the rollers around the feet, and air pressure massages to your ankles.

This massage chair comes with 6 different massage modes that give your body full massage from the shoulder, arms, hip, neck, head, and full legs, and along with shiatsu massage, it has a balance of other massage techniques such as kneading, tapping, squeezing, vibration and compression pressure.

There are 12 nodes added in the massage chairs to give users complete relaxing time also you can enjoy the music during a massage session as it comes with Bluetooth and the footrest can be adjustable if needed to more premium comfort.

Key Features:

  • Best sl-track massage chair.
  • High-quality material Metal, Faux Leather, Foam, Plastic.
  • 12 nodes to give relaxation to stiff muscles.
  • 6 different massage modes.
  • Heat massage recliner chair.
  • Zero gravity massage chair for comfort.
  • Massage: kneading, tapping, squeezing, vibration and pressure.
  • The footrest can be adjustable.
  • Shiatsu Recliner massage chair.
  • Heating pads for back and calf.
  • Magnetic therapy for the neck.
  • Reflexology foot roller massage.
  • Bluetooth audio system.
  • Adjustable massage mode, position.
  • Intensity, speed, and heat can be adjustable.
  • Best massage chair warranty available on the product.


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3. VONOYA Zero Gravity Recliner Massage Chair 





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This full-body zero gravity massage chair is one of the best sl-track massage chairs that comes with a strong build looks very heavy-duty material and users can adjust this chair is up to 80 degrees for maximum comfort.

Massage chair SL track gives a very professional massage experience as it has the perfect combination of massage techniques such as shiatsu, Thai, and tuina, there are 6 nodes inbuilt to give you kneading massage which presses your muscles strongly yet smoothly to give you comfort.

Your full legs get very effective reflexology massage along with kneading, other than the legs it is very good for the full body as it comes with massage therapy such as tapping, patting, vibration, and rolling.

Thermal heating massage for your back and feet for pain relief and it is the best massage chair for shoulders, arms, you can adjust the speed, modes of massage, heating therapy, etc thanks to the easy remote controller and also footrest is adjustable up to 5 inches.

Key Features:

  • Combination of Thai, tuina, and shiatsu massage.
  • Massage technique: Tapping, patting, vibration, and rolling.
  • 6 kneading nodes.
  • Reflexology massage for legs.
  • Zero gravity recliner massage chair.
  • 3’ 7”  SL track massage chair
  • Adjustable options massage mode, position.
  • Intensity, speed, and heat
  • Footrest adjustable 5 inches.
  • Heating therapy for back and calves.
  • Heating pads and foot rollers.
  • Bluetooth speakers.
  • The massage chair comes with a warranty.


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More about SL track massage chair


SL track massage chair is the most advanced technique in a full body massage chair and zero gravity massage chair, as it has longer reach than the S track and L track massage chair, as it gives deep massage to your body.

There will be certain rollers in a chair that target not only your neck, head, and back but it goes down to give massage body parts such as hamstrings and glutes so you can get an upper body and lower body massage, whereas S track massage chair only gives massage to mostly your upper body.

Therefore it is considered to the best deep tissue massage chair, you can get this type of zero gravity massage chair under $1000 as well and best massage chair under $2000, you can choose as per your budget, basically, it is a combination of S track and L track massage chair.



Buying tips for the Best SL track massage chair

best sl track massage chair


Air Bags:

Compression massage is very good for your body to get rid of the pain as it releases stress and soothes your muscles by improving the tissues, the airbag ensures compressing therapy to your muscles.



This massage technique squeezes and presses by putting gentle pressure on your muscles up and down motion, this is very effective to improve mobility and flexibility in your body.



It is mostly you will find in foot soles in full body massage chairs be it Shiatsu Recliner massage chair or zero gravity massage chair, there will be rollers that rotate or move around the feet soles that help to increase in blood circulation that refresh and revive muscle points of the sole.



There are many soft tissues on our body muscles that require some pressure to stimulate and to improve blood circulation that can lead to pain relief, tapping massage gives knocking and tap massage to get rid of pain and soreness, tapping massage ensures to give percussive kind of massage.



Vibration massage is considered to be best for relieving stress, relaxing muscles tensions by relieving tightness in muscles at the same time good to increase blood circulation, but not all the chair comes with vibration so if you are looking for vibration massage then read the details of the product carefully.



This option in massage chair recliner or zero gravity massage chair mostly you get in lower back and calves’ area, where is the most common pain issues found in the human body be it elder or younger, heating is a great way for instant pain relief.


Shiatsu massage:

This technique you will find in all the full body massage chairs simply the reason being is, its great technique, shiatsu massage ensures the user gets more natural massage feeling as it ensures to put pressure by pressing the body parts you more feel like someone is massaging with fingers or palms.


Body scan:

This feature is very unique which is not in every massage chair you found, this technology actually makes sure to adjust the chair as per the user’s body type so users get more comfortable without any discomfort and enjoy massage sessions.


Adjustable positions:

The massage chair comes such as Shiatsu Recliner massage chair and zero gravity massage chair, zero gravity position ensures a very soothing and calming massage session, but some of the chairs also come with footrest adjustability is also great as your legs can get more comfort.


Adjustable settings:

Full body massage chair should have adjustable settings such as massage modes, the intensity of massage sessions, heating therapy can also be manageable as per need, and the timer helps set your sessions time.



 Frequently asked questions:


What is an SL track massage chair?

As I have discussed above SL massage chair is a very advanced technology combination of the S track and L track massage chair, SL track massage chair not only rolls and gives massage to the upper part of your body but also rollers reach till hamstrings and glutes.

In types of massage chairs, it is definitely worth spending on SL track massage chairs.


What should I look for in a massage chair?

This a lot depends on you what you are looking for in a massage chair if you have back pain issues you can go with an S track massage chair, but if you want to have full body massage benefit then an SL track massage chair is best.

Besides SL track massage chair is always better to go with as the cheapest SL track massage chair available in the market.


Is the massage chair worth the money?

When we think about massage chairs it sounds quite costly but really it is just a one-time investment for a longer time as most of the massage chairs are durable and yes very effective as well, now let us compare this with body spa sessions.

If you want to get good results you should take a regular massage at least once a week and that can be a lot expensive than a massage chair for a long time, better to have one at the comfort of your home as it helps to get rid of body pain and also improves your mood.


How much does a good massage chair cost?

There is a huge collection of massage chairs available from zero gravity massage chairs under $1000 to above $1000 up to even $5000, spending depending on your budget and it is not necessary that higher-priced product is the only way to get a good massage.

But if you are considering a massage chair and have a budget you can go with a zero-gravity 4D massage chair as they are the best full body massage chair but as I said it is pricier than another massage chair.





So here it is I have discussed in detail about best SL track massage chair with some buying tips hope this article helps you to know in detail about the Shiatsu Recliner massage chair and zero gravity massage chair.

But if you have any query post your comments our team will guide you and also share your experience about finding the best full body massage chair and share your views.


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