Best neck massager for migraines USA 2022- Reviews


Topic: Best neck massager for migraines USA 2022- Reviews

Migraine triggers a lot of pain it is very painful, it really disturbs a human’s normal life routine, doctors do give a prescription that helps to reduce the pain, but another great option is massage on regular basis.

What is the good thing is to avoid those costly massages there are best neck massagers for migraines available those are very easy to operate and another great thing about this massagers are they are very portable neck massagers you can carry anywhere at office or home.

We know that migraine pain is very unpredictable and you never know when it can trigger, the beauty about some of the best tension headache relief devices they are usable to massager other body parts as well.

So therefore below are some of the best migraine relief products we have listed that are not only the best massager for migraines but also good for the overall body, so let us start discussing the best neck massager for migraines one by one.

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Top 5 Best neck massager for migraines

If you are in hurry below are some of the best neck massagers for pain relief.

Neck massager for migraines

Our Verdict 

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HoMedics Neck and shoulder massager 

Ediotors Choice 

Zyllion Shiatsu neck massager pillow

Top rated neck pilllow massager 

EAshuhe Neck and Shoulder Massager 

Our Pick best selling 

TruMedic Neck, Back Shoulder Massager

Top rated massager 

Rockbirds Massager pillow with heat

Budget friendly for pillow massager 

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1. HoMedics Neck and shoulder massager with heat



Best neck massager for migraines


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HoMedics is one of the most reputed brands that make products for health and massage, this massager comes with shiatsu massage therapy and heating therapy that ensures to give very soothing relaxing body massage.

Users can utilize it very easily as nothing to do in this product just have to do set by using buttons available on the massager and there is a strap available just wear it and massage starts for you, along with awesome massage it is safe to use as massager comes with 15 minutes auto shut down option.

This massager uses the technique of kneading shiatsu massage that is considered to be great for pain relief shiatsu massage gives a feeling of finer pressure and kneading massage makes you feel of pressing the kneads to move in 2 directions for authentic feeling.

You can choose the speed of the session as it comes with 3 levels of speed, there is a unique function that allows you to contrast shiatsu massage as it comes with 4 different types of nodes, the overall massager is top-rated as usable for everyone from athletes to pain relief.

Key Features: 

  • Portable lightweight massager.
  • Suitable for multiple body parts.
  • shiatsu kneading massage.
  • Heating therapy.
  • 4 massage nodes.
  • 15 minutes auto turn off.
  • 2 years warranty.


  • None.


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2. Zyllion Shiatsu neck massager pillow



Best neck massager for migraines



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2nd on our list of Best neck massager for migraines, this is one of the best neck massager pillows from Zyllion, this is known as a pillow massager as it has the shape of a pillow that makes this very portable and lightweight.

You can use this while driving as you can install them near your car seats or even at the office chair, this product is among the best sellers in pillow massager as it gives shiatsu massage that has technique use of 3D shiatsu.

This 3D technique ensures to move the built-in nodes in the 2-way direction to give relaxing time, kneading technique squeezes your muscles to relieve stiffness, pain and stress, this massager usable for parts like calves, thighs, lower back easily.

It is the best rechargeable neck massager as it is cordless usable anywhere and battery life is long-lasting full charging make sure 2hours of use, for safe use brand, have given 20 minutes auto turn off option with overheating protection.

Key features: 

  • Best cordless massager.
  • Used on chair and car.
  • A full charge gives 2 hours of usage.
  • 3D shiatsu massage with heating.
  • 20 minutes auto turn off.
  • overheating protection.
  • 2-way direction to give relaxing time.
  • 1-year warranty if registered 2 years warranty extendable.


  • Little pricey massager pillow.


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3. EAshuhe Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat




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This neck and shoulder massager by EAshuhe is among the top-quality product that is not only good for your neck pain but also for body parts such as the shoulder, legs, belly, thighs, waist, and more.

Body massager is equipped with 3D deep tissue shiatsu kneading massage which ensures solid and strong organic massage of your muscles, there are 8 roller nodes that move in the opposite direction and if you want to set your intensity you can up to 3 levels.

The making of the product is very good as it has made with good quality of the mesh, thermal heating therapy gives instant pain relief but if you do not want to take heating then you can turn off the heating option.

Key features: 

  • 3D deep tissue kneading massager.
  • 8 massage roller nodes.
  • 20 minutes auto turn-off option.
  • solid making material used leather.
  • Heating thermal therapy.
  • Bi-directional massage roller moves in both directions.


  • No warranty details.


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4. TruMedic Neck, Back Shoulder Massager


Best neck massager for migraines


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TruMedic is another brand that makes some of the best massagers that are effective and at the same time produces quality, this is one of the effective massagers for your neck along with back and shoulder.

The quality of this device is good as it is made with high-quality plastic, design is completely made for comfort as it has proper wrist support, buckles, and control panel switches on the device for ease of operation.

There is 3D deep tissue kneading massage make sure to squeeze and press your muscles to knead massage ensures very high-intensity massage and unique thing about in-built nodes users can set up the rotational set up so massage heads can move and can rotate direction for more effective massage sessions.

Its infrared heating therapy has the option of a turn-off or one you can use as per your need, excellent material quality ensures durability as it is made with neoprene and mesh fabric both are skin-friendly and smooth.

Key features: 

  • Good quality material plastic.
  • 3D deep tissue massage.
  • Infrared heating therapy.
  • Good quality mesh fabric used.
  • Massage nodes are rotated for a smooth massage.
  • 30 days return money back availability.


  • None but a little expensive.


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5. Rockbirds Massager pillow with heat


Best neck massager for migraines


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Massage for migraine is everything about clean and moderate massage, this rockbirds massage is one of the similar options for those who are looking for the cheapest neck massager for migraine yet effective.

The built quality of the device is an excellent and very sleek design suitable for any size and usable anywhere, the massager is great for migraine and also highly beneficial for the cervical issue, users can target other body parts as well.

Kneading massage gives a strong and deep twisting kind of massage experience that releases tension, stress from your muscles to give pain relief, user gets the option to change the massage direction to give more deep tissue massage.

This neck massager pillow comes with a heating option that gives instant pain relief, 15 minutes of an auto turn off option, and overheating protection to keep your massage safe, there is cloth added in massager that is removable and you can clean them to maintain hygiene.

Key features: 

  • Very sleek design and portable.
  • The cloth is detachable and washable.
  • Good for cervical issues and migraine issues.
  • Deep kneading shiatsu massage with heating option.
  • Auto turns off option 15 minutes, overheat protection.
  • 15 minutes of auto turn-off option.


  • Little heavy.


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Advantages of Best neck massager for migraines:


Neck massagers as I discussed above come with multiple benefits as they are suitable to massage your body parts such as back, lower back, thighs, legs even arms at times but apart from this, there are more proven benefits of neck massagers some of them are below.

  • Along with being helpful for migraines, it is helpful for cervical issues, arthritis also increases blood circulation that helps to get rid of the pain.
  • Relives stress and tensions as we know today’s life is very tough and a lot of pressure on everyone to achieve daily goals these massagers great to get rid of stress after a long day.
  • A neck massager is a decent way to reduce soreness and stiffness in muscles, it releases stiffness and makes your neck flexible.
  • After getting a massage it helps to increase your mood.
  • Good for athletes, gym-going individuals, and for those who keep them self-active in walking, running, etc


 Buying Guide for best neck massagers

Best neck massager for migraines
Best neck massager for migraines

Selecting a new migraine treatment device is not a cakewalk for anyone as with many options it is a very normal thing to get confused about, you have to consider a few things while buying the best neck massager for migraines.

So below we have written well research and with our experience some of the buying tips for massager.


Electric Neck massager Vs Manual massager


There are many types of massagers available in electric massagers too such as handheld massagers, neck massager pillows and manual massagers let us understand each one of them which one is better.


Manual massager:

Though these are very cheaper in price thing is that you have to manually move it around your neck so when a migraine triggers you will not come to conclusion on how much pressure requires your muscles to get rid of the pain.

It is definitely effective but you have to use your pressure manually.


Handheld massager:

There are majorly two types of massagers available in handheld massagers one is long handles and one that comes with straps, though in long handles you do not have to put the pressure on your muscles still, with your hands, you have to move it to get a message to your targeted area.

Handle massager more concentrates on massage technique such vibration, heating and deep tissue massage that is good for pain relief but not very ideal for migraines as though you get vibration option with turn on /off but not very effective for migraines.

As for migraines, effective massages are deep tissue kneading shiatsu massage and heating can also be a good option which you will find in tension headache relief device which best massager for migraines with straps.

You do not have to do anything in this type of massager you just have to set up settings and keep the straps on your writs and rest done by massager with help of nodes or rollers that rotate in 2 directions and give more squeezing, finger pressure massager.

These massagers are very portable easily can carry anywhere so it is good to go with them if you are considering getting a handheld body massager, some of the massagers available require an electric connection and most of them are usable as cordless.


Neck massager pillow:

This massager is designed like a pillow therefore it is known as a “Pillow massager” in this type of massager users get options of massage such as shiatsu, kneading, and heating all areas I discussed above best massager for migraines.

These are very portable you can install them at the headrest of your chair or you can also call it a “car seat massager” as you can massage your neck while driving most of them are cordless massager that requires charging.

Good to get a massage even while working there will be auto turn off option and overheating option for safety, there will be rollers added in this type of neck massager but not as big as a massager with straps that makes this decent tension headache relief device.


Conclusion about handheld massager vs manual:

It is good to go with handheld or electric massager as you do not have to do anything manually, make setting and enjoy the massage as most of the product comes with auto shut off option once it reaches the time device turn off automatically.

Between massager with straps and pillow massager, both are good if you are looking for a more portable option then you can go with a pillow massager but if you are looking for a strong and very deep muscle tissue massager go with a straps massager.


Types of massage techniques:


There are many types of massage techniques but here I am going to discuss three massage techniques that are highly used in tension headache relief devices as these are the best rechargeable neck massager and the best massager for migraines.


Shiatsu massage therapy:

This is a Japan-based massage technique that gives finger pressure of palm pressure massage very good for your muscles recovery as it releases pain, stiffness, and soreness to enhance your mood for rest of the day.


Kneading massage techniques:

The kneading massage technique squeezes, pushes your muscles to get tension relief and tightness for your neck to promote flexibility.


Infrared heating or Thermal massage therapy:

Heating we all know how effective pain relief is these best neck massagers for migraines come with the option to select either you want to have heating therapy for your muscles.



This massager is available in a variety of prices manual massagers are available from $10 to above $20, and handheld massagers come in the price range of $30 to above $50 and straps massager has a price range of $30 to above $60.

The neck pillow massager also comes in the price range of $35 to above $50 so you can choose as per your requirement and budget.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Do neck massagers help with migraines?

Many studies were done on this and it is proven that neck massagers help to reduce migraine triggers a lot and are also good for tension headache relief device along with this massager good for other body parts such as back, lower back, waist, lower body parts such as legs, calves, and thighs.


What is the best massager for migraines?

Choosing the right product to reduce migraine pain is important as if the product not resolving your purpose, then it is a waste of your money, I have given a complete buying guide above you can read the details.

Also, we have listed some of the best neck massagers for migraines above all of them are bests selling our choice among them is HoMedics Shiatsu Neck and shoulder massager as it comes with shiatsu, kneading and heating massage and very portable at the same time.

If you are looking for a more portable option you can go with a neck massager pillow Zyllion Shiatsu neck massager pillow.


What type of massage is best for migraines?

As I discussed above the combination of massage techniques of shiatsu, kneading, and heating can be a good option to go with all of the above-listed products that come with all these massage techniques.


What is the fastest way to get rid of a migraine?

The migraine issue as such you never know when it can trigger but we can definitely try to control doing smaller home remedies such as regular physical exercise, using good quality oil and apply, get good quality sleep, keep hydrating your body.

Also, following the instructions of your doctor and regular massage weekly can help to get rid of and reduce migraine.


Is a 30-minute massage worth it?

Yes, many experts suggest 30 minutes of massage but good to go with 15 to 20 minutes of massage if you are using massager equipment, this will be enough to get rid of pain, stiffness, and soreness.

Overuse can cause harm then benefit keep a good balance between the frequency of massage yes, I agree it is quite intimidating but once a week or max twice a week is enough for your muscles.


Are neck massagers safe?

As I discussed above anything overuse is not good for your body if you use it properly and follow manual instructions given on the product you will have more benefits so yes neck massagers safe as it comes with an auto-turn-off option and overheating protection for safety.




I have discussed in detail about best neck massager for migraines with buying tips neck massager is a good way to relax your pain, soreness, and stiffness, and more importantly safe as well, while concluding as I discussed many times above.

Go with a massager that has straps or a neck massager pillow. The product that has shiatsu, kneading, and heating therapy is the best migraine relief product for you as these are highly effective, hope this article helps you to know in detail.

If you have any queries post your comments our team will be happy to guide you also share your experience about the massager that you choose and if you like this post do not forget to share.



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