Best heavy duty treadmill 500 lb capacity USA (May 2023)- Reviews


The treadmill is one of the most used and effective cardio equipment machines for weight loss and your fitness journey, there was a time when the treadmill was only used to find in gyms and there was a misconception that it can not be used at home.

But with time changed and with a busy schedule life treadmill becomes one of the most used at home and as a result brands also started making the best treadmills for home use, as everyone can not have a large-sized treadmill at home.

So there are the best treadmill brands for home use started making folding treadmill that not only saves space at home but also ensures good cardio exercise.

Usually, these treadmills are made for an excellent gym workout experience only, the problem with treadmills for home use is that most of them are not suitable for heavy users.

As treadmills for heavy users are quite rare but this Best heavy-duty treadmill 500 lb capacity is an ideal choice for a person who is overweight.

So now that we have discussed what is the best treadmill for home use and still you are not clear with the product let us look at and review the best heavy duty treadmill 500 lb capacity.

Best heavy duty treadmill 500 lb capacity 


Best heavy duty treadmill 500 lb capacity


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Highlights of Liju Folding Motorized Treadmill

  • Powerful 2.5HP motor perfect for walking, jogging, and running.
  • The treadmill track-treadmill tread width is 22.04 inches.
  • Track width 15.74 inches, Runway length 41.33 inches.
  • Easy to install. LED Display tracks workouts.
  • Compact folding design with easy lift and transport wheels.
  • Folding size:57 x 27 x 21″ & Unfolded size:50 x 49 x27″ 
  • Less noisy keeps the workout comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Exercise Speed range adjustable between 1-12KM/h.
  • Treadmill with high-definition LED eye protection display.
  • 12 kinds of running auto-programs.
  • The Six Generation Flexible Shock Absorption.
  • It has a magnetic float safety lock.
  • Bluetooth is connected to the mobile phone.
  • Best heavy duty treadmill 500 lb capacity.
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Horse Power (Motor Capacity): 

Though this best heavy duty treadmill 500 lb capacity is quite user-friendly and easy to use Horsepower or motor capacity of the cardio machine is essential, the horsepower capacity of this treadmill offers 2.5HP which is good for beginners and person who has been working out on the treadmill.

As if the treadmill has 1.5HP capacity then it is decent for walking, 2HP is considered to be good for walking and jogging, and for all 3 types of cardio that are walking, jogging, and running treadmill should have at least 2.5hp, though 3hp or above could have been better 2.5hp is still enough.


Speed Range: 

The intensity range is easy to adjust just by pressing buttons on this Best heavy duty treadmill 500 lb capacity, as buttons are easily at your fingertips and it is one of the crucial element of any treadmills some of the best treadmills for home use comes with adjustable speed up to 8KM/h levels but that is the not case with this treadmill 500 lb capacity.

This treadmill allows you to adjust the speed of exercise from 1km/h to 12km/h, which is almost the feature of a commercial treadmill that is good for you to intensify your workout sessions as per your strength.


Belt size and quality: 

This treadmill 500 pound weight capacity comes with a high-quality belt that has a shock absorption technique that keeps your workout safe and provides comfort during the cardio session which makes sure it does not put your joints through a hard time thanks to Six Generation Flexible Shock Absorption.

Belt length size 41.33 inches and deck size width size is 15.74 Inches suitable for a person with height up 5.5” this is something that could have been a longer belt, but if you are taller and looking for the wider belt you can read our article on best treadmill 60 inches belt size there, we have reviewed some of the best treadmills for home use.


Weight Capacity: 

This treadmill is made for heavy users that intended to last long with strong build belt it manages the weight up to 500lb, therefore it is considered to be Treadmills with a weight capacity of 500 lbs, it can easily handle the treadmill max user weight of 200kg or above up to 210kgs.

Overall it is good for an overweight person but if you want to read more about the best treadmill for heavy users you can read our article on the best heavy user treadmill here.


Space Saving: 

If you are looking for a treadmill at home use you must be thinking about getting an Ultra-Thin Folding Treadmill especially if you do not have enough permanent space to assemble it the foldable treadmill is a smart option and this product is definitely one of the smart choices as it is foldable and the dimension of the cardio machine after folding is 57” x 27” x 21”


Incline facility: 

It comes with an incline function of up to 3 levels you can adjust it manually to make your workout interesting and challenging, this function may not be useful at the beginning but your treadmill must have an inclining facility as it ensures enhance cardiovascular strength at home.


LCD display: 

Almost all motorized running machine comes with an LCD display that informs you about your cardio session as it tracks workout but this treadmill has very quality and a unique LCD display that has the quality of LED eye protection that keeps your eyes safe and makes you read everything clearly and easily.


Auto Programs:

The auto programs in the electric treadmill for home use make your cardio workout interesting so you cannot get bored with similar exercises each time so you can enjoy versatility in your cardio sessions this heavy-duty treadmill has 12 different running programs that not only help in a change in exercise style but also gives challenging workout.



This Best heavy duty treadmill 500 lb capacity is definitely worth for heavy users as it is suitable for a person between 200 to 210 users, build quality of the product is the quite strong and durable only thing is belt size is a little smaller which is not suitable for taller users but if you are 5.5” then you can use it for walking to running.

Hope this article helps you to know about the best treadmill for home use, if you have any query post your comments our team will be happy to guide you.

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