Best folding exercise bike for seniors USA 2023- Reviews

In this article I am going to review some of the best folding exercise bike for seniors, after certain age many avoid doing regular exercise but doing a little 10-20 minutes of indoor cycling is good to keep you healthy.

If you are looking bike for home exercise then folding is a better option to go with as the best exercise cycle comes in the foldable form which helps to work out regularly and does not occupy much space, these are very easy to install.

There are many types of bikes available online or offline but choosing the right portable exercise bike for elderly is a bit tricky, as we have to ensure that it should not put much pressure on joints and back.

Note: Below I have listed and reviewed some of the best upright exercise bikes for seniors & the best stationary bikes for elderly, so let us start discussing each one of them, I request you to read the full article so you can get the best product for you.

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Best folding exercise bike for seniors 

If you are in hurry then below are some of the best exercise bikes for the elderly.

Best Exercise bike 

Resistance level 

Available on

1.XTERRA Fitness Folding Exercise Bike

8 levels of magnetic resistance.

2. Pooboo Foldable Stationary Exercise Bike  

8 levels of magnetic resistance.

3. DPFIT Folding Exercise Bike 

8 levels of resistance.

4. Magic Life Foldable Exercise Bike 

10 levels of magnetic resistance levels.

5. KT20 Premium Folding Exercise Bike 

8 levels of magnetic resistance.

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About: Best exercise bike for seniors

1.XTERRA Fitness Folding Exercise Bike




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This bike from XTERRA fitness comes with a backrest very sleek design you can keep at home anywhere and at the same time, it is foldable design, very portable, and the weight of the cycle is only 14kgs.

The seating position is manageable as per the user’s requirement for comfortable sitting, exercise bike comes with 8 levels of magnetic resistance you can adjust as per your current strength, steel material quality with 3-piece pedal cranking ensures long-lasting use.

This device has a belt drive system that ensures to move your wheels smoothly without making noise therefore it is the best folding exercise bike for seniors at home, weight capacity of the cycle is 102kgs device has small handles near the backrest so you can hold it during a workout if needed.

Key Features:

  • Best portable exercise bike for elderly
  • Looks excellent and lightweight indoor exercise cycle.
  • Easy to assemble, foldable and sleek design.
  • 8 levels of magnetic resistance.
  • 3 lbs weight of flywheel & weight capacity is 102kgs.
  • Suitable for height between 4’10” to 5’10”
  • Foot Strap pedals are adjustable.
  • The belt drive system keeps riding smooth and less noisy.
  • Padded with seat handles for extras safety.
  • The backrest puts less pressure on your back.
  • The seat is adjustable, LCD display tracks your workout.
  • Cycles come with a 1-year warranty on frames and 90 days on parts.


  • The LCD display is small.


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2. Pooboo Foldable Stationary Exercise Bike  




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Pooboo foldable exercise bike is an excellent way to keep fit and healthy as it offers user cardio workout you can train your upper body with help of resistant band and twister gives decent exercise for your abdomen.

These all things make this bike usable for anyone as it is the best stationary bike for elderly with youngsters so your entire family can utilize, handles built not only to give sturdy support but also tracks your pulse rate during the exercise sessions.

It is a perfect shape foldable design that comes with 8 levels of magnetic resistance, the belt drive technique keeps your pedaling smooth and noiseless that ensures less irritation, a flywheel is strong and the compact weight is 2.49kgs.

The seating area is larger provides proper support during exercise along with the backrest, the height of the bike and foot straps are adjustable to keep you firm on the machine and the weight holding capacity of the cycle is better than some other cycle up to 120kgs.

Key features:

  • Best stationary bicycle for the elderly.
  • Weight capacity up to 120kgs.
  • 3 in 1 foldable exercise bike.
  • Flywheel weight 2.49 kgs.
  • 8 levels of magnetic resistance.
  • The belt drive system ensures a smooth ride.
  • A resistance band helps to train the upper body.
  • Twister is good for abdomen exercise.
  • The LCD display tracks workouts along with pulse rate.
  • Backrest supports during a workout.
  • Height & foot straps are adjustable
  • X shape design keeps safe.


  • None.


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3. DPFIT Folding Exercise Bike 


Best folding exercise bike for seniors


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Next on our list of best folding exercise bike for seniors this one of the good-looking upright bikes comes with 8 levels of magnetic resistance, making the product is high quality looks very shiny due to high duty iron material and some parts made of plastic.

The seating position user can adjust up to 7 levels so anyone can easily use, LCD display tracks your entire workout such as time, calories burned, time of the exercise, and distance you covered during workout sessions.

Exercise with keeping you entertained as this device has a mobile holder you can watch your videos etc, the weight capacity of the product is 100kgs, and flywheel weight is 1.5kgs to keep your workout easy.

Key Features:

  • Best upright exercise bike for seniors.
  • 8 levels of resistance.
  • Large LCD display.
  • Magnetic Magnetron magnetic system.
  • Weight capacity up to 100kgs.
  • Seat levels adjustable up to 7 levels.
  • Flywheel weight is 1.5kgs.
  • Mobile holder attached in an exercise bike.
  • 3-piece crank system.
  • Creates less noise and good quality seat.


  • No backrests.


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4. Magic Life Foldable Exercise Bike 



Best folding exercise bike for seniors


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Magic life foldable exercise bike is one of the best to train yourself in the comfort of your home as it is great for aerobic and cardio exercise, weight capacity of the cycle is 120kgs and resistance band usable for the upper body.

This exercise cycle comes with magnetic resistance and you can adjust the resistance up to 10 levels it is the best exercise bike for older people along with for a person who is looking for a high-intensity cardio workout.

The inbuilt saddle is adjustable up to 7 levels for comfortable use, the making of the product is solid made with a heavy-duty steel frame that ensures durability, the backrest gives proper support to your back and it is very easy to store anywhere at home.

Key Features:

  • Best folding exercise bike for seniors.
  • The saddle is adjustable up to 7 levels.
  • 10 levels of magnetic resistance levels.
  • The weight capacity of the cycle is 120kgs.
  • Sleek design, very silent does not create noise.
  • High-quality heavy-duty steel frame.
  • Easy to move due to with casters.
  • LCD display tracks your workout sessions.
  • The seat is adjustable, backrest keeps less pressure.
  • The exercise bike comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • No pre-set programs.


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5. KT20 Premium Folding Exercise Bike 


Best folding exercise bike for seniors


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KT20 exercise cycle is the best folding exercise bike for seniors, comes with strong back support if you are looking for an upright bike with the recumbent option then this is an ideal choice for you as it is foldable and comes with 2 years warranty.

The belt is a double belt system that ensures less noise and it comes with a strong flywheel weight of 1.50kgs, handles are very strong made with foam quality gives non-skiddy gripping and pedals are adjustable.

The bike is great for a person up to 6 feet; the resistance level is up to 8 you can set up as per your strength and it has a weight holding capacity of up to 110kgs, overall, one of the best exercise cycles for the elderly as it puts less stress.

Key Features:

  • The belt drive system keeps a smooth workout.
  • LCD display tracks workout along with pulse rate.
  • Usable as recumbent position and at an upright position.
  •  Flywheel weight 1.50kgs.
  • 8 levels of magnetic resistance.
  • Weight capacity up to 110kgs.
  • Best exercise bike for over 50.
  • The exercise bike comes with 2 years warranty.


  • None.


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Buying guide for the best exercise bike for seniors 

Best folding exercise bike for seniors
Best folding exercise bike for seniors

Buying the best exercise bike for elderly as I discussed is one of the most challenging and has to be careful while selecting, some of the important things to consider while buying the best exercise bike for older people.


Resistance level:

Standard adjustable level of resistance in cycle 8 levels some may come with 10 levels as well, if you are looking for exercise cycle for seniors, you can go with magnetic resistance and 8 level of resistance is enough as senior is not going to do high intensifying cardio workout.


Belt drive system:

This belt drive system keeps your pedaling smooth and relaxed as the flywheel creates very little noise and pedals are in engagement with wheels so it moves freely it also requires less maintenance so no headache of regular maintenance and saves money as well.


Weight capacity:

Selecting exercise bike depending on your current weight as well most of the bike comes with holding capacity between 100 to 120 kgs, always keep a little buffer between your weight and cycles weight capacity.

If your current weight is 80-85 you should go for an exercise bike with 100 kgs longer the gap is better and safe for you.


Adjustable options:

Every exercise bike has adjustable options for sure but it depends a lot from product to product some may have 7 level adjustment or some may have 3 level adjustments you can choose as per comfort as most of the bikes are suitable for a person with a height of 5.10 or even 6 feet or above.


LCD display:

The digital display helps you to track your workout such as time of exercise, burned calories, the distance you covered during the session and some of the bikes also indicate your heart rate or pulse rate.

Pulse rate tracker mostly in built-in bikes on their handles this can help you to check your heart rate so you manage your workout accordingly.



It is important if you have any back injury or have pain in the back, if the exercise cycle comes with a backrest it can support you and will put less pressure on your back, it is always a good idea to go with a bike that comes with back support.



Product warranty depending on brand to brand on exercise cycle you will get warranty between 6 months to 2 years or even more, few brands may provide higher warranty on frame and on parts between 3 months to 1 year.



There are many types of exercise bike available be it online or offline, similarly, exercise bike comes with a budget of above $100 to more than $300 as well, you can choose as per your budget as budget-friendly foldable exercise bikes are also decent enough for weight loss, cardio and for good health.



Which Type of Exercise Bike is Better for Seniors: Upright or Recumbent bike?


This is one of the most frequently asked questions which is better for seniors between recumbent and upright, there are many factors involved in this discussion and we have to touch each and every aspect of this topic below are some of the important points.

  • Upright bike has a better capacity for calorie burn and weight loss than recumbent bike due to its design, the recumbent bike has larger seat and also comes with a backrest, whereas upright bikes may or may not come with a backrest.
  • The pedals and flywheel in upright bikes are built-in under your feet for better exercising similar to what you see in outdoor cycles, in recumbent bikes pedals built in front of the machine.
  • Due to the backrest and pedals at the front, these recumbent bikes ensure a comfortable position similar to recline and upright bikes keeps your position symmetrical and straight or some of the bikes have handles that allow you to lean forward while pedaling.
  • Recumbent bikes are not necessarily foldable but stationary bikes or upright cycles comes with foldable options depending on product to product, another thing is that even if they are not folding exercise bike still design is sleek and recumbent bikes requires space.
  • If the pricing is a concern for you then upright bikes are available at a cheaper price, than recumbent bikes as these are a little pricey product.

Conclusion about recumbent vs upright bike

After discussing and analyzing everything, I have also used both cycles in the gym definitely upright bikes are a winner when compare to recumbent bikes as there are many bikes available that come with a backrest as well, and upright cycles are best for those who want to lose weight and burn calories.

But it does not mean that recumbent bikes are not at all worthy they are to help to burn calories and these types of bikes are made for those who have any back pain or injury or have any pain, injury in joints and knees.



Benefits of exercise cycle for elderly

There are some amazing benefits of exercise bikes for older people some of them are as below.

  • A foldable exercise cycle is quite convenient at home as it does not occupy space and you can do exercise comfortably at home without any hinder whereas if you hit the gym you may have to wait to do cycling.
  • It is affordable as compared to gym membership; an exercise bike is a one-time investment for a long time as once you buy it is usable for many years if you use it properly.
  • Exercise cycle provides balance as it will have a proper sitting and if you go for a product that has a backrest and belt drive technique, it makes your workout easy and safe so the fewer chances of falling as compared to outdoor cycling, walking, running, or even using a treadmill.
  • As we get older our joint gets weak and many older people face the issues such as constant pain but cycles such as recumbent bike and some upright or stationary bike that has belt drive system puts less pressure on joints as compared to running, walking, and treadmill.
  • Consistent workout of exercise bike promotes cardiovascular health, keeps your heart healthy by reducing chances of heart attack, burns calories, and manages weight to keep you healthy.



Safety tips for exercising on an exercise bike:

Though it is overall safe to use it is good to keep some safety precautions during riding and workout sessions, especially for seniors and for those who are weight is heavy

  • Make sure once you receive the bike install it properly read the manual carefully, see if the brand provides video on how to assemble or if not video then some brands may provide call assistance for help in installation.
  • Once you assemble properly next thing you should do at the beginning do not to set the resistance on a high level go slow even if it is on level 1 is fine to get the feel of pedaling and flywheel then later you can push yourself for higher resistance if you are comfortable.
  • It is better to go with the flow and do cycling in short times do it for 5 minutes take a break and then again do 5 minutes set.
  • Never push yourself too much your body is older so you have to be careful.



Frequently asked questions:


What is the best exercise bike for seniors?

There are many exercise cycles available that are good for seniors but Poboo exercise bike is the best folding exercise bike for seniors, as it is equipped with 3 in 1 option with a weight capacity of 120kgs.

You can do cardio exercise and aerobic exercise to lose weight and stay fit and healthy at the same time you can use a twister to train your abs, lower body, and the resistant band helps you to do exercise for arms, chest shoulder, etc.


What is the cheapest folding exercise bike for seniors?

If your budget is low and looking for the cheapest option XTERRA folding exercise bike or DPFIT foldable exercise cycle is just for you, but if you have any back pain issues then XTERRA is ideal for you as it has back support.

But if you do not have any kind of back issues you can also go with the DPFIT exercise cycle.


Can I lose weight using a folding exercise bike?

There is a misconception about folding exercise bikes that they are not effective for weight loss, but not many of us realize that this is just a feature of the cycle as over the years indoor home workouts are in trend.

These cycles help to save space at home thus it has a foldable option so users can do workouts in the comfort of the home, folding exercise bike is definitely effective for weight loss as it burns your calorie, tries to get the cycle with an LCD display to see the results.


Does a stationary bike help lose belly fat?

These bikes give good aerobic and cardio exercise that helps to burn calories which can help you to lose fats around your belly, it trains your quads and glutes majorly but as I said equally effective for fat loss.


Are stationary bikes good for knees?

If you have knee issues it is good to go with a recumbent exercise cycle they are not as effective as stationary bikes but they put very little pressure on your joints.

If you are going for stationary bikes there are bikes available that give a feeling of recumbent cycling feel, and the proper recumbent bikes will require a lot of space as they do not come in foldable options, so better to go with stationary bike cum recumbent options.

Note: This is just an opinion to keep you safe studies suggest that even stationary bikes are safe and puts less pressure on knees especially stationary bike that has belt drive system, therefore it is the best folding exercise bike for seniors.


Is a stationary bike good exercise for seniors?

Yes, as I discussed above stationary bikes are good for seniors as well, go with a belt drive system and if have a back issue choose a product with a backrest, try to keep workouts in sets if you feel tired make sets of 5 minutes and take rest in between but do not push yourself too hard.


Is an exercise bike good for the elderly?

Many studies have found that indoor exercising is safe and good for seniors than walking, running, treadmill workouts, and outdoor cycling as it has very fewer chances of falling.


Which is better for senior’s exercise bike or treadmill?

The treadmill is better for losing massive calories and weight loss but if you are looking for a safe option with weight loss then the best indoor exercise bikes are also not far and effective for seniors.

The exercise bike is better for seniors than the treadmill as it is safe and puts less pressure on your joints.


How long seniors should work out on the exercise cycle?

You can do a workout for 30 minutes on the exercise cycle but go as per your body strength do not push too hard yourself and do workouts in sets, doing 20 minutes of exercise is also good for weight loss and your heart health.





While concluding let us summarize, I will suggest before choosing the best folding exercise bike for seniors, make sure to keep in mind your current health status if you have any injury or pain in the back or in joints better to go with a recumbent bike, I have covered KT20 exercise bike.

This bike is an upright cum recumbent bike, a good option for you have any physical issues, but if you do not have then you can go with the best upright exercise bike for seniors or the best stationary bike for the elderly.

Keep in mind your weight capacity as this is important and as I discussed above many times do not push too much keep it simple and if you find it difficult do workouts insets.

Hope this article helps you to know in detail about the best portable exercise bike for the elderly but if you have any query post your comments out team will be glad to guide you and if you like the article share your thoughts if you end up getting a best folding bike for seniors.



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