Best affordable treadmill for runners USA (May 2023)


Once you decide on your Fitness journey the treadmill workout is something you can not skip in your cardio session as with weight lifting you need to do cardio exercises to get into shape.

There are many fitness goers who prefer outdoor running, especially who want a home workout, however, the uneven roads are actually not the safest workout option, and the good alternative to this is the best treadmill for runners.

For instance, getting a running treadmill is a pretty daunting task as not all treadmills are suitable for running a few of them are made for a jog or walking, and most of the cheap treadmills do not come with features for running.

However, we have done in-depth research before gathering the list of the best affordable treadmill for runners at home, we are going to discuss one of them briefly nonetheless if you are specified with time then below is a quick list of the best treadmills for runners on a budget.

Top Best affordable treadmill for runners 2023

Top Rated 

NordicTrack T 6.5 Si Treadmill

Speed up to 10MPH.
Incline function 10%
Belt area 20 x 50”
Weight capacity up to 136kgs.

Cheapest Treadmill for runners

Echelon Stride Treadmill

Weight 300 lbs capacity.
Motor capacity 3 horsepower.
Running area 20 x 55”
Intensity adjustable up to `12MPH
12 level of incline.

Best for small space 

3G Cardio Lite Runner Treadmill

Motor Capacity 2.5HP.
Weight capacity is 136kgs.
Speed up to 11MPH.
Incline up to 15%
Running area 18.5” x 51.5”
10 prebuilt programs.

Best Choice 

XTERRA Fitness TR6.6 Treadmill

Motor capacity 3HP treadmill.
Weight 350 lb capacity.
Belt size 20 x 60”
Speed up to 12MPH.
A number of programs 12.
Incline level up 15.

2nd Best choice 

Sole F63 Treadmill

Motor Capacity 2.5HP.
Treadmill 325 lb capacity.
Speed 1 to 10MPH.
The surface size is 20 x 55”

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Buying guide for the budget treadmill for runners



If you are looking out for the best home treadmill for runners on a budget-friendly option then before going with the best in the market it’s very essential to understand what functionalities you need for running on a treadmill, for instance, if you plan only to use for walking or jogging then you can consider reading our post on the best treadmill under 1000 here.

Here we are just overviewing the situation as the below guide is completely discussed on the basis of a runner’s treadmill, however, for walking, you also go with under-desk treadmills which save a lot of space at home and you can literally save treadmill under your bed and also a great alternative for office use moreover for runners it’s not the most perfect option.


Manual vs Motorized Treadmill:

When looking for a good treadmill for runners this is the most common confusion which type of treadmill is best for a home workout, lets’s first dive into this possibility and then other features as once its clear to you on the manual and electric treadmill you are halfway through on taking right decision according to your body and energy.

The manual treadmill requires a lot of human effort while walking or running so it’s definitely going to give you a high-quality fat-burning session yet it’s not the safest option there are many athletes who prefer manual exercise but it puts a lot of stress on joints thus there can be chances of injury if you stretch a lot.

Overall, from a pricing point of view it is pretty affordable yet I suggest you go with a motorized machine that works on electricity yes, they do consume power and you may have to pay a little more on bills yet are quite safe and easy to use.

As it comes with moving belts you just have to set your speed and time, and the rest put on the treadmill it also comes with various programs that do keep you away from boredom by doing similar activities daily, additionally, there are many foldable options available in the market that takes away the headache of installation on one permanent space.


Decide on budget

 Everyone has a budget in mind however we are here discussing the best treadmill for runners at home so it’s quite evident you should have a certain budget to get the best treadmill for running as not in every budget you will get such a machine that supports running.

For instance, to full fill your requirement you should be having a budget minimum of 900, however, you may have to spend above this range to get a suitable cardio machine for running on a strong deck as there are very limited options available in a lower budget.



Now just decide where you are going to keep your machine there are quite a strong machines available with folding facilities yet in the end, you still need little space to keep your treadmill, however in case the treadmill does not feature foldability just see the measurement and check at your place if its fits into the space.


Motor capacity:

This is a very essential factor for the best affordable treadmill for runners as the motor capacity makes your entire workout successful with its capability, for instance for running you must consider a minimum of 2.5HP and the ideal option is 3HP as it will ensure you more intensifying sessions.

The quality of the motor does matter on the treadmill as a cheaper option will have a pretty average that creates noise and it also harms the durability of the machine, the common material uses for making is copper which gives a smooth and less noisy workout.


Running surface area

The belt size helps in taking more prolonged strides, significantly while doing running on deck, primarily, a longer area constructs your entire session comfortable, for instance, a 22 x 52” long treadmill is suitable for almost all kinds of humans,s and if you want to play safe the 60-inch belt treadmill makes your entire experience great.

Also, if your height is 5.8” then consider 18 x 48” for running, and users up to 6.1 feet can easily workout on a surface size 50 x 20”, also you need to put your attention to cushioning and deck quality for safety purposes the deck ply in treadmill requires at least 2 ply or higher is even better.


Weight Capacity:

The weight holding capacity is pretty simple to pick yet many people make big mistakes while shopping for treadmills for running, you should never pick a treadmill with an exact weight capacity of your current body weight keep a 15-20 kgs gap for the safe ride also for longer use.


Speed range 

 There are various kinds of speed range you will get on the treadmill, for running ideally you should consider 12MPH yet if your aim is to get a fit and healthy body then a speed range around 10MPH is pretty much ok, if you are training for a marathon or you are an athlete you consider above 12MPH but again they are quite expensive.


Incline facility

The inclination function really adds the value to your entire fitness journey as you can challenge your body, it may not be useful at the beginning yet at some point you are going to gain endurance and the treadmill is a one-time investment so you should get minimum 10 to 15 levels of incline treadmill at home.

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 Best budget treadmill for runners in the USA


Now let us discuss the best affordable treadmill for runners at home I know the buying tips we have covered were pretty long yet it is important to understand the dynamics of the machines before making any decision now without much delay, let’s begin with the best options for your workout needs.


1. NordicTrack T 6.5 Si Treadmill


Best affordable treadmill for runners


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With highly optimized motor and folding feature that saves space makes this the best affordable treadmill for runners at home, as it also comes with an excellent built belt Flex select cushioning ensures low impact workout with a lot of intensity.

The compact and robust material used for making this machine adds a low value to your long-term fitness plans, overall weight of the machine is a little over 200 pounds which seems a little bulky but very heavy-duty cardio equipment.

It is equipped with a large 10” screen is easy to watch the videos, you also get assistance from ifit membership for 30 days, this helps you to understand the dynamics of treadmills so you can use them in your daily routine.

The motor capacity is decent enough to use the machine for walking to running to lose those extra calories, at the same time its weight holding capacity is 136Kgs so a person up to 115-120kgs can easily utilize it for exercising.

For making your workout more effective it is featured with a 10% Incline, with help of inclination you can modify your workout and the speed range between 1 to 10MPH, is decent enough to enjoy a good intensity workout.

This is the best treadmill for tall users up to 6.1” as the belt area is 20” wide and 50” long which let you take your strides faster comfortably without fearing any space, and the handles support you during high workout sessions.

Key Features:

  • Best foldable treadmill for runners.
  • Suitable for users up to 6.1”
  • Speed adjustable up to 10MPH.
  • Incline function 10%
  • Belt area 20 x 50”
  • Maximum weight capacity up to 136kgs.
  • Responsive large screen.
  • Warranty 10 years on frame, 2 years on parts.


  • Assembly takes time.


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2. Echelon Stride Treadmill




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The Echelon treadmill is the best cheap treadmill for runners and comes with solid support from motor capacity and with inbuilt speakers, Bluetooth connection keeps you entrained during your cardio, also the other features too stand out for great cardiovascular exercise at home.

The motor capacity is 3HP which is excellent for regular runners as the combination of weight capacity and horsepower is ideal for regular users who want to get back to a healthy lifestyle and 12 levels of inclination function is quick and easy to adjust.

It is furnished with a 20 x 55” running surface area that is optimal for users above 6.2” and a treadmill with 300lbs weight capacity helps heavy users up to 260 pounds to use it smoothly, this foldable treadmill for runners has maximum speed up to 12MPH suitable for all kinds of workout you can train for a marathon on this machine as well.

The overall belt area is quite sturdy and puts less strain on your joints, also it tracks your workout session such as pulse, time, and calorie burn, there are 8 pre-programs to add versatility to your workout and it has a good safety feature to give a safe ride.

Key Features:

  • Treadmill 300 lbs capacity.
  • Motor capacity 3 horsepower.
  • Running area 20 x 55”
  • Suitable for above 6.1”
  • Intensity adjustable up to `12MPH
  • 12 level of incline.
  • Easy to fold and LCD display to track workout.


  • Creates little noise.


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3. 3G Cardio Lite Runner Treadmill


best affordable treadmill for runners


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Next on our list of the best affordable treadmill for runners is this 3G cardio machine, it has good functionality that is required for running on deck, additionally, the belt quality is a superb design with a Flex shock absorption system for a good quality workout.

Though the belt size of 18.5” x 51.5” is not meant for users who has long stride yet if you are up to 6 feet you can enjoy the walking-jogging on it as it is enough space for you to jog on it and users up to 5.8” can do running exercise on it easily.

Motor max capacity is 2.5HP which is the minimum you must have if you want to do jogging and running on this equipment.

There are very easy-to-use switches available especially the incline is very easily operatable just with one button you can change the position of the treadmill, it offers a 15% incline position and the speed range you can adjust between 0.6mph to 11mph.

The weight capacity is 300 pounds and holds the max weight of people 250-260 pounds easily, it is also designed with 10 pre-set programs to keep you away from only one standard running session, and an integrated LC display tracks the entire exercise and there are speakers inbuilt for enjoying the motivational music.

Key Features

  • Motor Capacity 2.5HP.
  • Weight capacity is 136kgs.
  • Speed adjustable up to 11MPH.
  • Incline up to 15%
  • Running area 18.5” x 51.5”
  • The best treadmill for runners at home.
  • 10 prebuilt programs.
  • Warranty Lifetime on motor and frame with 3 years on parts.


  • Not for the tallest users.
  • Creates noise during running.


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4. XTERRA Fitness TR6.6 Treadmill


Best affordable treadmill for runners


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The XTERRA fitness brand is very good for the fitness industry specifically for the home cardio machine, this is another very good contender online for an affordable treadmill for runners as with good design the making of the machine is very sturdy overall material used for making is alloy steel.

The high weight capacity is the highlight of the machine along with the efficient motor you can do a great intensifying workout on it as it has a maximum 3HP motor capacity and 350 lbs weight capacity making it a great treadmill for a heavy person up to 135kgs.

There is no need to worry about the belt running deck as the largest 20 x 60” running coverage, the tallest person can workout on it without fearing any shortage of space and it is infused with the highest quality of cushioning to ensure durability.

It is also having 15 levels of incline position; the incline control is very easy and does not let you stop your rhythm additionally speed adjustability up to 12MPH gives a very good fat-burning cardio session on this home treadmill.

It is also having 12 types of different programs so you can enjoy the different kinds of exercise and the brand also offers an outstanding warranty period on frame and motor you get a lifetime warranty, on treadmills deck 5 years and 2 years on parts, however, the treadmill is pretty much bulky due to strong material.

Key Features:

  • Motor capacity 3HP treadmill.
  • Treadmill 350 lb capacity.
  • Belt size 20 x 60”
  • Speed adjustable up to 12MPH.
  • A number of programs 12.
  • Incline level up 15.
  • Warranty Lifetime on frame and motor.
  • 5 years warranty on deck and 2 years on parts.


  • Weight is heavy.
  • Little pricey.


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5. Sole F63 Treadmill


best affordable treadmill for runners


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Sole F63 is another great option filled with lots of functionalities that keeps your home workout effective, it looks very nice and is more attractive than some of the other listed options for an affordable treadmill for runners.

It is integrated with heart rate monitoring with straps and an LCD display also tracks your entire workout session so you can improve your performance, there are six programs included to make your exercise interesting.

The Sole F63 treadmill featured a 2.5 horsepower maximum capacity on motors and a speed range you can adjust between 1 to 10MPH with a 15% incline position, overall, this is the best treadmill for beginners to runners who wants to do good cardio exercise.

It is having top-quality cushioning on a deck designed with a thick 2-ply system, additionally, the 20 x 55 inches surface area gives comfortable strides for users above 6 feet and the total weight holding capacity is 325 pounds so it’s suitable for users up to 130kgs.

Overall, it is great cardio equipment to test your fitness level and if you are a beginner it’s going to serve you for a long time, the warranty sole fitness treadmill comes with a lifetime on frame, 20 years on motor, and 3 years on a deck.

Key Features:

  • Motor Capacity 2.5HP.
  • Treadmill 325 lb capacity.
  • Speed adjustable 1 to 10MPH.
  • Good quality belt with 2 ply support.
  • The surface size is 20 x 55”
  • Foldable design to save space.


  • None as such but a little expensive.
  • Installation may take time.


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Frequently asked questions:


What’s the best treadmill for runners?

We have listed and discussed above some of the best affordable treadmills for runners, now there are many options in the market if you have the budget, you can see 1000 to above 3000 dollars treadmills yet from the above list NordicTrack and sole fitness is top brand also having robust features to tackle your running workout at the comfort of your home.


Is a 1.5 HP treadmill good?

This is a pretty average choice in the treadmill, though it is the minimum criteria for getting a treadmill for walking exercise yet 1.8HP is better for walkers, however, for jogging, you must have a 2HP motor capacity treadmill and for runners, you must consider 2.5HP or even above up to 3HP.


Is it worth having a treadmill at home?

In the last 2-3 years we have seen a pandemic and one thing we have understood is that we should have resources at home as well, besides treadmill is still a lot safer than going outdoors for running and it is also effective for burning massive calories so yes treadmill is definitely worth it for home exercise.


Final words:

In this post we have discussed all the important things you need to consider while choosing the best affordable treadmill for runners, additionally, we have also done a long overview on some of the top-notch options.

If you want to use an all-around performing cardio machine then motor capacity and speed adjustability become very crucial along with weight capacity and if you want to enhance your workout then incline is a must as it gives challenging sessions.

The belt size depends on your height though the bigger area is better and more comfortable, I am sure this post helps you to choose the best budget-friendly treadmill for running yet if you have any queries post your comments, and we will be happy to guide you.

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