7 best easiest yoga poses for beginners 2021


7 best easiest yoga poses for beginners 


7 best easiest yoga poses for beginners


It is very easy to get intimidated by what we see on social media exerts performing the hardest of yoga poses with a lot more ease, if you are new into yoga and have just made up your mind that you need to start doing yoga on regular basis.

You must have seen many videos on Youtube and wondering how you are going to do those amazing poses, but yoga is not always about difficult poses you should always take baby steps and do the most basic yoga poses as a beginner.

As no one gets a master overnight it is a process which we have to follow, it is a good idea to do some 7 best easiest yoga poses for beginners at home so you will get a little used to it before start taking classes if you are planning.

This article is going to help you with the most basic poses which I feel anyone can perform at home.


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About: 7 best easiest yoga poses for beginners


Tadasana (Mountain Pose) 


The first pose on our list of 7 easiest yoga poses for beginners “Tadasana” which is also known as “Samasthiti”, this is a very important asana to learn as it is key to most standing yoga.

Tada is a Sanskrit word that means mountain, very basic pose this kind of stand yoga pose which is beneficial for your body parts such as knees, legs, feet, thighs, lower body back, belly, and glutes.

Very effective for better flexibility, for the good shape of your body posture, and good for your spine as well, it makes your body aligned which most of us find hard for even seconds.


Balasana (Child pose)

7 best easiest yoga poses for beginners

Before discussing the benefits of this pose and how to perform “Balasna” let us understand the meaning of these words, it is actually 2 Sanskrit word “Bala” & “Asana”

Bala means kid or child and Asana means position or posture, the benefit of this pose to your body is, it strengthens your thighs, hips, and ankles and also very good to get rid of tiredness and stress, gives very spiritual energy.

Also, very effective exercise for back and neck pain, but avoid the exercise if you have diarrhea, joint injury, women who are pregnant mostly advise not to perform this asana.


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Marjaryasana to Bitilasana (Cat-Cow pose)


This pose is a bond of dual stretches where your spine gets very soft stretching exercise which can lead to relaxing in your back and also increases the mobility of your back, a very effective exercise to enhance the power of focus and concentration.


Virabhadrasana ( Warrior )

7 best easiest yoga poses for beginners

Up next on 7 easiest yoga poses for beginners “Virabhadrasana” known as “Warrior” pose in English, this asana involves and helps your almost entire body, 4-5 repetitions will be ideal and 8-10 seconds each rep is considered to be very effective for your body.

It helps you to stretch lower body parts such as legs and ankles, and upper body part chest, lungs, shoulders, neck, arms stomach, and groin, also helps to strengthen your back so you see it is a complete full-body pose.

Shavasana (Corpse Pose)


Next, we are going to discuss this best yoga poses for beginners, this is actually performed at the end of your yoga sessions as it relieves all the stress from your body’s physical as well as mental stress to make you feel energetic.

The very basic step you do not have to do anything just sleep on the floor keeps your hands at your side and just close your eyes for 2-3 minutes and relax, as discussed this should be the last yoga exercise, in simple words you can call it resting pose.


Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward-Facing Dog)

7 best easiest yoga poses for beginners

This is popularly known as “Downward-Dog” another one of the basic yoga poses for beginners either you joining yoga classes or you will be starting at home you will have to perform this asana as it is a very basic yoga pose.

Though it may look very basic you have to stretch yourself and it will take some time as well to do perfectly as you have to stretch yourself while performing it, this pose is also can be performed while ending your yoga sessions.

While performing this pose you need to make sure your back is properly aligned straight, keeps your hand exactly near your shoulder keep your knees and hips similarly aligned.


Uttihita Chaturanga Dandasana (Plank Pose)

Woman in Black Tank Top and Black Leggings Doing Yoga

This is another pose listed on our list of 7 easiest yoga poses for beginners but one of the intense exercise that helps to strengthen your lower back, wrists, arms, biceps, triceps and also ensures to provide strength to your shoulder.

There is nothing to do you must have heard about Plank you just have to do that, at the beginning if you won’t be able to hold yourself for 1 minute then try to do for 30 seconds and gradually increase the duration, while performing this pose involves your toes, palms, and elbows.


Benefits of Yoga


We all know doing regular yoga can really help you to keep in shape, relieves mental and physical stress but it has more to it as it has many other benefits as well, so let us discuss the advantages of yoga.

  • Yoga increases your body’s mobility and flexibility.
  •  Reduces stress and also helps in anxiety issues, helps to promote better sleep.
  • It makes you feel good and active so you can do other productive works efficiently.
  • Improves your concentration power and helps to focus you on your goal.
  • It helps to boost your immunity system by increasing strength.
  • Improves metabolism if you have any issues, also detox your body by removing toxins.
  • It is good for your mental health and also minimizes inflammation problems.
  • If you have any heart issues regular yoga can help you to keep your heart healthy, but make sure to see which poses are best to keep your heart healthy.
  • The study suggests that a person who does regular yoga can help to fight depression.
  • It is also good for your skin health, helps to keep your brain healthy.
  • Keeps your body posture and shape aligned and especially very helpful for your spine health.
  • Yoga involves a lot of practice that requires using your breath, which results in improving the quality of your breath.
  • Reduces chronic pain and also helps to reduce or relieve migration problems.




So here it is I discussed some of the best yoga poses for beginners, you can start with these poses, Yoga teaches us patience and that is what need during the learning, do not have to give up.

There are many questions What is the easiest Yoga for Beginners? I have given many options to start with, here I want to mention that you should always perform yoga in the morning that is the best time to do yoga.


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