12 best home cardio exercises for beginners 2022


12 best home cardio exercises for beginners 2022

If you are a newbie who is just about to start a workout then you must be a little confused about how to start especially if you are looking for weight loss, but not to worry as in this blog post I am going to reveal some of the 12 best home cardio exercises for beginners.

If your main aim is to do cardio then you do not need any heavy equipment to perform your exercise as with the smallest of equipment you can do exercise that can burn your calories effectively.

Even if you do not join a gym membership or do not wish to go outdoors you can still perform the cardio workouts at home very efficiently without any discomfort.

But the key to your success is to do regular workout 4-5 days a week, ideally 5 days with 30 to 45 minutes sessions and not to forget to keep a healthy diet for fast and better results, you can take a break at the beginning between the sets but always try to enhance your performance weekly basis.

As in the beginning, it is understandable that you may not have high immunity or strength but once you start getting used to it you can extend the time of repetitions, but as discussed it is always better to go with the flow.

12 best home cardio exercises for beginners 2022

So let us discuss the 12 best cardio exercises to do at home even as a beginner, which will help you to burn calories and provide strength to your muscles, and also helps to increase your endurance level.

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Topic: 12 best home cardio exercises for beginners



12 best home cardio exercises for beginners


If you are doing cardio or weight lifting before starting your workout sessions you must do a little warm-up before challenging your body, as it helps your body to prepare for the intensifying workout.

If not more just move around your neck up-down and side, and just move your hands around, it helps to increase the blood flow and also makes your body warm before the exercise, and warm-up makes sure to reduce the risk of injury during a workout.

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Jumping jacks:


This is a very basic cardio exercise for beginners, even advanced level person also performs this workout, though most of them do it to warm up their body, you as a beginner can utilize jumping jacks for cardio.

Do 3-4 sets with 30-60 seconds per session, if you are finding it difficult to perform this workout regularly you can do reps of 40-50 at the beginning.


Jumping ropes:

This very effective workout for cardio as jumping ropes is one of those exercises that is very helpful for your entire body, and we have all been aware of this since our childhood we all must have done it at least once in our lifetime.

In the beginning, do 50 to 70 reps with 3 sets, but you have to enhance your reps once you start getting stronger, you should not get comfortable with exercise you always have to challenge yourself.


Run-on Place:

No time for outdoor running no worries as you can also run-on place you do not have to go anywhere start with 30-60 seconds per set and slowly increase the running time.

This is just the beginning if you are comfortable with a longer duration it’s good, you must do it, your session should be between 20 to 30 minutes if you want to burn high calories.



Well, burpees are one of the most challenging but very useful cardio workouts for beginners as well, I personally love this exercise but very tough to perform but with tiny steps, you can master it.

I have seen many people even regular exercisers also avoid this exercise, but you should perform it as it involves your full body, so yes you can easily say that it is the best full-body exercise.

You can start with 8-10 reps of 3 sets, it will burn massive calories if you perform the workout perfectly.


Jump squats:

It is another exercise that increases your stamina and endurance and at the same time helps to provide strength to the upper and lower body, if you feel that you are not being able to do jumping squats, then just start with basic squats.

Do it 30-50 reps of basic squats with 3-5 sets as per your goals and then once you start performing squats perfectly move to jump squats, if you are performing jump squats you can do rep for 60 seconds.


Stair Climbs:


There is no better exercise than this very basic yet effective and literally you do not need any gym equipment to do this exercise, and the best thing is you can do it anytime though I recommend fixing your time to do such exercise.

As per studies let us assume you have climbed 40 stairs it will burn calories up to 30, which is a very good way to burn some unwanted calories.


Lateral shuffles:


This basic-looking cardio exercise involves your body parts such as thighs, legs, glutes, and quads which ultimately helps these body parts to be in shape, 30 minutes of workout can burn calories approximately between 250 to 500.

You can do lateral shuffles as a warm workout as well if you want, a very easy workout you just have to stand and bend a little and then move side to side.


Mountain climbers:


This exercise is basically for your abdomen or belly and also a very good exercise for your legs and thighs, and the best thing about this workout is that it is mostly benefitting your lower body but also a good workout for the upper parts as the arm and core.

3- 4 sets and at the beginning 30-second session can really boost your strength and stamina; mountain climbers can also be performed on an abs workout day.


Butt Kicks:


Butt kicks are more useful at the beginning of your workout sessions as it is a good workout to warm up your body, which makes your heart rate up and also sheds some calories.

If you are into running you should do this workout as it enhances the quality of running,  improves the health of your hamstrings and glutes, and overall good exercise for the foot also minimizes the injury risks.

 More about the 12 best home cardio exercises for beginners

Toe taps:


The next workout on our list of 12 best home cardio exercises for beginners, toe taps looks very simple but quite a challenging workout as you have to do balancing while performing this task.

Just you have to sleep on your floor twist your knees and keep your arms in a comfortable position on the floor and keep one foot on the floor at a time and keep repeating for 30-60 seconds you can do 3-5 sets as per your need and goal.


Jump on the box:

12 best home cardio exercises for beginners

For this exercise you need a small table where you can tap your feet, this is also a very effective workout for cardio and functional exercise, quite similar to the taps but here you do not have to sleep on the floor, you have to stand and perform.

Benefits of jumping on the box to your overall strength and power, beneficial for your body parts such as hamstrings, calves, glutes, etc

If you do not have a table at home you can use the stairs of your society to do this workout.




Workout on cycle is one of the best cardio exercises that help you to lose weight and also tone your lower body parts such as thighs and legs, you get 2 options if you want to do outdoor training you can get one bicycle or if you do not want to step out of the home.

Then you can get one exercise cycle or an elliptical trainer at home, elliptical is good for full-body workouts due to its moving handles but if your only aim is to train the lower body and abdomen you can go for an exercise cycle.

Now there are many exercise cycles available that require less space or if you have space issues you can go with foldable they are very easy to set up as well, 20-30 minutes of workout will burn massive calories.



Basic things require to begin with cardio exercises


Though you are going to do exercise at home may need some basic gym accessories so you can do a proper workout at home, accessories will not cost you more and some of them are for your safety.

So below are some basic things required to begin with cardio exercise at home.

  • Shoes that are specially designed for running, and cardio and if you are going to perform strength training then you should have proper gym shoes.
  • A small table or aerobic step if you are going to do a jump-on box workout.
  • Skipping rope.
  • Gloves for strength training to lift weight efficiently.
  • Mat to use on the floor or an AbMat.
  • Resistance band.
  • Compression sleeves for elbow and for knees.
  • Water bottles.




So here it is guys we have discussed some of the 12 best home cardio exercises for beginners, hope this article helps you to find the workout sets that you can do easily at home, but if you have any questions do post your comments we will be happy to help you, also share the content with your friends and family if you found this helpful.


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